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Traveling for leisure or business always seems like a lot of work! Queues aside, the fear of losing your baggage, and nearly-missed flights, only adds to the stress.

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Clarify all doubts related Travel Insurance

Is it necessary to buy travel insurance?

Unless you are travelling to a Schengen country, a travel insurance plan is not mandatory. Schengen countries require a travel insurance plan before they grant the Visa. For other countries too, buying a travel insurance plan makes sense because of the plan’s benefits A travel insurance plan covers medical costs, loss of baggage or passport, delay of baggage, trip cancellation or delay, flights missed or cancelled, a personal accident, personal liability, etc. Thus, you get a comprehensive scope of coverage under a travel insurance plan ensuring a hassle-free trip. Due to these coverage features and the financial security offered, a travel insurance plan becomes a necessary addition to your travel plans.

What will happen if I forgot to carry my travel insurance?

If you have forgotten to carry your travel insurance policy, you can pay for your expenses and then make a claim with your travel insurance provider after you return. You would have to submit the proofs of claims and the relevant bills to claim reimbursement of the expenses you have borne. However, to avoid these situations, upload and save a soft copy on a cloud storage platform, with the insurance company’s details. This will enable you to contact them and know how to proceed with a claim.

Can I cancel a travel insurance policy?

A free-look period of 15 days is allowed from the policy start date. You can cancel your travel insurance plan within this free-look period. If, however, the free-look period is over, there might be problems on cancellation. If you have not taken the trip for which insurance was taken, ask for cancellation with a proof that the trip was not undertaken. The company would cancel the plan. However, a cancellation charge will be levied.

What is the difference between single and multi-trip insurance?

A single trip travel insurance plan covers only one trip taken by an individual. A multi-trip plan, on the other hand, covers multiple trips taken during one year. The differences between the two are as follows –

Single trip insurance policy Multi-trip insurance policy
Covers only a single trip Covers multiple trips
The duration of the policy is the duration of the trip taken The policy is issued for a duration of one year within which any number of trips can be taken
The plan is suitable for occasional travellers The plan is suitable for frequent travellers
The premium depends on the trip taken and is low Premiums are slightly higher than single trip plans but lower than multiple single trip plans taken during a year
One single trip policy has a maximum coverage duration of 180 days The maximum duration of every trip in a multi-trip policy should be within 30 to 45 days

When does the travel insurance cover begin?

The coverage under a travel insurance plan begins right from the date the journey. It also includes the travelling time from home to airport or railway station.

Can I extend my overseas travel insurance plan?

Yes, coverage extension is allowed for international travel insurance plans. Inform the insurance company, fill in an extension form and submit it along with an additional premium for the extended duration. Extension is usually allowed if the original travel insurance policy has not expired and you have not made any claim under it. The total extension should be below 180 days and the original coverage period along with the extension should not exceed 360 days. Furthermore, a declaration of good health might be required by the insurance company. Depending on your policy, one or two extensions might be allowed during the total policy duration.

Can I buy travel medical insurance for my parents who are over 60 years?

Yes, there are specific senior citizen travel insurance plans designed to cover individuals aged 60 years and above. You can choose any senior citizen travel insurance plan to cover parents over 60 years

Is student travel insurance mandatory for all countries?

No, there is no mandate on buying student travel insurance in all countries. Schengen countries insist on a travel insurance plan while in other countries the mandate for a student travel plan is imposed by universities. If your university requires a student travel insurance, ensure to buy one before leaving. You should buy a plan even if it is not stipulated. The plan would take care of all possible contingencies and give you security in a foreign country.

Why should I buy travel insurance online from Paybima?

Paybima is an online platform with tie-ups with all the major insurance players in the market. When you choose Paybima for buying travel insurance, you can compare all the available plans for your requirements. You can compare coverage details, premium rates, discounts, and ease of claim settlement. Comparison allows you to know what each plan is offering, thus, easing your decision. This ensures you are buying the best available travel insurance plansuiting both your requirements and budgets. In case of claim settlement, we at Paybima, are here to help. Contact us with your travel insurance claims and get professional advice and guidance. Our team will help you make a claim and get them settled within stipulated timelines. The ease, convenience and discounts offered by Paybima makes it the best choice for buying an online travel insurance plan.

What is not covered under travel insurance?

