5 Fastest Bike in India 2023 – Top Five Fastest Speed Bikes in India You Can Buy this Year


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Updated on Mar 16, 2023

Before you try to buy the fastest bike in India 2023 it is imperative that you do proper research on the top five fastest bikes in India you can buy in 2023 – and a lot of it – on the different important factors in this regard such as bike models, mileage, and engine capacity.

Motorcycles have been a popular way of transport in India for ages now. They help you go about the town with ease – you do not get stuck in traffic quite easily when you use a bike to do your traveling. As we have said already, it is vital to do a lot of research on the various parameters of the bikes before you choose one of them as such.

It is important to select a vehicle that would match your needs. Here we would talk about the best options you have in terms of top speed bikeso that you can have a proper list to choose from. This way, you would also get what you want in terms of a bike like one that offers you the best mileage.

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List of Top Speed Fastest Bikes in India 2023

Bike Name Engine Capacity Top Speed 
Ninja H2 Kawasaki 998 cc 400 (km/h)
BMW S 1000 RR 999 cc 303 (km/h)
Panigale V4 Ducati 998 cc 299 (km/h)
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 cc 299 (km/h)
RSV4 RF Aprilia 999.6 cc 286 (km/h)

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Top 5 Fastest Bikes in India in 2023

1. Ninja H2 Kawasaki

Ninja H2 Kawasaki - fastest bike in india
Ninja H2 Kawasaki: Top Speed~ 400 (km/h)

When you think of fast bike India this is one name that comes to mind first. The motorbike powerhouse from Japan created this beast by using the motorcycle leveling process referred to as WSBK.

Its global mechanics are updated and this includes the likes of quick shifters, sport-traction control system, launch control, and improved aerodynamics. You also get 197 horsepower torque from a 998 cc (cubic capacity) four-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. The bike can reach a top speed of 100 km/h (kilometer per hour) in just three seconds.

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2. BMW S 1000 RR

S 1000 RR from BMW
BMW S 1000 RR: Top Speed~ 303 (km/h)

It is regarded as not only the fastest road bike in India but around the world. It has plenty of fans all over the world. Its appearance is really scary much like the other BMW bike that we have spoken about over here. It has a four-cylinder inline motor to go with a six-speed gearbox. This is the reason why it has such tremendous horsepower – 193 BHP – and torque – 112 Nm. It can generate the highest power of 1350-13500 rpm. It also takes the bike just 20 seconds to hit its top speed.

The BMW S 1000 RR has a design that is sure to intimidate you. This is also one reason why bikers around the world prefer it to such an extent. It has an inline four-cylinder motor as well as a six-speed gearbox.

No wonder it is such a revered high speed bike. It offers you 112 Nm (Newton meter) and a torque of 193 BHP (brake horsepower). These are mind-blowing numbers that we are talking about over here. It gives you the maximum power at 13500 rpm (revolutions/rotations per minute). The bike can accelerate to 303 km/h in under 20 seconds.

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3. Panigale V4 Ducati

Panigale V4 Ducati
Panigale V4 Ducati: Top Speed~ 299 (km/h)

Panigale V4 Ducati can be considered the conclusion of the grand design that you normally expect from bike designers in Italy. This is why if you are looking for a top speed bike in India this is something that you should be looking at.

A distinguishing factor of the bike is its V4 engine which has been adopted from the bikes used in Moto GP (Grand Prix). Its Desmosedici Stradale 90-degree engine is capable of delivering a torque of 124 Nm and 210 BHP. It also has Showa suspension system handles that can be adjusted. These are located at the front. You have a Sach unit to take care of the rear. No wonder, experts regard it as the high speed bike in India that you should have.

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4. Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa 
Suzuki Hayabusa: Top Speed~ 299 (km/h)

This is one bike that really needs no introduction as far as the Indians are concerned. It was shown for the first time in the Bollywood film named Dhoom, and ever since it has only gained in popularity across the country. The bike is as wicked as it gets and it has a reputation that it lives up to as well. This is why when you think of the fastest bikein India this is what you normally think of. It comes with three riding modes that can be used in various situations as well as quick reactions that it happens to be known for.

It has an explosive horsepower of 197 BHP and when it gets on the road it can generate a torque of 155 Nm.

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5. RSV4 RF Aprilia 

RSV4 RF Aprilia 
RSV4 RF Aprilia: Top Speed~ 286 (km/h)

Many in India consider this special-edition superbike to be the fastest bike in the country. It comes with an RXF 34 fork. It was created especially for people who were looking for high-performance bikes that did not weigh much. The V4 engine of the bike is liquid-cooled and is capable of producing a horsepower of 198 BHP. When you accelerate the bike it can produce a torque of 11 Nm.

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The importance of bike insurance for these bikes 

Having a high-performance motorcycle can provide you with a lot of thrills but it is also important to get the right kind of insurance for them. This is because with these bikes there is always a high chance of collisions and other such traffic accidents. Your bike may have the latest features as well as measures to stop accidents from happening. Still, bad things do happen to such bikes and without two wheeler insurance, it could be hard for you to cover the cost of repairs in these cases. It is common knowledge that repairing the bikes that we have talked about above would cost you a lot of money.

This is because of how costly these bikes already are. The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory – on behalf of the national government – for everyone with a vehicle in the country to have motor insurance for them. When you insure your bike you stay protected from the significant sums of money that you would have to spend on such a bike if it were involved in an accident or if something bad happened to your fastest bike. This way, you can save quite a lot of money in this regard.

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FAQs: Fastest Bike in India 2023

Which is the fastest bike in India?

Ninja H2 Kawasaki is the fastest bike in India with a top speed of 400 km/h.

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