How to Find the VIN, Chassis Number and Engine Number Of Two Wheeler?


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Do You Know how to find the VIN, Chassis Number and Engine Number of Two Wheeler or Bike? If NO – You are at the right place

As far as bikes are concerned, a lot of people are under the impression that the registration number is the most important aspect of the vehicle. They do not accord the same importance to their bike chassis number, engine number and vehicle identification number. The thing is that even most of the bike owners out there do not know these numbers when it comes to their two-wheelers as they think that their number plate is the most significant factor in this context. This is what makes their bikes different from the others but that is totally wrong. Apart from these, insurance is another important element. And to make sure you have active insurance at all times it will be easier if you know how to check bike insurance expiry date online.

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You should know and understand the fact that if your bike is stolen the thieves could easily change the number plate of your bike. This is where you have these numbers that are assigned to parts of the same such as the chassis and the engine. It is these numbers that provide your bike with its unique identity. Apart from these, the VIN is important as well since it includes information such as registration details and year of manufacture, to name a few. Since these numbers play such an important role with regards to your bike you must know more about them.

What is Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

The term VIN stands for vehicle identification number. This is a unique code that is made up of 17 characters. They incorporate the letters and numbers that are used to identify a vehicle. This is applicable for both commercial and private vehicles. This number provides you with several details about your bike such as the following:

  • The place where it was produced
  • Description of vehicle
  • Identification of vehicle
  • The year when it was made
  • Location of RTO (Regional Transport Office)
  • Two wheeler insurance

What are the different components of VIN?

We have already said that there are 17 characters in a VIN. The three components of VIN are WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier), VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section), and VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section). These are the three parts in which the serial code of a VIN is classified. The WMI code takes up the first three characters, followed by VDS that takes up from the fourth to the ninth character. It is rounded up by VIS that takes up from the 10th to the 17th characters.

WMI denotes the company that made the bike as well as the country where it was made. VDS details the characteristics of a bike. This includes the likes of the body type of the vehicle and its model, to name a few.

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How to find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

You would normally find the VIN at the steering neck of your bike. However, in some cases, you would find it close to the vehicle’s motor as well.

What is the Chassis Number of a bike?

The chassis number of your bike is included in its VIN as well. The last six numbers of the VIN are the chassis number of your bike. In fact, both these numbers are often used interchangeably. This means that if you can see the VIN on your vehicle you get the chassis number as well.

How to Get Chassis Number of Bike Online?

Apart from your two-wheeler, you would also find the bike chassis number in the owner’s manual as well as the Registration Certificate of your bike. Apart from that, you have also entities such as banks and bike insurers that have the authority to check this chassis number bike details online on the official VAHAN website, a website of the Indian government.

How to Check Chassis Number of Your Bike Manually?

You can check the bike’s handlebars or engine where you can find the two wheeler chassis number. You can ask a mechanic for assistance if locating your chassis number in bike is proving to be tough. The Owner’s Manual and Registration Certificate frequently refer to the bike’s Chassis Number.

What is the Engine Number?

We can assume that you already know that the engine number of your bike is located on the engine of the vehicle in question. This number is also used to identify the bike. However, it is not the same as the VIN.

How to Check Bike Engine Number Online?

It is pretty easy to find the engine number of your bike as it is inscribed on your bike’s engine. Apart from that, you would find it in the owner’s manual and registration certificate of your bike. You can also do a bike engine number check online just like the chassis number at VAHAN website. However, you have to be an authorized user to be able to do this.

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Where are these numbers used?

There are several situations where knowing how to look for these details can prove to be so useful. For example, the VIN is like the bike’s fingerprint. It is a unique number. This is the reason why it is used for purposes of identification. So, when you buy a second-hand bike if you check its VIN you would be able to know about the past of the vehicle and make the right decision in this case.


If you are serious about keeping your bike protected, motor insurance validity check is something that you can never ignore. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that these numbers are extremely important in the context of such a vehicle. At times, you may get confused when you are trying to find them on a bike. However, we are confident that the information that we have shared with you so far would be helpful to you in this regard. For people who use bikes, these two wheelers are an important purchase and so we should insure them to make sure that they are in the best condition.

Mar 01, 2022
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