World Consumer Rights Day is a yearly event celebrated on March 15 to raise awareness about the importance of consumer rights.

World Consumer Rights Day 2023 

History, Theme, Significance & How to Observe?

History of World Consumer Rights Day 

The annual event of World Consumer Rights Day has been introduced and managed by Consumers International, which is an international consumer federation founded in the year 1960. The federation was introduced as an influential autonomous voice for consumers.

What is the Significance of World Consumer Rights Day?

The significance of the World Consumer Rights Day is due to the fact that this day recognises the rights of a consumer or the buyers and educates them to act upon such rights.  As such, it is important for everyone to be aware about their rights as a consumer. This is because the steps taken by consumers as per their rights open ways for many others living under confusion or dilemma.

How is World Consumer Day 2023 Observed?

To join the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day, you may;

– Join events organised for consumer rights. In fact, numerous events are held worldwide on consumer awareness, which you can be a part of

– You may also take the help of social media platforms and other means of communication to educate your friends and family about their rights as consumers

Some Facts About Consumer Rights You Should Know

– Do you know that you do not need a lawyer to appear in a consumer court

– A person can represent their case on their own and do not need any lawyer

– As a consumer, you have the right to know about all product information of goods or services before you buy them like its quality, purity, price, quantity etc.

– Each and every consumer has the right to pick the goods and service they want or to choose its alternative

– A consumer can seek compensation against unfair business practices

- Approximately 80 countries have integrated consumer protection principles into online shopping regulations.

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