Bike Skid – 4 Common Causes of Bike Skidding and Tips To Control It


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Bike Skidding Reasons – Know What is the Common Cause of Skidding

What are the causes of Bike Skidding on road? Scared of bike skidding accidents? Do you want to know about the tips on controlling your bike from skidding? If so, you must read the blog below.

The pleasure of riding a sturdy bike of your own is immense. But the tension pops when you have to apply sudden brakes or when there is a deep turn that you need to take. Because during such turns and when you apply brakes with force, it is quite likely that a bike skid will occur.

Though skidding is a natural thing that occurs with most two-wheelers even if you are riding the vehicle at the minimum speed. If you can’t control your bike while riding, there is a good chance that your bike might skid.

In this blog, we are discussing reasons why a bike might skid and also offer tips on controlling your two-wheeler in nerve-racking situations.

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4 Common Causes for Bike Skidding on Road

As such the roads in India are mostly uneven and bumpy with many potholes in them, which might cause bike skid accidents.  Moreover, with the rising number of two-wheelers, there has been a lot of traffic on the roads all the time which led to accidents. Below are some of the bike skidding reasons that might cause your two wheeler to skid:

  1. Taking a sudden turn or changing your direction suddenly  – Yes, if you change your direction suddenly while riding your bike, it is likely that your bike might skid. While riding a bike, the rider might require to take sudden turns to avoid collision or something, which obviously enhances the possibility of skidding on bike.
  2. Using Brakes Unnecessary – In India the traffic rules are not followed properly by most people, which causes hassles in driving. For instance, you might keep riding your bike in the right direction properly but suddenly a bike or a pedestrian from the opposite direction might cause you to use brakes. And during such situations, when you use the brake too hard it may result in tires of the bike getting locked, which might cause skidding.
  3. Leaning your bike too much – While riding your bike, if you have to take a turn and if you lean your vehicle towards one side, there is a possibility that your bike might get tilted to a certain extent, which might lead to skidding of your bike. This is because if the rider leans more towards one side of the bike to take the turn, he/she might lose balance and the bike might skid.
  4. If the roads are wet  – Skidding is also likely if the road where you are riding your bike is wet. And due to rain and many other reasons, most Indian roads remain wet most of the time. Thus it enhances the chances of your bike getting skidded if you ride on a wet road and have to apply brakes.

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3 Simple Tips to Control Bike from Skidding

If while riding a bike, the rider experiences skidding, he/she is most likely to get scared. And it will also put the rider in an anxious situation and during such situations controlling your bike becomes hard. Thus, sometimes the rider starts panicking. So, what to do during such situations?

Below are some tips that can help a rider to gain control on his/her bike if it skids:

First and foremost, Do Not Panic

  1. Shift Weight –  the weight of the rider is the main factor that affects the tilt of a vehicle. Normally the two-wheeler owner controls the tilt of the vehicle by using his/her weight. So, if you put greater weight on your bike’s rear wheel, it balances your bike and reduces your skid.
  2. Do Not Use Clutch  –  Downshift the gear and try to avoid using the clutch as much as possible.  Though engine brakes are used to lower the speed of the vehicle, not using the clutch is better as it might prevent skidding.
  3. Do not take sharp turns while the roads are wet  – While taking a sharp turn, the rider is required to tilt to a degree. This tilt causes skidding in many cases, especially if you are riding on a wet road. This is because you tend to lose grip in such a case. So, avoid sharp turns as much as possible while riding on a wet road.

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To Conclude

Though it looks not that dangerous but skidding is most likely to cause a very serious situation when on a bike. The bike skid accident can be dangerous at times and might cause harm of different levels.  And if your bike gets damaged in such a skidding case, it becomes extremely expensive to repair.

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Thus, having comprehensive bike insurance is important so that the cost incurred in the repairs of your bike can be compensated. Further, it is important to ride your bike safely to allow maximum control of the speed level.

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May 17, 2022
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