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Car Insurance Renewal- Everything You Need To Know

All car insurances are available with a validity period. Once the validity period is over, the plan requires to be renewed via a process of Car Insurance Renewal, which is an easy and simple process.

What is Car Insurance Renewal?

~ Allow your car to stay insured all the time. ~ Allow you to avail the benefit of No Claim Bonus ( NCB)  ~ Allow you to Change your insurer ~ Allow you to opt for or to change add-on covers Saves you from penalty.

Features & Benefits of Car Insurance Renewal

STEP 6 Fill in your personal details such as name and mobile number and click on ‘Submit' button to receive quotes. STEP 7 You can see a screen with all quotes made by different insurers. Compare the quotes to choose the one that suits your requirement best. Here, you can choose different add-on covers that you want for your car. STEP 8 Finally, you can click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, once you finalize the policy you want to buy. So, here you can proceed with the payment using your online payment facilities. STEP 9 Within minutes, your car insurance renewal online will be done and your policy will be issued. You will receive the policy document at your registered email address and phone number.

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