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Coronavirus Health Insurance

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Health Insurance for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Health Insurance is a personalized policy of health insurance designed especially to offer coverage against the cost incurred in the treatment of COVID-19, if an insured person is diagnosed positive for the virus. This plan covers your hospitalization expenses if you are admitted to a hospital because of Covid-19.

Covid-19 outbreak took place in 2019 in Wuhan, China and impacted the lives of millions of people across the globe. Declared as Pandemic, Corona Virus or COVID-19 took the lives of over 5.11 Lakh people in India alone as per mid-February 2022 data.

Considering the serious condition and the rising number of cases, the IRDAI or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India asked insurance companies in India to design health plans to allow protection against costs related to the Covid-19 disease.

Further, with multiple variants of Covid-19 having surfaced globally including the omicron variant, Covid-19 is still considered as a cause of concern by 'World Health Organization (WHO). Staying prepared for any adverse circumstances is better to avoid getting panicky at the last moment. Thus, having a corona insurance plan offering coverage against Covid-19 disease is essential.

The good news is, most insurance providers have come up with Covid-19 or Coronavirus Health Insurance plans to suit the requirement of people in general and to ensure their safety from the deadly disease.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Novel Coronavirus, which is commonly known as Coronavirus is a set of viruses which hit the immune system of humans to cause them a range of illnesses including Cold, respiratory diseases, SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and so on. The virus originated in Wuhan, China in the last part of December 2019 and was later termed as novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The virus saw the emergence of numerous variants since then, such as delta and omicron.

If a person is attacked by this highly contagious coronavirus, he/she becomes prone to diseases like fever, dry cough and infections of the nose along with sinuses and upper throat infection. The signs of the disease are comparable to that of flu. Tiredness, headache, and a starchy throat are some other symptoms of covid-19. However, people with a weak immune system are prone to get critical respiratory diseases such as kidney failure, pneumonia, failure of multiple organs and so on. Thus, this disease largely took the lives of elderly people who were already affected with several health conditions and illnesses.

With a huge vaccination drive globally via vaccines like Covaxin, Covishield and Sputnik V among others, the government is trying to curb the effects of Covid-19 among people.

Coronavirus Health Insurance
Coronavirus Health Insurance

What is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

The Coronavirus Health Insurance is a custom-made health insurance plan that protects against covid-19 disease by covering the costs of in-patient hospitalization, pre, post hospital charges along with other related expenses that might rise from the covid-19 treatment. Lately, almost every insurance provider has come up with policies to cover policyholders against the covid-19 medical expenses

The Covid insurance policy covers the insured from the very first day if he/she tests positive. Being a new ailment, covid-19 is not categorized under the pre-existing diseases category. Since it is viral infection, the health insurance pertaining to Covid-19 serves as a comprehensive policy that also pays for the in-patient as well as out-patient costs incurred during the treatment of all variants of coronavirus including the new omicron variant. The policy covers the insured from the first day that the person is tested for the disease.

The Coronavirus Health Insurance has turned out to be very helpful for victims of Covid-19 disease during the pandemic. Further, with new variants of the disease appearing, having insurance to cover against coronavirus is essential so that you can stay protected from the huge costs incurred during the treatment of the disease. With the insurance policy taking care of your expenses, the insured can stay focussed on fast recovery.

Key Benefits of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Insurance

Below are some key benefits of Covid Health Insurance policy:

Covid-19 treatment Protection offered with zero added cost
Covid-19 Home Treatment Allowed if the doctor suggests
Consumable Costs Include charges of gloves, PPE kits, masks, and ventilators, etc.
Co-payment Most plans do not have age based Co-pay option
Cashless Treatment Available
Add-on/Riders Available

Some of the other benefits of Covid-19 insurance plans are:

Given below are some of the best features of an individual health insurance policy:

  • Covid 19 insurance covers hospitalization including pre and post hospitalization costs.
  • The premium payment of covid-19 plans are very cost-effective.
  • Being short-term policies, you don't have to pay the premiums of the health insurance for lifelong.
  • Coronavirus insurance also offers regular health protection along with allowing protection for coronavirus.
  • Also, in case a claim is made for your Coronavirus health insurance policy during the policy term, it will not impact the No Claim Bonus of your existing health plan.

