How Can You Maintain Your Two-Wheeler’s (Scooty/Bike/Motorcycle) Tyre Pressure?


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Maintaining bike tyre air pressure is required for a safe and effortless ride. And maintaining the right air pressure is easier than it looks! Here is the handy two wheeler tyre pressure chart that will help you immensely.

Maintaining Bike Tyre Air Pressure – Starting off

We often hear so many questions from people regarding the right tubeless tyre air pressure for bikes or even the suitable Scooty tyre air pressure for instance. At the same time, they also ask about scooter tyre pressure figures.

The best way is to always get a two wheeler tyre air pressure chart if possible. This will answer all your queries and help you stay committed to maintaining the right air pressure. Tyres are the only two-wheeler parts which come in direct contact with the open roads while riding. Hence, they should always be in good condition while having proper pressure in order to perform well. You should ideally check your air pressure levels at least once each month. Insufficient pressure will lead to risks of faster wear and tear while scaling up your costs in replacement/maintenance.

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Recommended Two-Wheeler Tyre Pressure Chart With Tyre Sizes

For two-wheelers (Scooty/Bike/Motorcycle/) the recommended tyre pressure for the front, rear, and pillion as per the tube type, is given in the table below for your reference:

Tyre Size Tubeless (TL) / Tube Type (TT) Tyre Pressure – Front (F) And Rear (R) Solo Tyre Pressure – Front (F) And Rear (R) Pillion
90/100 R10 (F) and (R) Tube Type (TT) 20 PSI (F) & 26 PSI (R) 20 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)
90/100 10 (F) and (R) Tubeless (TL) 22 PSI (F) & 29 PSI (R) 22 PSI (F) & 36 PSI (R)
120/70 14 (F) and (R) Tubeless (TL) 29 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R) 29 PSI (F) & 34 PSI (R)
90/90 12 (F) and (R) Tubeless (TL) 24 PSI (F) & 28 PSI (R) 24 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)
110/70 11 (F) and 120/70 10 (R) Tubeless (TL) 20 PSI (F) & 26 PSI (R) 20 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

*This Table is just for reference purpose, please cross-check the recommended tyre pressure (PSI) for your Bike, Motorcycle, Scooter and Scooty tyre pressure

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How to Maintain Two-wheelers (Scooty/Bike/Motorcycle) Tyre Air Pressure

There are several ways to maintain two wheeler air pressure in bike tubeless tyres and even otherwise. These include the following:

  • Check the tyre positions carefully – At the outset, track whether the bike tyres are suitably placed and whether they have any punctures or not. These mostly happen due to smaller and sharper things such as glass, leading to air pressure blowing out of the tyre in question. The tyre should be shifted both backwards and forwards for extensive surface inspection.
  • Check the tyre pressure with care – Air pressure in any two-wheeler is a crucial aspect of working out overall vehicle handling and riding comfort. If the tyres are not inflated suitably, then they may wear out swiftly as well. Hence, you should always keep checking air pressure frequently for the tyres. The best time is before riding since they remain cooler then.
  • Keep adjusting pressure as necessary – You should keep inflating your bike tyres with what we know as compressed air, once you are done with checking them, till they touch the recommended level. If there is any over-inflation, then you can deflate the tyres by releasing some air. After riding the bike for some time, check again and if air pressure has gone up by approximately 10%, then the tyres of the bike are already working more than they normally do.
    Always inspect the tread in your tyres . It is crucial for combating any sliding movements of two-wheelers on wet thoroughfares. If tread comes down by a quarter or an inch, then you should consider a replacement.
  • Keep some handy tips in mind – Ideally check your tyre pressure two times every week. A steady fall in tyre pressure may indicate a puncture. If you have looked and cannot find the same, take your two-wheeler to the garage or service outlet. The seal between the wheel and bead may have come loose in this case or it may be a valve crack as well. Since the load is more on the rear portion of the vehicle, optimum pressure figures may be lower for the front tyres in comparison to their rear counterparts.

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Do not forget this aspect while tracking tyre pressure. Also increase the pressure by roughly 5 psi if you are checking the tyres when they are already hot. The overall condition should be carefully examined regularly even when you are filling up the tyres with nitrogen. You may get them checked at your nearest petrol pump if available. Always let the tyres cool down for a bit before deflating them. Do not inflate till the maximum pressure point, as indicated on the tyre sidewall.

Purchasing a two-wheeler means putting in the extra time and effort required to maintain it impeccably. Ensure that you take good care of your tyres which are pivotal and indispensable components of the two-wheeler to say the least. Make sure that you check tyre pressure regularly and always venture to the service station if there is anything that seems wrong. After all, the right air pressure will ensure good and smooth performance of the two-wheeler.

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