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Choosing an insurance plan is tough. But the right recommendation and the right guidance from the right source can make it easy. And that’s why PayBima has introduced “The Right Advisor” for the right support to simplify your insurance buying experience.

Right Advisor Highlights

  • Make your entire insurance buying process simplified and smooth with the  Right Advisor
  • Choose plans based on your exact needs – depending on whether you are looking for individual plans, family floater policies or plans for couples
  • Seek Right Advice for the best investment policies as per your long- and short-term goals
  • Get recommendations on plans and sum insured to match suitability of your budget and coverage needs
  • Request a Call Back from our Expert Policy Advisors to understand policies better
  • In case of confusion, schedule a free home visit service with our insurance specialists to get all doubts cleared

How Does the Right Advisor help?

If you want to make your insurance buying process smooth and simplified, Right Advisor is the best service for you. Choosing a policy matching your exact needs and as per your required coverage may be difficult. However, with Right Advisor service you can now make the insurance buying process a super simple and easy one. Right Advisors help buyers with plan recommendations depending on their requirements such as individual, couple or family plans.

Also, when in doubt, the Right Advisor service allows a call back option for detailed briefing. Moreover, you can also avail the option of ‘Schedule a free home visit’ service with the Right Advisor, wherein insurance specialists of PayBima visit your location to help you choose the best policy.

Health Insurance

Right Advisor on Health Insurance

Compromising on health is not an option for anyone. When you talk about staying healthy, there are many things to consider. Besides eating well and regular physical activity, you also need to have regular medical check-ups to keep a tab on your health. And what’s better than opting for a good health insurance plan to maintain regular health check-ups in a hassle-free manner. If you have any confusion regarding the best plan to avail regular medical check-up and benefits, schedule a free home visit service with our specialist health advisors.

Term Insurance

Right Advisor on Term Insurance

Life is precious. But no one has power over destiny. You may be destined to live and enjoy all the blessings of life. Or you may be deprived of them all and leave the world unexpectedly. Hence, it’s better to be prepared so that your family is financially protected. Trust none but the PayBima Right Advisor for Term Insurance plans to sail you through the right insurance buying procedure so that you could save enough for your family to sustain after you are gone.

Motor Insurance

Right Advisor on Motor Insurance

Your new car is definitely one of your prized possessions. The moment you buy a car, you are required to cover it with a good motor insurance plan. It is not just to ensure safety of your bike, but insurance is also enforced on every vehicle owner by the motor vehicle law of the country. Hence, to get the best recommendations on the right motor insurance plans, seek help from PayBima Right Advisor for Motor.

Investment Plans

Right Advisor on Investment Plans

To enjoy a happy and tranquil retired life, to offer your children the best education, to be able to afford lavish wedding ceremonies of your kids, and to enjoy wonderful vacations etc., are things we all dream of. However, just dreaming is not enough, you have to plan your finances in a way to be able to live those dreams. If you are uncertain about where to invest and how to secure your future, trust PayBima Right Advisor for investments to relieve you of all your worries and to get the best plans to suit your needs.

Insurance policy with Right Advisor
Understand your insurance policy with Right Advisor

Insurance is difficult to comprehend, especially due to the jargons and the various terms and conditions involved. It is important to understand different policies well to avail better benefits. So, before embarking on your insurance journey, feel free to reach out to the PayBima Right Advisors to make your insurance buying experience simplified.