How to Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Online in India?


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Satya has a bike, and the insurance is getting due for the renewal process. Since he is very busy, he doesn’t have time to visit an insurance office. He came to know about the online renewal process and followed the instructions correctly, which helped him save time and effort.

Insurance is necessary for those who have two-wheelers not only because it a legal obligation but also because it helps to get financial protection against damage, accident, theft, natural calamities, etc. However, it is wise to choose the right type of insurance that caters to a person’s needs. One should always compare the policies online to get a more inclusive two-wheeler insurance plan at best prices.

What are the benefits of two-wheeler insurance?

1. No-claim bonus: 

Insurance companies offer a no-claim bonus feature for policyholders when they don’t claim amounts within a policy year. A policyholder can earn this bonus for every claim-free year, which gets accumulated over time.

2. Quick claims settlement:

Having two-wheeler insurance provides ways to ensure quick settlements and an efficient claim process helping us save on time.

3. Add-on covers: 

Two-wheeler insurance policies come with add-on covers, thereby showing methods to get more protection. Some of them include personal accident cover, third-party legal liability, loss or damage due to man-made calamities, etc.

4. Peace of mind: 

Having two-wheeler insurance allows a person to ensure peace of mind from lawsuits and high legal expenses. It even helps to get compensation for the injuries caused by accidents and other mishaps on the roads.

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Reasons to buy two-wheeler insurance online

Below are some key advantages of buying bike insurance plan online:

  • Buying two-wheeler insurance online allows a person to choose a plan at lower prices, thereby helping to reduce expenses.
  • No need to pay any additional charges
  • Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online doesn’t require any documentation or inspection.
  • Easy renewal of an expired policy
  • An excellent customer support team that helps customers to know more about the plans and other things in detail
  • Allows policyholders to compare quotes, thereby showing methods to select a plan depending on their needs.
  • Enables policyholders to focus more on their objectives in insurance coverage

Steps to renew two-wheeler insurance online after the expiry date

While buying a two-wheeler insurance plan, one should know about the types available in the market before investing money. Insurance companies offer two types of plans for two-wheelers allowing a person to select the best one accordingly. The options are third-party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to get the details of two-wheeler insurance plans offered by insurance firms in detail before proceeding.

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Why should two-wheeler owners renew their insurance plans online?

Here we have tried to explain how to renew two-wheeler insurance online correctly. Customers can lower expenses when they renew an insurance policy as there are many competitors in the market offering plans at very competitive rates. Also when you choose to do an online renewal you can choose to do it instantaneously without putting an effort to visit the insurance provider’s office. So you do not procrastinate and avoid fines and penalties by getting the renewal done in time.

Step 1: A policyholder should visit the official website of an insurance company when he/she wants to renew his/her policy. Anyone who is not able to find the website can use a common platform that approves insurance payments.

Step 2: Policyholders should enter their vehicle details in the renewal form. Make sure that you enter the information correctly.

Step 3: After entering the details, a policyholder can check the free insurance quotes that will help choose the right one among. In addition, guidelines on how to pay bike insurance online are available for policyholders after comparing the quotes.

Step 4: In the fourth step, policyholders should fill their details under the ”owner details” section. This in turn will display the information of vehicles immediately.

Step 5: A vehicle owner should enter his/her previous policy details to make a payment online for another term.

Step 6: A policyholder can also choose to buy add-on riders that will help get advanced protection from potential risks.

Step 7: After filling in all the details, review the details for accuracy before proceeding with the online payment.

Factors that can Affect Bike Insurance Renewal Online

1. Convenience:

One of the main advantages of renewing two-wheeler insurance online is that it provides more convenience to users. In addition, since everything is available for the customers, it becomes easy to renew a policy in a quick turnaround time.

2. Secure:

A two-wheeler owner should know how to renew bike insurance online from various sources that make the procedure simpler. Online renewal is safe, allowing a person to make payment through a secure payment gateway.

3. Easy transfer of policy and no-claim bonus:

During the online renewal process, policyholders can also transfer their policy from an existing company to another company. The buyer can also get the benefit of the ‘no-claim bonus’ at the time of renewal in the form of discount on premium amount. The procedure of insurance renewal is very easy to understand and there is customer support to help in case of any query or complications.

Factors that can Affect Bike Insurance Renewal Online

Policyholders should know the factors that can affect their bike insurance renewal online in detail. Some of them include a no-claim bonus, a two-wheeler insurance claim, and transfer of bike ownership. It is essential to know how to renew bike insurance online after expiry in detail. Having the correct type of two-wheeler insurance allows a policyholder to safeguard his/her bike from potential risks. Also, it enables him/her to minimize losses caused by accidents, theft, natural calamities, and so on.

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The bottom line 

Renewing two-wheeler insurance online is gaining popularity because of the ease of process. It is however crucial to follow the guidelines while doing a bike insurance renewal. You can always get expert advice from PayBima for smooth and seamless insurance buying experience.

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