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Updated on Jul 13, 2022

Preventing Fire in E-bikes, India

Are you taking enough safety measures to avoid fire incidents on your e-bike? Do you know the reasons that might cause a fire in your electric bike? Let’s learn about them below.

The incidents of fire on e-bikes have been on a rise in India these days. When these electric bikes that run on batteries of lithium-ion catch fire can lead to huge damage to the vehicle. Due to the rising number of such fire incidents, the government has approved certain measures to ensure safety of the people. Let us learn more about such safety measures on e-bikes and how they function, in this blog.

First let’s start with understanding the functioning of the electric scooter bikes.

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So, how do electric vehicles (EVs) function? 

As mentioned above, these vehicles actually run on light weight lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries that power electricity to the bike. These are efficient batteries and are a great source of renewable energy, which are normally used in every electric vehicle. The various parts of the battery include;

  • Anode
  • Cathode
  • Electrolyte
  • Separator
  • Current Collectors (two)

So, the anode and cathode stores the lithium of the battery from which the electrolyte collects the charged li-ions with the support of the separator.  The best thing about these batteries is that they are long lasting and stores energy as much as 150-watts per kg per hour. This, if you compare it with a lead-acid battery, is much better and more efficient. However, lately there have been incidents of fire risk being posed by lithium – ion batteries.  These devices have a strong density of energy, which might have been the biggest cause of the malfunction in the batteries.

Why is it important to know about battery management of e-bikes? 

Since these li-ion batteries are of high energy density, it means that they are highly powered. Because of this intense power, they might get unsteady at times affecting the functioning of the vehicle. Thus, it is important to understand the Battery Management System (BMS) of these lithium – ion batteries to ensure its safety.

The BMS is an electric equipment that is used to measure the voltage as well as flow of current of the li-ion batteries. The equipment has several sensors to measure temperature which provide information about the temperature of the pack of batteries.

What is the Reason for e-bikes to Catch Fire Easily in India

Actually, there are inflammable substances that are a part of these li-ion batteries. For instance, the battery has an electrolyte fluid that runs in between two electrodes and since the electrolyte fluid is extremely combustible, it might lead to fire in case the battery is overheated.  This is because the fluid of the electrolyte might explode because of heat.  Further, if any low quality parts are used, it might also give rise to fire in a e-bike. Thus, it is important to use only certified components in e-bikes.

So, remember to buy company certified products if you need to replace any part of your e-bike. Also, buy e-bike India from the best manufacturer offering best services.

12 Tips to Prevent Fire in E-bikes

Below are the 12 Tips to Prevent Fire in E-bikes:

  1. Always make sure to read the user manual before you start driving the vehicle and stick to the instructions and precautions accordingly.
  2. Do not forget to register your electric vehicle with the maker of the bike for warranties. Since batteries are of pivotal importance in e-bikes, you must register with your manufacturer to replace them as and when required by the manufacturer.
  3. While charging the vehicle, use only the cords and adapters given by the manufacturer at the time of buying the vehicle.
  4. Do not use power extensions, rather charge the bike from the switch directly.
  5. If possible, set up a smoke detector in the area where you charge the e-bike.
  6. Avoid your e-bike battery getting wet in the rain as it will damage the battery totally. Get it checked with your manufacturer.
  7. Avoid storing old lithium-ion batteries at home, rather recycle them immediately.
  8. Don’t charge your e-bike overnight. Also, do not leave your e-bike unattended while it is being charged.
  9. While charging your e-bike in a public place, use only government approved stations for charging.
  10. Avoid getting your e-bike parked under the direct sunlight. Park it under shade.
  11. Do not set your charging area near any flammable things.
  12. Do not keep the batteries or the charger covered while the bike is on charge.

Despite taking the above measures, there might be incidents of your e-bike catching fire. So, it is better to get a comprehensive bike insurance policy at the time when you buy an e-bike. Also, read the instructions properly before buying a policy so that you can get maximum coverage for your e-bike as required.

What can I do if my e-bike catches fire?

It is important to oversee the battery of your bike to detect any signs of danger before it catches fire.  Some early signs can be the smell of a flammable substance, leaking or odd noise, change in the shape of the battery etc.

However, if despite these changes if your new electric bike catches fire, you must ensure to;

  • Evacuate the area immediately
  • Call at the fire station
  • Report to the nearby police station
  • Inform your insurance provider

To Conclude

Though e-bikes are hassle-free and easy to use. But the fire incidents might make people scared of using these/experience.

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Jun 09, 2022
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