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Travel Insurance Policy

Travelling is a much-needed way to break free of the monotony of daily life. Whether you head out for a business trip or take a relaxing break with your family, travelling has its charms. Though travelling might give you a fresh breath of life, there are risks associated when you travel, risks which you cannot ignore. If you face any such risk, you need a financial back-up plan to help you sail through such contingencies. A travel insurance plan is such financial back-up which covers contingencies which you might face when you are travelling.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance plan which covers risks faced when travelling. The plan offers a gamut of coverage features which cover every possible risk associated with travel. The plan covers the duration of your trip and the members travelling with you. There are different types of travel insurance plans and you can choose the best travel insurance plan suitable for your requirement.

Types of travel insurance plans

As stated earlier, there are different types of travel insurance plans available in the market which are as follows:

 International travel insurance – this policy covers trip taken beyond the geographical boundaries of India. Cover is available for all countries worldwide.

 Domestic travel insurance – this policy is designed to protect trips taken within India.

 Student travel insurance – travel insurance policies which are specifically designed for students who are going abroad for a higher education are called student travel insurance plans. These plans have specialized coverage features designed keeping the coverage requirements of students in mind.

 Corporate travel insurance – these policies are designed for corporates covering their employees who undertake business-related trips.

 Senior citizen travel insurance – these plans cover individuals above 60 years of age when they travel and offer coverage suitable for their requirements.

 Single trip plans insurance – plans covering one trip are called single trip plans

 Multi-trip plans – these are annual plans which cover multiple trips taken within the year.

 Individual travel plans – plans covering a single individual are called individual travel insurance plans

 Family travel insurance plans – these plans cover the entire family travelling together.

Coverage offered

Travel insurance plans offer a range of coverage benefits which include:

 Coverage for medical emergencies faced when travelling

 Loss of checked-in baggage or passport

 Trip delay

 Trip cancellation

 Emergency financial assistance

 Personal accident

 Personal liability

 Dental expenses incurred due to an accidental injury

 Hijack distress allowance, etc.

How to choose the best plan

The best travel insurance plan can be found online. You can visit online brokers or web aggregators to find the best travel insurance plan online. The online medium lists the available plans and you can choose the best plan. The best plan would be the one which –

 Has the most comprehensive coverage features

 Offers the optimal level of Sum Insured

 Is priced competitively

 Is offered by the company which has a good claim-settlement record

 Offers a hassle-free application and claim-settlement process.

Paybima offers you a list of available travel insurance plans based on your requirements. You can choose the best travel insurance plan online at Paybima’s website. Moreover, Paybima also offers you the facility to buy travel insurance online after you compare between the available plans

So, the next time you undertake a trip, secure it with a travel insurance plan. Visit Paybima, compare the available plans and buy travel insurance online easily and conveniently.