Health Insurance Plans for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India

If you want any particular corona insurance policy cover, you may consider standard policies covering all medical costs incurred during covid-19 treatment. Below are two such best Covid insurance policy products recently launched by insurance providers according to the guidelines of IRDAI.

1. Corona Kavach Policy for Covid-19

This is a standard health policy that protects against coronavirus. The sum insured amount for Corona Kavach Policy starts from 50,000 rupees with an upper limit of 5 Lakh rupees.


  • The policy cover costs of hospitalization.
  • It covers ambulance charges.
  • It also covers home treatment costs.
  • Costs of medicines, PPE kits, masks, gloves, and doctor's fee is also covered under this policy.
  • The insured can also get his/her family members covered as per this plan.
  • The policy also allows coverage for Ayush cure treatment in the country.
  • Also, Covid Insurance India covers ICU charges for COVID-19 treatment.

2. Corona Rakshak Insurance Plan

This is another covid-19 specific health plan that allow protection against hospitalization (min. 72 hours or more) for the treatment of Covid insurance plans in India. This policy is available for individuals from 18 years to 65 years and is based on individual sum insured between 2.5 lakh rupees to 5 Lakh rupees.


Cover costs incurred for obtaining:

  • PPE’s
  • Masks
  • Nebulizers
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Gloves
  • Oximeters, and
  • AYUSH treatment, etc.

3. Coronavirus Group Health Insurance

By getting a Corona health insurance coverage under the group health insurance plan for covid-19, you can be eligible to get coverage of coronavirus treatment costs. However, it depends on the insurer and you have to check with the same. Thus, if you are covered under Corona Rakshak or Corona Kavach under group health insurance policy, you can be rest assured to stay protected against hospitalization costs under Covid 19 insurance policy.

Below are some covid-19 health insurance plans offered by various insurance providers:

Insurance Provider Sum Insured Claim Settlement Ratio Network Hospitals
Aditya Birla Health Insurance Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 2 Crore 59% 6000+
Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Rs. 1.5 Lakh - Rs. 50 Lakh 85% 6500+
Bharti AXA Health Insurance Rs. 3 Lakh - Rs. 5 Lakh 89% 4300+
Care Health Insurance (previously called Religare Health Insurance) Rs. 4 Lakh - Rs. 6 Crore 55% 7400+
Chola MS Health Insurance Rs. 2 Lakh - Rs. 25 Lakh 35% 6500+
Digit Health Insurance Rs. 2 Lakh – Rs. 25 Lakh 11% 5900+

Frequently Asked Question

Coronavirus Health Insurance is a custom-made health insurance plan that protects against covid-19 disease by covering the costs of in-patient hospitalization, pre, post hospital charges along with other related expenses that might rise from the covid-19 treatment.

Below are the exclusions of Coronavirus health insurance:

  • Costs incurred for treatment of injury caused due to participating in any adventure sport
  • Costs incurred for injury caused by self, such as suicide attempt.
  • Doesn't cover claim for damages/injury caused during war
  • Sexually transmitted diseases also not covered
  • Obesity and cosmetic surgery are not covered
  • Accidents that takes place due to participation in defense related operations not covered

You can easily avail a covid-19 health insurance plan online. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose the Coronavirus health plan that you are planning to buy.
  • Enter the necessary details that are asked for.
  • Pay the insurance premium online.
  • Once the payment is made, you can obtain the covid-19 health insurance.

Cashless treatment can be availed under a coronavirus health insurance policy. For that you have to go through a network hospital to avail cashless treatment facilities.

Yes, it is a good idea to apply for a particular Covid-19 health insurance plan. So, despite having a standard health policy, you can still opt for covid-19 plan to avail specific benefits of the same. There are 2 main Covid-specific health plans, namely Corona Kavach Plan and Corona Rakshak Plan.

As per research, the virus that causes COVID-19 lasts on surfaces for up to 72 hours (plastic and stainless steel), up to 4 hours (copper), up to 24 hours (cardboard)

The lungs are the key organs that are mostly affected by Covid‐19.

Covid-19 gets transmitted through coughing, sneezing, talking, through air by breathing contaminated air, by direct or indirect contact with people who are infected, through secretions of saliva, respiratory secretions, and respiratory droplets etc.