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Two-wheeler Cashless Garages

can expect speedy and better service.

Can expect speedy and better service.

make sure to offer no-hassle claims.

Make sure to offer no-hassle claims.

quality repair service at network garage.

Quality repair service at network garage.

instant and immediate claim settlement.

Instant and immediate claim settlement.

Bike Cashless Garages are the network garages of insurance companies which form tie-ups with the insurer to offer seamless repair and claim facility to the policyholders. These garages play an important role in vehicle repairs and the subsequent process of settlement of claims. These network garages, offered by the insurers, help the insured to repair their bikes without incurring any expenses from their pocket. Further, it also accelerates the process of repair and makes the claim settlement process very simple.

What Is a Cashless Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

With a cashless bike insurance policy, insurance companies aim to make the repair and the claim process of the bike smooth and hassle-free for the policyholders. Under such policies the insurers join hands with the repair shops called network garages or partner garages, where the policyholders can go for vehicle repairs. Here, the insurer settles the claims in a cashless manner by directly paying the network garage for the repairs done. So, the policyholder isn't required to make any payment to the garage from their pocket (except the liabilities).

Under such insurance, the insured person is likely to inform the insurer immediately when any mishap or accident takes place and tow the vehicle to the nearest cashless garage. The insurer gets the vehicle examined and repaired at the garage and the bill is directly sent to the insurer by the network garage without causing any trouble to the insured. Further, you also get best quality service and speedy work with a network garage facility. So, it is important to ensure that your insurer has a wide network of cashless garages at the time of buying a bike insurance plan online or offline.

what is a cashless two wheeler insurance policy?

Benefits of Cashless Bike Insurance Policy

When you use your cashless two-wheeler insurance to repair your two-wheeler, you enjoy several benefits as mentioned below:

hassle-free claim process

Hassle-free Claim Process

Under a cashless garage facility you can avail of a hassle-free process of claim by getting your vehicle repaired in a network garage. Here, all aspects of payment to the cashless garage are handled directly by the insurer, thereby making it a hassle-free process to the insured.

hastened service

Hastened Service

Along with hassle-free service, you also get quick or speedy repair service by getting your vehicle repairs done at the network garage. Being partner garages, these repair shops give priority to the policyholders and get them done promptly.

quick settlement of claim

Quick Settlement of Claim

Under the cashless garage facility, you can expect to get your claims settled quicker than in the case of reimbursement claims. In the reimbursement process it takes about 7-10 days for a claim to get settled, while with a cashless garage it is done immediately.

quality service

Quality Service

When an insured buys cashless insurance for two wheeler, they expect to get quality service. Similarly, an insurer also endeavors to provide best service to the policyholders to retain the customer. Thus, they tie-up with the best repair workshops to fulfill the promise of quality repair service to their clients.

transparent process

Transparent Process

In case of a cashless garage facility, the insurer involves its surveyor directly in the claim process from the very beginning till the end of the process. Thus, it makes the entire claim settlement process extremely transparent. So, you can be sure to face no fraudulent case and ensure correct billing as well.

Cashless bike insurance truly makes your claim settlement process simple and stress-free. It is much faster and more convenient as compared to the reimbursement process. Further, the Best cashless two wheeler insurance provides best service with greater customer satisfaction.

How To Make A Two-wheeler Cashless Insurance Claim at A Network Garage?

Below are the steps to follow to make a cashless claim at a cashless two wheeler insurance company:

inform your insurer immediately

Step 1

You must inform your insurer immediately as your vehicle meets with an unforeseen situation. Also, inform the insurer about the damaged parts. Once done, bring your bike to the nearest network garage of your insurer.

complete the required formalities and get the approval for cashless repair

Step 2

Once at the network garage, complete the required formalities and get the approval for cashless repair. You will get your bill paid by your insurer except for the depreciation and deductibles.

papers will be assessed and verified

Step 3

Once the repair service is done, the network garage will raise an invoice and send it across to the insurer along with the necessary documents. Next, the papers will be assessed and verified by the insurer and they will release the payment.

insurer will pay for the damages

Step 4

The insurer will pay for the damages covered under the cashless bike insurance plan.

Best Bike Insurance Companies Offering Two wheeler Cashless Claim Settlement Facility in India

Below are the top bike insurers offering cashless claim settlement facility in India:

Insurance company Cashless Network Garage Claim Settlement Ratio
Bajaj Allianz 4,000+ 91.23%
SBI 16,000+ 91.74%
Tata AIG 5,000+ 91.80%
HDFC ERGO 6,800+ 89.48%
Royal Sundaram 4,600+ 94.07%
Liberty 4,300+ 87.48%
ICICI Lombard 5,600+ 87.48%

Frequently Asked Question

It is important to inform the insurance company before getting a bike repaired because they will get the damage inspected by an authorized person to see the extent of the damage. Thus, the insurer can easily estimate the expense of repair, which helps them to get an appropriate claim.

You can visit the website of your insurance company or call them to check the list of hospitals that are enlisted in its network.

No, you have to inform the insurer first before repairing your two-wheeler to avoid claim rejection.

If the garage of your choice is listed under your insurer's cashless garages list, you can enjoy the cashless claim facility. However, if your favorite garage is not among the network garages of your insurer, they might not allow you to avail cashless claims. Though you can seek reimbursement, your insurer may not compensate for the entire claim amount.

If you get your two-wheeler repaired at a non-network garage, you cannot seek a cashless claim for your repairs. Also, you might not get the complete amount compensated if you get the repairs done in a non-network garage.

For this you have to check the list of garages in the network of your insurer mentioned in the official website of your insurer. You might also get this information while purchasing the policy.

With Cashless Garage, you can repair your vehicle at a partner garage, while incurring no cost from your own pocket. Only amount you require to pay is the depreciation and the deductibles. On the other hand, you can buy the Roadside Assistance as an add-on protection by paying an extra premium to insure your vehicle against things like loss of car keys, empty fuel tank, flat tyre, battery failure or for towing your vehicle in case of breakdown.

No, it is not necessary. However, if you have the facility to avail cashless garage in the vicinity in that case you may visit. But it is not compulsory for the insured to always visit a cashless garage for repairs.

No, you may not get insurance cover for accessories even if you visit a cashless garage. This is because your insurer is responsible to bear the cost of damages covered under the policy. So, cost of repair of accessories, which are beyond the scope of policy, are not incurred by the insurer.

The Insurance Company makes payment to the network garage after the repairs are done and the garage sends an invoice to the insurance company.

There are many benefits of visiting a Cashless Garage including the fact that it requires no extensive paperwork at the time of filing the claims. Also it assures the best quality of repair work.

Yes, if the repair is done at an authorized network garage, the insurer will definitely guarantee the payment for the repair work.

Cashless garage in bike insurance means a garage that the insurer has tied-up with for providing the facility with cashless claims.

If you get your vehicle repaired at a network garage of your insurer, the insurance company settles the repair bill by directly paying the garage. Thus, you are spared from paying any money except the deductibles and depreciation.

To find top two-wheeler insurers who offer cashless claims at network garages, you can visit various online platforms like Here, you will come to know about the top insurers in the market offering cashless claims at network garages.