How to Check Bike / Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Status Online and Offline in India?


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Recently, India became the country with the biggest motorcycle market in the world. In 2018, there was a record sale of 2.24 crore motorbikes. This increase in the sale of two-wheelers has also brought a surge in the demand for insurance policies. Thanks to digitization in the insurance sector, the insurance procedure has been made so much easier and quicker. In a matter of a few clicks, you can buy, renew and check bike insurance. If you are wanting to know how to check bike insurance status online, read on.

What are the advantages of checking the status of your bike insurance online?

Keeping track of the status of your two-wheeler insurance online is necessary to ensure that your vehicle stays covered all the time. Moreover, the process is simple and hassle-free. Here are some advantages of checking the insurance status of bikes online:

Evade sudden unexpected expenses – If your bike undergoes any sudden damages when your policy has expired until you renew it, you will have to pay for the expenses from your pocket. Checking the status of your bike insurance policy status online can support you in avoiding these expenses from pocket.

Renew your policy on time – Keeping track of your two-wheeler insurance policy online also helps you renew the policy on time and avoid paying fines or the hassle of renewing a policy that has lapsed. By tracking the renewal date of your policy, you can avoid incurring expenses of bike damage.

Easy, time-saving process – Another benefit of online checking of two-wheeler insurance policy is that it is an easy and hassle-free process, which can be done in no time. There is no hassle of waiting in queues to renew your policy if you do it online.

Mental peace – Further, the peace of mind that you can avail of by keeping track of your bike insurance policy online is another important benefit that cannot be missed.

Can bike insurance validity be checked online?

When you buy a new bike, you must register it at the local RTO and get a unique number called the bike registration number (RC).  This RC number also serves as the number plate of your bike. Every bike gets this unique RC number, which is used in the front and back of your vehicle.

At the time of procuring your bike insurance policy, you must give this number to the insurer who in turn links it to the insurance policy of your bike. This confirms that your bike is insured by the insurer.

The registration (RC) number can be later used to know the details of your insurance plan online. By submitting this bike RC number, you can check the essential details of your insurance policy.

4 Easy Ways to Check Bike Insurance Status Online in India

1. Checking Bike Insurance Policy Status via Insurance Provider

It is quite easy to have a quick and authentic insight into your bike’s insurance status via the online website of the insurance company. Log in to their official website and look for the section “How can I check my bike insurance status?”.
After typing your vehicle’s registration number there, you can easily know the status as well as the expiry date of its insurance.

In case the website is not reachable or you are not able to access it, you can also call the customer care number and ask them about the insurance status of your bike. Whichever method suits you the best, go for it and get the answer to how to check bike insurance expiry date online!

2. Checking Bike Insurance Policy Status Via Insurance Information Bureau (IIB)

IIB, also known as Insurance Information Bureau, is an online platform that was introduced in the country in 2009. It is solely built to ease the task of the insurance sector in the country. IRDAI, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India launched the portal. This website maintains complete transparency with the policyholder so that one can get the exact idea about your vehicle’s insurance. So, if you keep wondering “how to check the insurance status of the bike”, this is one of the safest options. It includes a few easy steps –

  • Log in to the website of IIB
  • Go to the home page and click on the “Quick Links”. The tab opens several options out of which you need to click on the V-Seva.
  • You will be directed to a new page- Accident Vehicle Information Retrieval System.
  • This page will ask for several details like the owner’s name, address, registration number of the two-wheeler, e-mail ID, etc. Carefully read all the guidelines and fill the form.
  • Click on the submit button and your quest of “how to check bike insurance policy status” is accomplished and you would now be all aware of the insurance status of your beloved bike.

3. Checking Bike Insurance Policy Status Via VAHAN e-Services 

If you are looking to find out how to check vehicle insurance online, VAHAN e-service is a great platform. It is controlled by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India. You just need to follow these simple steps to get your answers-

  • Visit the online website of the VAHAN e-services.
  • Click on “Know your vehicle details”.
  • Here you need to enter certain information like your bike’s registration number and verification code.
  • Now click on “search vehicle”. It will direct you to a new page.
  • Here, all the information regarding your bike will be shown and you can go through it.

4. Checking Bike Insurance Policy Status Offline Via RTO 

Not just online, you can also check the insurance status of your two-wheeler via offline methods. Sometimes when the online method doesn’t work due to some technical issues, you can still get the answer to your question- how to check vehicle insurance validity via RTO, Regional Transport Office.

As this is an offline method, you need to visit the RT office to get the information. There you can meet the assigned officer and give them the details of your bike including its registration number. The officer will provide you with all the information regarding the insurance status of your bike. You can have a copy of this information and carry it along with you.

5. Check the bike insurance status through the official website of your insurance company.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official portal of your insurer
  • On the homepage, search for the ‘Services’ section
  • Under the ‘services’ option, click on the tab of ‘policy status/details’
  • Next, enter the policy number of your bike or the RC number of your vehicle to get the required information on the policy status

How can I check the bike insurance expiry date offline?

If you are not willing to check your bike insurance policy status online or if there is a technical glitch, you may avail of the offline method of checking bike insurance details in the following ways:

  • You may visit your nearest RTO and get the required information
  • You may call the customer services of your insurance company to seek assistance for the same
  • You may also visit the branch of your insurer to get the details
  • Further, you may check the copy of your insurance policy as it contains all the details of your plan including the expiry date

How to procure the bike insurance details online?

Ever since digitization took over and everything became online, procuring details of your bike insurance policy has become very smooth. To keep abreast with the changing technology, almost all insurance companies started offering insurance plans online. The government of India also offers many platforms where policyholders can find bike insurance policy details online:

  • Through IIB or Insurance Information Bureau
  • Through the Vahan e-services portal
  • Through the official portal of insurance providers
  • Through insurance brokers like

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All these methods involve the use of the vehicle’s registration number for getting the insurance details. It is easy because, at the time of purchasing the policy, the company automatically links the insurance details with your bike’s registration number.

So, now that you are well aware of both online and offline methods of finding out your two-wheeler’s insurance status, do not run here and there anymore. Select the best possible method for yourself and know the details of your bike at your convenience. How to check bike insurance validity is a very important question and you must not delay being always aware of it.

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FAQs: How to Check Bike Insurance Policy Status in India?

How to check my bike insurance status online if I don’t remember my RC number?

You may use your engine or chassis number to check your bike insurance details online if you don’t remember or lose your RC number. Or, you may try to retrieve the RC number by getting in touch with the concerned RTO to check policy details.

What are the various ways to check the two-wheeler insurance status online?

You can check it through IIB, Vahan e-services, the insurance company’s portal, etc.

What is the RC of a two-wheeler?

RC or registration number of a two-wheeler is a code unique to each bike that is assigned by your RTO.

Is the service of checking vehicle details online applicable across India?

Yes, you can check the vehicle details online all across Indian states and UTs.

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