Significance of Cubic Capacity (CC) in Motorcycles and Bikes


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Ram wanted to buy a new bike for his office commute. But, unfortunately, he did not know much about bikes and thus sought advice from his friends and family. This definitely helped him acquire more knowledge about motorcycles and he learned many new things as well. Most importantly, he learned that the cubic capacity (CC) of the bike is the most important feature needed when buying a new motorcycle or selecting a new vehicle with the right engine power to best suit his need.

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Understanding more about CC in motorcycles 

CC refers to the Cubic Capacity of a motorcycle which plays an essential role in enhancing the performance levels and power, it is usually measured in cubic centimetres and is an integral part of the engine. The primary function of CC is to ascertain the amount of power a rider can experience in contrast with the fuel consumption. When a motorcycle has a higher CC value, that means a big cylinder, then it will digest more air and fuel. That will result in more power and torque. Having a high CC also leads to burning of more fuel per stroke and increases the power output of an engine to a large extent but will give lower mileage per litre of fuel.

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How engine capacity affects CC’s performance?

The engine capacity of a bike provides ways to calculate various outputs such as torque, power, and mileage. A bike will have more space inside the cylinder if the engine is in a high position. Apart from that, the volume of air inside and fuel is always in proportionality. If the fuel burning inside the cylinder increases, then it will increase the power output. In other words, the power production is proportional to the engine capacity and fuel consumption. A bike owner should keep in mind that the increase in fuel consumption will reduce the mileage of a vehicle.

What is the relation between CC and mechanical power generated in bikes?

Before buying a bike, one should understand what is CC in the engine from trusted sources that will help make the right decision. Bikes usually come with two types of cylinders. They include short-strokes and long-strokes. A short-stroke engine comes with a broad diameter piston that will move at high speeds. Therefore, it makes more power at a higher speed and has to move a shorter distance. At the same time, a long-stroke engine is available with a narrow diameter piston. Therefore, it produces higher torque than the power and moves at a large distance.

The fuel inside the cylinder will produce heat energy and provides ways to push the piston in the engine. This, in turn, converts the pressure and creates physical strength. Besides that, the linear motion is also converted to rotational motion by the crankshaft, which again passes through the clutch and gearbox. The movements of a bike works in this way and is mainly dependent on the cylinder shape and capacity.

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How to choose the right CC while buying a bike?

While buying a bike, a person should consider the engine CC properly, which will help get high mileage during a ride. Bikes which have capacities within 100 CC offer the best mileage allowing users to save money on fuel costs. Similarly, bike engines that have capacities from 110 CC to 150 CC hold good mileage figure. Also, bike engines with 150 CC to 200 CC provide moderate mileage to users. It is well-known that bikes with engine capacities from 200 CC to 500 CC will provide a low amount of energy. Two-wheelers that have engine capacities above 500 CC deliver the least mileage that, will increase the fuel costs.

Anyone who wants to buy a new bike should give more importance to engine capacity and CC. While the engine capacity saves fuel costs, CC allows a person to figure out the mileage of a vehicle as well as the purpose.

How does engine CC affect the insurance premiums?

Several factors will influence two-wheeler insurance premiums, and one should evaluate them with more attention. This, in turn, allows buyers to select a plan which suits their requirements well. It is essential to know what CC means before buying a two-wheeler insurance plan. The CC will have a direct impact on the insurance premium prices. Therefore, two-wheelers that have high CC have to pay high premiums while buying a bike insurance plan.

An insurance company mainly offers two types of two-wheeler plans for customers in the markets, and they can choose the right one based on their need. The first one is a comprehensive plan which offers extensive coverage for all types of unforeseen events. It even covers third-party insurance for policyholders to get maximum protection from damage or loss. On the other hand, third-party insurance will offer coverage only for damages towards third-party. Moreover, third-party insurance provides limited coverage and covers only personal accidents. Therefore, the premiums are less expensive when compared to a comprehensive plan.

The cubic capacity of a motor vehicle also has an impact on its power and mileage. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the power and capabilities of a two-wheeler before buying. The costs of high CC bikes are expensive that will affect the premium rates. As a result, one should pay high prices for high premiums for bikes that come with high CC. Therefore, the cost of a motorcycle and model will influence the costs of insurance plans significantly.

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The bottom line 

Buying a new bike involves various factors, including CC, and one should evaluate what does CC stands for the engine in detail. This will help select a bike that is affordable and economical to ride. PayBima allows customers to get the right type of information about bike insurance from different providers ensuring that you buy an insurance plan at the best price with the best features possible. A person should also evaluate the best bikes which offer the best mileage in the markets.

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