Certain instances called plan exclusions are not covered in some travel insurance plans and some of the common exclusions are –

    • Treatments taken for pre-existing illnesses which the insured had when buying the policy.
    • Travelling against the advice of your doctor or any other medical professional.
    • Travelling with an intention to undergo medical treatments abroad.
    • Accidents faced when participating in hazardous sports and activities like adventure sports, winter sports, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc.
    • Contingencies faced due to war, riots, mutinies, rebellions, civil unrest, etc.
    • Participation in defence related activities in the armed forces, navy or air force.
    • Acts of criminal nature which breach the law.
    • Pregnancy related claims.
    • Intentional exposure to danger like keeping your passport and baggage unattended, etc.
    • Claims due to suicide, mental disorders, HIV/AIDS infection, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.
    • Nuclear or radioactive threats and contamination.

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What is personal liability in travel insurance?

When you are travelling abroad and you, unintentionally, cause injury or death of any individual or damage to someone’s property, you may be held financially liable for the injury or damage caused. This financial liability is called personal liability which is covered by a travel insurance policy. The policy pays the compensation for the injury or damage which you have caused unintentionally.

Is medical examination necessary to buy travel insurance?

The need of medical examination before buying a travel insurance plan depends on the age of the insured and the sum insured. If the age is lessand the sum insured is not very high, pre-acceptance medical check-ups are not required. For any severe pre-existing condition or medical ailments, however, the company might require a medical examination. In senior citizen policies, however, where individuals aged 60 and above are covered, a medical examination will be necessary depending on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Can foreign nationals be covered under travel insurance?

If foreign nationals are working in an Indian organisation and are residing in India, they can buy a travel insurance policy for their travelling needs in India. However, identity verification might be required for covering such individuals.

What Does Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance Cover?

Under trip cancellation cover, if your trip is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, the expenses incurred on such cancellation are covered. Under such expenses, money paid for advance ticket bookings and hotel accommodations is covered. Coverage would extend up to the limits stipulated in the policy. Furthermore, the reason of cancellation should be an emergency or unavaoidable circumstances like death or severe illness of the insured or any immediate family member, natural calamities, etc.

Is the loss of passport covered in travel insurance?

Yes, a travel insurance plan covers loss of passport as well. In case you lose your passport when travelling, a specified benefit is paid to help arrange for a duplicate passport.

Are ambulance charges covered under the travel insurance policy?

Yes, under the emergency medical coverage, ambulance charges incurred fortaking you to the hospital and back are covered up to the medical sum insured limits.

What is medical evacuation/repatriation coverage?

Under medical evacuation, charges incurred formoving the insured to the nearest hospital are covered. Under medical repatriation, charges incurred for moving the insured back to the country of residence are covered.

Do you know the benefits available under hijack distress allowance?

If the airplane you are travelling in is hijacked, the company pays a specified benefit after the first few hours of such hijack. The first few hours is called the deductible. The benefit for hijack might be paid in one lump sum or in instalments depending on the total tenure of hijack.

Does travel insurance policy cover loss of credit card or cash?

Yes, many travel insurance policies cover loss of your credit card or cashdue to theft or robbery. In such cases, the policy provides you emergency cash advance to bear the necessary costs of your trip. However, in some plans, loss of cash or credit card is not covered.

Is emergency financial assistance provided under travel insurance?

Yes, many travel insurance plans provide coverage for emergency financial assistance. In case of a theft or robbery, cash assistance is provided wherein you would be given emergency cash for meeting your trip’s expenses.

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Can I get refund under insurance plan if I cut short my travel?

Under some travel insurance plans, a premium refund is allowed if the travel period is cut short. In such cases, there is a minimum tenure for which the travel plans should be reduced. For instance, the policy might allow a premium refund if the travel plans are cut short by 10 days or more. The amount of refund calculates the cost of the policy for the days stipulated minus the cost of the policy for the actual dates of the trip. If acancellation charge is levied, itwill be deducted from the premium to be refunded.

How to avail cashless facility in travel Insurance?

Contact the insurance company’s service provider for a cashless claim settlement. You should carry your travel insurance details along with the name and contact information of the travel insurance company’s TPA (in your city/country of travel). Inform the TPA immediately and they would guide you about the steps to follow to get cashless claim settlement. In case of medical emergencies, the TPA can give you a list of network hospitals near you where you can avail cashless claim settlement. The insurance company would directly settle your medical bills and you would not be burdened with financial costs. .

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