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Do you know what is bike registration transfer process? Or what steps are involved and what bike transfer charges you must pay for the process?

You already know that a bike or car needs to be registered immediately after buying it to be able to drive without a hassle on the roads. The registration is required to be done at the RTO or Regional Transport Office. Once you register your two/four wheeler, you get a registration certificate (RC), which serves as a proof that you own the vehicle.

In future, you might need to transfer the registration if you plan to move the bike within the state or to move it from one state in India to another. This transfer process is called the process of RC transfer.

What does Two-Wheeler Ownership Transfer mean?

The legal process of transferring ownership of a two-wheeler from one individual to another is called a two-wheeler ownership transfer. The process includes transferring the documents including the registration of the vehicle in the name of the new two-wheeler owner. The transfer of the papers establishes the legal rights of the new owner of the vehicle.

The Two-Wheeler Ownership Transfer process is very important to initiate at the time of buying/selling a two-wheeler to avoid any difficulties. Once this process is completed, the buyer of the vehicle becomes its legal owner and the person is held responsible for all obligations related to the vehicle.

What Are the Situations for a Two-Wheeler Ownership to Transfer?

Two-wheeler ownership can be transferred under different situations such as buying/selling a two-wheeler, receiving a two-wheeler as a gift, or transferring the ownership of a two-wheeler from one family member to another.

  • When you plan to sell your two-wheeler, you must transfer the ownership of your vehicle to the buyer or the new owner of your vehicle. This ensures the legal ownership of the new owner and establishes his/her liabilities towards the vehicle.
  • Alternatively, if you plan to buy a used two-wheeler from someone, you must ask the owner to initiate the process of transfer of ownership and make sure that the two-wheeler is registered under your name to establish your lawful ownership of the vehicle.
  • Besides, if you receive a two-wheeler as a gift from a family member or friend, you are still required to get the transfer of ownership in your name soon. This way, you become the legal owner of the vehicle.
  • Even in the scenario of transferring two-wheeler ownership from one member to another within a family, it becomes important to carry on the ownership transfer process soon to ensure the legal transfer of the vehicle in your name.

Procedure to transfer a Bike Registration Certificate?

Bike Registration transfer might be required in case you are moving your bike from one state to another either permanently or for a duration which is more than one year. In this case, the amount of fees, the steps to follow to get the transfer done, as well as the documentations required might differ depending on the type of transfer- within the state or from one state to another.

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Bike RC transfer process within a State

Here we are offering the necessary details that you must know to make your bike transfer process easy within a state.

Offline Process 

  • Get the required application for the transfer process
  • Fill the application form
  • Submit the form together with other necessary documents
  • Now, make the payment of the fee
  • The RTO will send the new RC to your address

Online Process 

  • Go to the Parivahan website
  • Choose Online Service option for bike RC transfer
  • Choose the state you live in and proceed further
  • Now, submit the current Registration Number and Proceed further
  • Choose the option of ownership transfer
  • Submit the chassis number of the bike along with mobile number
  • Now an OTP will be generated in your registered mobile
  • Provide the OTP number and finish the verification process
  • Proceed by tabbing the ‘Show Details’ option
  • Finally, pay the required fee
  • Download and keep the receipt with you

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Documents required for Two-wheeler/Bike Registration Transfer within a State

Here’s a list of documents needed for transferring bike RC within a state:

  • Bike RC copy
  • Bike insurance copy
  • copy of PUC certificate
  • Engine and chassis print of the bike
  • Transfer deed
  • Address and identity proof of the new bike owner
  • Certificate of road tax
  • Receipt of sales
  • Photos (passport-size) of buyer and seller
  • Form 60/61/PAN card of new bike owner
  • NOC (if needed)

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What are the Documents Needed to Download Ownership Transfer Forms Online for Two-Wheelers?

Depending on the situation, the below documents are required to download vehicle transfer forms online:

Documents for Ownership Transfer Under Normal Sale of Vehicle

  • Copy of Insurance policy
  • Copy of RC or Registration Certificate
  • PAN card or Form 60
  • PUC certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof of buyer
  • Undertaking (of buyer)
  • R.C. Book
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Pencil Print of Chassis and Engine
  • Documents under Form I and Form II
  • Form 29 and Form 30 (duly filled)
  • NOC by the registering authority
  • Transferor’s declaration (in case the applicable NOC has not been received from the registering authority) together with the receipt received from them
  • Acknowledgment received from registering authority mentioning that the NOC has been sent by post

Fee for bike RC transfer (within state)

You have to a pay a nominal fee of 30 to 35 rupees as a bike transfer price, while paying 200 rupees is needed to the RTO as Smart card fee in case of two-wheelers. This amount might vary between 300 to 500 rupees for cars.

