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Family Travel Insurance


Travelling with your family is a much-needed break from the stress of daily life. As such, facing unforeseen problems during your trip is a burden. While you cannot avoid the problems from occurring, you can definitely avoid the financial burden inflicted by them. A Complete Guide to Family Travel Insurance Plans helps you deal with any contingencies faced during your trip and covers all the members of your family travelling with you.

A family travel insurance policy offers a wide variety of coverage features which include the following:

Coverage for medical emergencies

If any member of your family falls ill or meets with an accident and requires medical assistance, the cost incurred on treatments and other medical expenses are covered under the plan. This is very helpful in foreign countries wherein the medical costs are very high and pose a threat to your finances.

Loss or delay of checked-in baggage

If the baggage which you checked-in with the airlines is lost or delayed, you get compensation for arranging for new clothes and personal belongings.

Trip cancellation

If, due to unavoidable circumstances, you are forced to cancel your trip, the plan pays for the money spent in making advance reservations and bookings.

Trip delay

Even if your trip is delayed for unavoidable reasons, you get coverage under the plan for changing your itinerary.

Loss of passport

If you lose your passport, a claim is paid to arrange for a duplicate passport.

Personal accident cover

If you face accidental death or disablement during your trip, the plan pays the claim.

Evacuation and repatriation

If, due to any emergency, you have to be evacuated from your travel destination, the plan covers the costs incurred on evacuation. Furthermore, costs incurred in repatriation of mortal remains are also covered under the plan.

Emergency cash advance

If you lose or wallet and need can assistance, the policy provides you the require money to help you complete your trip.

Dental treatments

A family travel insurance plan also covers dental treatments availed when travelling if you face any accidental injury.

Personal liability

If you injure a third party or damage third party property when travelling, any financial liability you face would be paid by the travel insurance plan.

The above-mentioned coverage features are common in almost all family travel insurance plans. There are other features too which you might find inbuilt in different plans. These include:

Hijack allowance

It pays a benefit in case your flight is hijacked.

Compassionate visit

The return airfare of a family member is paid for in this benefit if you fall ill when travelling.

Hospital cash

Under this benefit you get a daily allowance if you are hospitalized.

Home insurance

This feature covers any damages suffered by your home and its contents when you are travelling.

Though a family travel insurance plan offers a comprehensive scope of coverage, there are some instances which are not covered. These are:

  • Trips taken for availing medical treatments
  • War or war-like situations, riots, invasion, etc.
  • Participation in hazardous activities and sports like bungee jumping, scuba diving, etc.
  • HIV/AIDS or maternity related complications
  • Self-inflicted injuries and attempted suicide
  • Pre-existing illnesses

A family health insurance plan is a useful addition to your travel plans. Understand the coverage features and secure your trip with a family travel insurance plan.