How to Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency from Your Bike?


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You may have the best mileage bike but even then you need to know how you can get maximum fuel efficiency from your bike.

There are a few things that you need to do so that you can get the best mileage from your two-wheeler.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself in this context is whether you are getting the best mileage from your bike or not. When you bought the bike you must have done so to procure an economical way of commuting daily. However, when you realize that it is not providing you with the mileage that you expected in this case it is not a great feeling at all. Now it is important to know how to increase the mileage of a bike.

You should know that the mileage that you get from a bike depends on several factors.

These are the condition of the surface on which you are driving, and the traffic conditions. However, the most important factor in this context is you – the one who is riding the vehicle.

One of the most practical steps that you can take in this regard is to use the best average bike in India. It is true that when you are driving you cannot control all the factors. However, you can always bring about changes in the way you are riding. It is also important in this case to insure your bike as it gives you peace of mind. It also reduces your financial burden in these cases by a significant margin. Here we would talk about a few simple steps with which you can get the maximum mileage from your bike.

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Tips to Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency from Your Two-Wheeler

Below are some tips and good habits to follow, by which one can easily save the fuel and increase the Fuel Efficiency of their Bike.

1. Driving your bike steadily 

It is very important to be driving your vehicle at a steady speed – it must be constantly controlled – so that you can get the maximum mileage from the vehicle. If you ride your vehicle rashly and accelerate its speed all of a sudden you would also have to break it just as hard so that you can halt the vehicle. This would lead to bad mileage as your bike would eat up a lot of fuel when you accelerate it that hard.

Even if you have bought the best average bike you need to make sure you are driving it in the range of 40-55 kph (kilometer per hour). Just try to coast with the vehicle and do not brake if you do not need to. This way, your bike would provide you with higher mileage for a longer time as well. It is also important to insure your bike in these cases.

2. Switch off the bike when it is idle 

If you are waiting at a place for a long time such as at a train crossing or a long signal it is better that you turn off the engine. It is common knowledge that when a bike is idle it consumes less fuel than it would do to start up. However, this applies only when the bike has been in such a state for less than a minute. If you have to stop for a longer duration it is better to switch off the engine so that you can save fuel. Having the best average bike in India would be helpful in this case as well.

3. Maintaining the recommended air pressure 

Do you truly want to know how to get maximum fuel efficiency from your bike? Then this is something that you must keep in mind as well. Check the air pressure in your motorcycle’s tyres on a regular basis. You need to do this as frequently as is permissible for you. You must also ensure that it is at the manufacturer’s recommended level. This would help you derive the best fuel economy that the bike is capable of giving you. If the tire pressure is lower than the recommended level it would create rolling resistance.

This happens because with a lower pressure a greater surface of the tire comes in contact with the surface on which you are driving. You may have the best mileage bike but even that may not be too helpful in this particular context. On the other hand, if the tire’s pressure is higher it would increase the mileage of your bike. This is because in such a case a lesser amount of it would come into contact with the surface on which you are driving. This would decrease traction.

4. Shifting to the highest gear

Even when you are riding the best average bike this is something that you must do as soon as you can. This reduces the speed at which the engine is operating while making sure that the speed at which you are driving on the road does not go down. This helps significantly as far as improving the mileage of your bike is concerned.

5. Using high-quality fuel 

Do you want to know a good answer to the question – how to maximum fuel efficiency from your bike ? Then you must keep this particular point in mind. Always make sure that you are using good fuel when you fill up the tank of your bike at the petrol pump. This is why you need to select a pump that is known to offer such products. Always try to get that same fuel every time you fill up the tank of your bike. Using such fuel would offer you much better fuel economy than would have been otherwise possible.

It would keep the engine in a proper condition as well. Also, always try to fill up the fuel as early as you can during the morning. That way, you would get denser fuel compared to what you would get in the afternoon. This normally happens because of the high rate of evaporation at that time of the day. So, we can now assume that you know how to increase the mileage of a bike.

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It is never too hard to achieve great fuel economy from your two-wheeler as you can see from above.

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