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Bike RC transfer process from one state to another (within India)

Follow the below steps for registration transfer from one state to another:

  • No Crime Certificate (NCR) from your current RTO
  • No Objection Certification (NOC) from bank (for bikes on loan)
  • Now proceed for the re-registration of the vehicle in the RTO of the new state
  • Provide all required documents and use the name of the new owner in the papers
  • If Road Tax is already paid in the state where you originally registered your number, you can request a refund
  • Now make the payment of the required fee
  • The RC will be sent to the new owner’s address

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Documents Required for Bike from one state to another (within India)

Here’s a list of documents needed for transferring bike RC from one state to another:

Like in the case of RC transfer within a state, you would require all the documents mentioned above along with few others for RC transfer from one state to another:

  • Receipt of Road tax from the state of the new owner of the bike
  • Copies of both NCR certificate and NOC certificates
  • Copy of form 28

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Cost of transfer of bike registration from one state to another in India

You have to a pay a nominal fee between 30 to 35 rupees as bike transfer charges, while paying 200 rupees is needed to the RTO as Smart card fee in case of bikes. This amount might vary between 1,500 to 10,000 rupees for cars.

Time required for RC Transfer Process

Depending on the RTO of the state as well as the situation of RC transfer, the process might differ. There are many RTOs where registration of a vehicle is done through smart card, while there are others that do not allow such facility. Thus, the time and process of RC transfer depends accordingly. Overall, the time for the process might vary between a week to 3-4 weeks.

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How to check Bike RC transfer status

There are two ways to check the RC transfer status as mentioned below:

Online Method:

Here are the steps to follow for checking the RC transfer status online:

  • Go to Parivahan website
  • Select the ‘Online Services’ option
  • Click on the ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’ option
  • Submit the registration number of the vehicle
  • Click on the ‘Search Vehicle’ tab
  • You will get the details

SMS Method:

Here are the steps to follow for checking the RC transfer status through SMS:

  • Go to your mobile’s message service
  • Now, write vahan <space>  registration number of your vehicle
  • Send message to 7738299899

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Process for Transfer of Ownership in Case of Death of the Vehicle Owner

  • The heir of the vehicle owner may first apply for the ownership to be transferred to his/her name by filling out Form 31 and submitting it to the registering authority within three months of the demise of the owner
  • In the second step, the heir must pay taxes and fees as per rule 81 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1989

Process for Ownership Transfer of Two-Wheeler Bought in Public Auction

  • Within thirty days of obtaining the vehicle possession at a public auction, the individual must submit Form 32 to the authority responsible for vehicle registration
  • In the second step, the individual must pay taxes and fees as per rule 81 of the Motor Vehicle Act of 1989

Documents Required for Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Bought Through Public Auction

  • Form 32
  • Insurance policy document
  • Registration certificate (RC)
  • Form 60/PAN Card
  • Vehicle auction proof certified by the concerned authority who did the auction
  • A certificate of the two-wheeler sale in favor of the buyer duly signed by the authorized person who conducted the auction
  • Proof of address
  • Age proof of buyer
  • Photograph (passport-size)
  • R.C. Book
  • Pencil Print of Chassis and Engine

Guidelines for Transfer of Vehicle Ownership in Case of Normal Sale

The below procedures can be applied for the transfer of vehicle ownership for normal sale: 

Once the vehicle ownership is transferred, the first important thing is to notify the concerned authority responsible for registering the vehicle. This can be done by filling out Form 29.

The transferee can apply for the vehicle transfer by submitting Form 30 and the documents mentioned in Form I with the concerned registering authority within 14 days in case of the same state transfer. In case of out-of-state transfer, the same process should be done within 45 days by applying for the ownership transfer to the registering authority. Here, the transferee must submit documents mentioned in Form I and Form II.

In the next step, the individual has to pay the required taxes and fees as per Rule 81 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1989 to close the procedure.

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When you sell your vehicle the ownership of the bike also changes. This requires the ownership to be modified in all the valid documents required to drive a vehicle. This is also applicable for Registration Certificate (RC). Thus, one must transfer all the monetary as well as legal accountability related to a two-wheeler while transferring the ownership of the vehicle from one person to another.

It is important for everyone to be aware of the essential details regarding bike transfer process. This is because if you ride your bike without a valid RC, you might get into legal hassle. So, ensure to transfer your RC in case you are planning to buy an already used bike.

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