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Student Travel Insurance


We all have dreams for our children that they receive the best education and have a bright future. The pursuit of this dream might also result in our children going abroad to complete their higher education. Seeking higher education abroad is a dream of many students but only few manage to achieve it. International education is expensive and if the student faces an eventuality when studying abroad, further expenses are involved. Usually, the student lives alone in a foreign land and might face contingencies during the tenure of education. How would a student or his family meet the financial implications of such contingencies?

Travel insurance for students is designed to tackle such contingencies. It is available for students travelling abroad for higher education and provides a comprehensive scope of coverage.

  • Firstly, a student travel insurance plan helps in meeting financial contingencies faced when studying abroad. The coverage features are often exhaustive which take care of any possible emergencies whether medical or non-medical.
  • Secondly, many foreign universities mandate a foreign student to have valid health insurance coverage before they are granted admission. Thus, students need to buy student travel insurance plans to secure admission in a foreign university.

As mentioned earlier, a student travel insurance plan offers exhaustive coverage features which are as follows:

Coverage for medical emergencies

If you face any sudden illness or injury abroad your travel insurance plan would pay for the associated expenses of the treatment.

Medical evacuation

In case of severe medical emergencies if the student is required to be evacuated to India, such evacuation is also covered.

Repatriation of remains

Coverage is also granted for transporting the medical remains of the student back to India.

Personal accident

Accidental injuries or death faced by the student is also covered.

Compassionate visit

If family members visit you in case your medical unwell, the student travel insurance plan covers the cost of return tickets.

Bail bond insurance

If the student is jailed for a bailable offence abroad, money is paid by the plan for securing bail.

Loss of passport

Expenses incurred in getting a duplicate passport in case of loss of original one is also covered.

Study interruption

If a medical emergency interrupts studies of the student, the travel insurance plan pays for the tuition fees for such interrupted period.

Sponsor protection

If your sponsor financing your education dies, the travel insurance plan pays for the student’s tuition fees.

Personal liability

If the student causes bodily injury or property damage and is held financially liable, such liability is also met by the plan.

There are some exclusions which are not covered by travel insurance for students. These include:

  • Medical treatments incurred due to complication of pre-existing illnesses. However, certain plans cover pre-existing illness complications in life threatening conditions.
  • Expenses incurred because of mental disorders, suicide or attempted suicide, HIV/AIDS, venereal diseases, alcohol or drug abuse, etc.
  • If you travel against the advice of a doctor, any resultant claims would not be paid.
  • Contingencies faced due to war, nuclear threats, etc. are not covered.

A student travel insurance plan is a necessary requirement for students who want to travel abroad for studies. Paybima also offers you a choice of student travel insurance plans. You can compare the available plans and buy one which is the best for your requirement. So, don’t risk your higher education, buy student travel insurance today.