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IffcoTokio Car Insurance

A joint venture between Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO) and its associates and Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Group, IFFCO Tokio was formed in the year 2000. The company is engaged in offering different types of general insurance products like motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and home insurance among others. IFFCO Tokio’s car insurance policy offers a comprehensive coverage to the policyholder. It protects against both the third party financial liability and the financial costs incurred on repairs if the car is damaged. Loss or theft of the car is also covered under the plan.

IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan overview

IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan is a comprehensive plan which covers the damages which the car suffered due to natural or man-made disasters. Coverage for natural causes includes coverage for earthquake, lightning, storms, tempest, hurricanes, landslides or rockslides, etc. Under man-made causes coverage is given for theft, self-explosion of the car, burglary, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, etc. Besides covering the damages suffered by the car, coverage is also allowed for third party liabilities which are faced when the car injures or kills any individual. Moreover, even if the property of any other individual is damaged due to the car, coverage is also provided for such damages. A personal accident cover is also allowed to the owner/driver of the car. This cover pays a lump sum benefit if the owner/driver of the car faces an accidental death or accidental permanent disablement. This coverage for personal accident is provided for up to Rs.2 lakhs. The full benefit is paid if the insured suffers accidental death, loses both limbs, loses sight of both eyes or loses the sight of one eye and a limb. Moreover, personal disablements also result in the payment of 100% of the sum insured for personal accident. 50% of the personal accident sum insured is paid in case of partial permanent disablements which include loss of sight in one eye or loss of one limb.

Own damage cover, personal accident cover and third party liability coverage features are inbuilt in the plan. Besides these coverage benefits, attractive add-ons are also available with this comprehensive car insurance policy. These add-ons are optional and are available at the payment of an additional premium. Thus, the add-ons help the policyholders to increase the scope of coverage under their car insurance plan. The add-ons are also unique and provide attractive coverage options.

Add-ons benefits in IFFCO Tokio car insurance

As stated earlier, a range of attractive add-ons are available under IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan. These add-ons are as follows –

  • 24*7 on-road assistance in case of breakdown of the car in the middle of the road. This assistance arranges for towing of the car to the nearest garage
  • Unlimited zero depreciation cover which eliminates the reduction of depreciation on the car’s parts when a claim is paid
  • Coverage for CNG or LPG bi-fuel kits if they are fitted in the car
  • Coverage for loss or damages suffered by the electrical and non-electrical accessories of the car
  • Personal accident coverage for named driver and passengers

Benefits and features of IFFCO Tokio car insurance policy

Here are the features and benefits of IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan –

  • The policy is comprehensive covering third party liability, damages suffered by the car and accidental death and disablements suffered by the owner/driver of the car
  • A range of add-ons are available with the plan. These add-ons are unique too in respect of the coverage they offer. for instance, zero depreciation cover has no limit on the claims made, bi fuel kits are also covered and so on
  • There are premium discounts for various factors which helps in lowering the premium outgo
  • The company is tied up with more than 2000 garages for easy cashless claim settlements

Coverage under IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan

Coverage under the plan is given for the following –

  • Third party liability in case of bodily injury or property damage of the third party
  • Damages suffered by the car due to natural causes like floods, typhoons, earthquakes, etc.
  • Damages suffered by the car due to man-made causes like fire, self-explosion, theft, burglary, riots, etc.
  • Damages suffered by the car when it is in transit via road, rail, water or air
  • Personal accident cover for the owner/driver for up to Rs.2 lakhs. This cover pays a benefit in case of accidental death and permanent disabilities.

IFFCO Tokio car insurance exclusions

Despite the fact that IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan offers a wide scope of coverage features, there are some exclusions under the plan as well. These exclusions include the following –

  • Damages suffered in the following instances are excluded –
    • When the car was driven without a valid driving license
    • When the car was driven under the influence of alcohol
    • In case of deliberate accidental losses
    • When the car was driven outside the boundaries of India
    • When the car was driven against its usage limitations
    • When the car was used for criminal activities
  • Normal wear and tear of the car
  • Consequential losses

How to claim IFFCO Tokio car insurance?

For making a claim in the IFFCO Tokio car insurance plan, the following steps should be followed –

  • The policyholder should register the claim by informing the insurance company immediately after an accident
  • The company directs the policyholder to the nearest garage
  • In case of third party claims, the police FIR should be filed and then the case is taken to the accidents tribunal
  • If it is not a third party claim, the insurer’s surveyor visits the garage after the car is taken there
  • The damages are surveyed and approved and the repairs start. The company settles the bills directly with the workshop and the delivery of the car is taken
  • If it is a non-networked garage, the policyholder pays for the repairs and takes delivery. Thereafter, the bills are submitted to the company for reimbursement of claim

IFFCO Tokio car insurance customer care

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company has a dedicated customer care for handling all types of queries, claim related intimations and complaints for its car insurance policies. Policyholders can contact the company’s customer care department for –

  • Assistance in buying the car insurance plan
  • Assistance in renewing the car insurance plan
  • Any type of coverage related queries
  • Making complaints and sharing grievances
  • For intimating claims

The customer care number is 1800 103 5499. Emails can be sent at websupport@iffcotokio.co.in. A service request can also be logged online on the company’s website.

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