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Risk Manager

Are you among those entrepreneurs or business leaders who are driven by optimism?

Paybima brings you an industry risk assessment survey which will help you

  • With a detailed analysis of risk perception of your industry.
  • To aware of common risks facing your business in order to be prepared well in advance.
  • In structuring your Insurance program
Please take out 20 mins to fill the survey.

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The Risks are to be evaluated on 2 Parameters i.e. Impact/ Severity on Business and the Probability/ Frequency of the Risk Issue
Impact/ Severity on Business is to be evaluated as either High, Medium or Low (Impact on Sales, profitability, Margins and Growth) depending upon the impact it create on your Business Frequency/ Probability of risks is to be evaluated as High, Medium or Low ; it means the probability of its occurrence on your Business.
If any Risk is not applicable to Business then please Select Not Applicable .

Does your business faces these following risksFrequency/ ProbabilityImpact/ Severity
Intense Competition from Large Players and MNCs
Increasing cost of Raw materials and Other Inputs
Unavailability of Skilled Labour / Personnel
Number of labour issues, Strikes, Closures & Social Unrests
Litigations and Pending court cases
Delayed Collection and Bad Debts or Credit Risk
Significant Dependency on few Customers
Significant Dependency on few suppliers
Information & Cyber Security
Crime & Business Espionage ( competitors stealing information, influence personnel etc)
Loss of Shipment, cargo, theft, damage to property
Loss of Profit on account of interruptions like Machinery Breakdown, Plant failure, Labour Strike
Loss on account of Frauds, Errors by Employees
Physical Damage to property on account of causes like Fire, Earthquake, Natural Calamities, Riots etc
Liability to Directors, Management of the Business on account of public action, loss of reputation etc
Do you have following insurance policies
Standard Fire & Special Perils Insurance
Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Marine Transit Insurance
Loss of Profit/ Business Interruption Insurance
Directors & Officer Insurance
Public Liabiity/ Commerical General Liability
Credit Insurance
Cyber Security & Crime Insurance
Miscellaneous Insurance (Burglary, Money, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee)
Do you invest in employee health and benefits programs such as
Group Mediclaim
Group Personal Accident
Group Term Life
How do you decide the value of your assets to be Insured
Do you know the concept of underinsurance and its possible Implications
How you handle your insurance program
What are the top 3 problems you are facing in the Insurance Management?