World Mosquito Day 2023

20th August is a day observed globally as World Mosquito Day to reflect and spread awareness on this pesky yet deadly creature.

Check History, Timeline, Importance & Interesting Facts

History of Mosquito Day

Mosquitoes are a menace that thrives in warm and humid conditions; they mostly appear during summer and breed in the rainy season.

These tiny blood-sucking pests transmit malaria, a serious, age-old disease that has been affecting people for long now. Mosquitoes are also responsible for the spread of some other diseases like dengue and chikungunya, among others. It is fascinating to know that mosquitoes have been around for over a hundred million years, and mosquito bites have caused millions of deaths. Over 6 million deaths occur every decade due to malaria caused by mosquito bites.

World Mosquito Day is observed to honor the British Army surgeon Sir Ross who in 1897 proved the association of mosquitoes to malaria by recognizing pigmented parasites of malaria in the pest that sucked blood from an infected person.

How to Celebrate World Mosquito Day?

World Mosquito Day can be celebrated in different ways, as mentioned below:

– By raising funds for anti-malaria drives and aiding various organizations that are working towards curbing the spread of malaria

– The day is also observed by donating money and financially helping organizations, communities, and so on

– During this day, people are educated about the spread of malaria and the steps for prevention

– You can use this day to inform and educate your friends, family, and other people in your surrounding

Some Interesting Mosquitoes Facts

– Mosquitoes are tiny yet deadly insects that can kill more people as compared to other insects/animals in the globe

– Only female mosquitoes bite during a time when they breed or when they are in the process of reproduction. During this time, they need protein from human blood.

– The female and male mosquitoes coordinate their wingbeats with their mating companions

– Mosquitoes are not attracted to light like many other bugs, instead, they are attracted to the CO2 or carbon dioxide smell in the human blood

– Mosquitoes use a sharp proboscis to suck blood. This has stimulated the design of hypodermic needles, which are less painful with improved design

Importance of World Mosquito Day

The Importance of World Mosquito Day can be traced to the following points:

– The day promotes malaria awareness, which is common in most places globally. It educates people on how the disease gets transmitted, the risks involved, and the preventive measures to be taken

– The day is also important because it helps research organizations with the required funds for more development and research on the disease so that a malaria vaccination can be developed soon

– The day also reminds people of the efforts taken by scientists to develop different treatments and calls for people to appreciate their efforts

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