5 Super Brain Yoga Exercises 

to Boost Memory Power

Yoga asanas keep individuals physically fit and healthy. But have you ever considered your mental health? It is a fact that mental health is also a prerequisite of holistic well-being together with physical healthiness.

How to Perform the Super Brain Yoga asanas?

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Stand straight. Keep your arms by your side

2. Now, with your left arm try to hold your right      earlobe. Lift the arm gently and hold the earlobe      with the help of your index and thumb finger.     Your thumb finger should be in the front side of     your earlobe

3. Next, slowly lift your right arm. Now with this arm     hold your left earlobe. You must note that your     right arm should come over the left one

4. Take deep inhalation and slowly squat down to      a sitting position

5. Be in this posture for about 2-3 seconds

6. Now, as you rise up, exhale gently

7. This makes it one complete cycle

Benefits of Super Brain Yoga

Further, the super brain yoga asanas help your brain in various other ways such as:

1. They synchronize the brain’s left and right sides

2. They induce calmness by dispensing energy       levels

3. They stimulate thinking capacity

4. They enhance your spiritual energy

5. They also enhance your creativity

6. They develop your cognitive powers

7. They improve concentration and help in       strengthening memory

8. They also boost your skills of decision-making

9. They relieve you of stress and other behavioural      issues

10. They balance your psychology

Enhance brain power with Meditation

Further, the super brain yoga asanas help your brain in various other ways such as:

As per a study, a meditation program of eight-week can make changes in the brain that can be measured. This is because meditation is linked to more gray matter as well as the thicker cerebral cortex, which are linked to brain parts associated with empathy, memory, stress and self-sense etc. Hence, meditation increases brain power.

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