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Health Insurance Plans for the Diabetes

Barring hypertension, diabetes is the most common non-communicable disease in India. In fact, such high is the prevalence of diabetes that you can, usually, find one diabetic in every family. Young and old alike are falling ill to diabetes in today's lifestyle. Blame it on the food habits, stress, lifestyle or your genes; contracting diabetes has become a common affair. What does diabetes entail?

Besides a change in your lifestyle and eating habits, diabetes might also cause health complications. In case of high diabetes, the kidneys, eyes, joints and even the heart is at risk. There are increased chances of contracting health ailments. That is why, in normal health insurance plans diabetes is considered a pre-existing illness and is excluded from the scope of coverage for the initial few years. But what if you need help for diabetes sooner?

There are specially designed plans called health insurance for diabetes which cover the health requirements of diabetics.

Diabetes specific health plans

Health insurance and life insurance companies have designed cheap health insurance plans for diabetes. These plans cover individuals already suffering from diabetes. In case of any medical contingency, the Diabetes Insurance Plans in India cover the medical bills irrespective of the fact that the contingency is due to pre-existing diabetes or not.

Salient features of diabetes insurance plans

There are two types of - Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is commonly covered in all diabetes insurance plans. There are a few plans which cover Type 1 Diabetes too.

Both life insurance companies and health insurance companies offer health insurance for diabetes.

The term of the Diabetes Insurance Plans in India is usually 1 year and it can be taken for a continuous period of 2 or 3 years by paying the aggregate premium at once. Diabetes plans issued by life insurance companies, on the other hand, come for a longer tenure which is usually 5 years.

The waiting period for diabetes coverage is either nil or minimal.

The plan can be taken either for self or for the entire family on a floater basis.

The basic coverage features include pre and post hospitalization, actual hospitalization, ambulance charges, day care treatments, etc. Moreover, many plans also cover amputation expenses, dialysis expenses and other diabetes related expenses.

There might be a No Claim Bonus feature in some diabetes insurance plans in India which reward the policyholder for not making any claims. The Sum Insured is either increased due to the bonus or there is a premium discount.

Pre-entrance medical check-ups might be required before the insurance company issues the plan.

Many plans give healthy rewards wherein the insured is given premium discounts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling his diabetes.

Lifelong renewability is promised by diabetes plans offered by health insurance companies.

How to buy the policy?

If you are looking for cheap health insurance plans for diabetes you should go online and compare. Many online insurance brokers provide the facility to compare and choose the best diabetes health plan offered by top insurance companies. Paybima is on online platform which allows easy comparison. You can find plans offered by leading insurers on our website and choose one according to your requirements. Diabetes is a common ailment and to protect your healthcare expenses from eating into your finance you need a diabetes-specific policy or in other words - health insurance for diabetes.

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