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National Health Insurance

National Insurance Company Limited is one of the most popular and trusted general insurance company in India. Founded in 1906, the company is a subsidiary of the Government owned General Insurance Corporation of India. In terms of the gross direct written premium, National Insurance is the second largest general insurance company. It has 1998 offices in India and Nepal with a diversified product portfolio which includes motor insurance, health insurance, personal insurance, rural insurance, industrial risk insurance and commercial risk insurance among others. The health insurance portfolio of the company offers a range of plans.

Why buy National Health Insurance?

National Health Insurance plans have distinct benefits which make them a good choice for fulfilling a policyholder’s health insurance needs. Here are the benefits of the plans –

  • A variety of health insurance plans to meet different needs
  • Overseas health plans which cover travel related contingencies along with international health cover
  • Comprehensive Family floater health plans
  • Affordable premium rates
  • The good claim settlement record makes it a trustworthy company among policyholders.
  • A range of sum insured options

National Health Insurance plans overview

Here are the different plans offered by National Insurance and the salient features of each plan –

Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday

This is international travel insurance plan which provides cover for health contingencies faced when travelling abroad. Here are the features of the plan –

  • The policy can be taken for travels related to business, holiday, employment, study and corporate travelling
  • Four variants of the plan are available with sum insured up to USD 500, 000

National Parivar Mediclaim Policy

This is a family floater health insurance plan. AYUSH treatments are covered along with organ donor expenses, maternity and new born baby cover, infertility treatments cover, anti-rabies vaccination, medical second opinion, hospital cash benefit, etc. There are optional benefits too which are available at additional premiums. Thus, the plan provides a wide scope of coverage.

National ParivarMediclaim Plus

This is another version of the Parivar mediclaim policy with additional coverage benefits. Sum insured is allowed for up to Rs.50 lakhs and dependent parents can also be covered - there are three plan variants and the coverage limits depend on the variant selected. Air ambulance cover, medical emergency reunion and vaccination for children are new coverage benefits under the plan.

Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

This is a travel insurance health plan taken for employment or international travel for education. Three plan variants are available and the allowed sum insured is up to USD 500, 000. The plan can also be taken for other travels like business or holiday.

National Mediclaim Plus Policy

The policy comes in three variants with a maximum sum insured limit of Rs.50 lakhs. Maternity cover is inbuilt under the plan. Other notable coverage benefits include air ambulance cover, doctor’s home visit, vaccination for children, medical emergency reunion and medical second opinions.

ParivarMediclaim Policy

This is a simple health plan with sum insured up to Rs.5 lakhs. Premiums are affordable and renewal is allowed up to 65 years of age. Dependent children and dependent parents can be covered under a single plan.

National Mediclaim Policy

This is also an affordable health plan with sum insured up to Rs.5 lakhs. All the basic health insurance coverage benefits are provided at affordable premiums. Lifelong renewals are allowed under the plan.

Procedure to renew National Health Insurance policy online

To renew the policy online, the following steps can be taken –

  • Visit the insurance company’s website which is www.nationalinsuranceindia.nic.co.in
  • Choose ‘Health Insurance’ tab on the home page. Under the tab choose ‘Renew’
  • A new page would open which would require the policy number of the existing plan and a captcha code displayed
  • The policy number of the existing health insurance policy is to be provided along with the displayed code
  • After these details are provided, the policyholder should hit ‘Renew Now’
  • The details of the policy would be displayed along with the renewal premium payable for the plan. The premium might be different based on the age of the insured member (s)
  • Changes can be made in the existing plan and the renewal premium would be changed accordingly
  • Thereafter the policyholder would have to pay the premium online and the policy would be renewed

Claim process of National Health Insurance

The process of making a health insurance claim from National Insurance is as follows –

  • When the claim occurs, inform the insurance company immediately through the company’s claim helpline number
  • For cashless claims, networked hospitals are necessary. TPAs of the insurer are available at such hospitals who arrange settlement of cashless claims
  • If a non-networked hospital is selected, the claim would be settled on a reimbursement basis. The policyholder would bear the medical costs which would be reimbursed by the company after discharge
  • The claim form and all medical documents should be submitted for settlement of claims
  • The documents include the medical bills, reports and the identity proofs of the insured members

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