World Blood Donor Day 2023

Date, History and Interesting Facts about the World Blood Donor Day

June 14 is World Blood Donor Day, raising awareness about the importance of blood donation and its extensive benefits. Let's explore the key features of this significant day.

History of World Blood Donor Day

Blood donor day was first initiated in May 2005 at the 58th World Health Assembly where it was decided to assign a day as World Blood Donor Day to be celebrated as an annual event held on 14th June to commemorate the birthday of Karl Landsteiner.

Interesting Facts About World Blood Donor Day

– The amount of blood in an adult person      on an average is 10 -12 pints

– The shelf life of red blood cells in 42 days

– It takes about 10-15 minutes to donate     blood

– Once you donate blood, you must wait for      56 days before you could donate again

– 1 million people are diagnosed with      cancer every year

– Time taken to donate platelets is 90      minutes

– There are 8 types of blood; A+, B+, AB+,     O+, A-, B-, AB- and O- (including both     positive and negative Rh factor)

- O blood group individuals are universal    donors, capable of giving blood to anyone.

– Blood is made of 4 elements – white blood      cells, red blood cells, platelets and plasma

Why is World Blood Donor Day Important?

World Blood Donor Day is important because:

– It saves lives of millions of people who     need blood for transfusion, or to heal after     accidents and other diseases etc.

– There is always a need for blood as      millions of people expect blood to cure      their diseases and live a better life

– Blood requirement is a global need as     each and every country need enough     supply of blood

What are the Health Benefits of Donating Blood?

There are multiple benefits of LIC policies as mentioned below:

World Blood Donor Day takes place on 14 June each year. Many people fear donating blood as they think it might cause health issues. However, donating blood regularly is likely to help in keeping BP low and lowers the risk of heart attacks too.

Advantages of Blood Donation

– Blood donation removes harmful iron     deposits in the body.

- Blood donation helps prevent     cardiovascular diseases, hemochromatosis,     and keeps the liver and pancreas healthy.

– Regular blood donation helps regulate iron     stores, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

– Further, since your body restores the lost     blood in almost 48 hours, it makes you     healthier and enhance your efficiency.

– Also, it is said that blood donation     enhances mental health as it reduces stress     and augments emotional happiness.

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