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Passion for bikes is not something unusual. There are many people who are passionate about their two-wheelers and are ready to spend any amount of money to keep their bikes in the most perfect condition. Such bikers also love to fix any minor issues concerning their bikes on their own. In fact, they take pride in dirtying their hands while working on their bikes rather than handing the bike over to a mechanic.

If you too are a passionate biker and love mending the minor issues of your bike, you must have a good two wheeler mechanic tool kit to carry with you all the time. In this blog, we are discussing the various two-wheeler tools for maintenance.

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8 Two-Wheeler Tools for Maintenance

  1. Torque Wrench – It is a tool that is mainly used to apply a certain force to a fastener. You can use this tool to fasten a bolt, nut, or even a screw lag. This tool comes in the shape of a socket wrench and works with some internal methods, which is unique for the tool. This is a costly device and is not used that often. But it is definitely the best device for a bike. With the help of this tool, you can use the exact ‘torque’ to any nut/bolt. This mechanism helps in making the exact turning calculations. It thus keeps a check on you so that you do not over-tight a bolt or even break it.
  2. Axle Tool – Axle tool is a latest innovative device used by bikers to remove the front wheel of their bike. Previously, for a long time, bikers used an Allen key of odd-size for this task, especially for contemporary bikes. But the introduction of this innovative tool makes it easy for bikers to change the front wheel easily now.  This new tool comes in many common sizes that can be used in front axle for the comfort of the bikers.
  3. Impact driver – Impact driver is required for getting any modifications done internally or for getting a check done on the internal parts of a bike. If you use a ratchet in the absence of an impact driver, you might hurt your wrist while removing a sprocket or brake disc from your two-wheeler. Use of impact drivers definitely makes it simple.
  4. Riveter –  People driving bikes that are chain-driven already have the knowledge that they come with numerous chains, and for replacing a chain it requires you to break it.  Once you break the old chain, you can replace it with a new one of the same length. Now, you must also stretch the rivets well on the fresh master link to do the job in a better way. However, to get the entire process done in a smooth way, you must have one device and that is a Riveter. So, having a Riveter is worthy for a biker.
  5. Tap and Die Set –  This is another handy tool set that is required to repair snapped studs or the threads that remain open. Despite how carefully you might ride your bike, you are almost certain to encounter such circumstances where you would require a tap and die set.
  6. Multimeter –  This is another crucial part of your motorcycle mechanic tool list that you must have with you. This tool helps in regulating electrically powered shorts as well as checking the voltage of your battery along with performing many other functions. However, you may not buy a too expensive or a big multimeter, rather can just have a basic one. Just note that the tool should have the required features, such as resistance reader, DC voltage, and continuity.
  7. Socket or Ratchet Set – A socket or ratchet set is one of the basic instrument that you must have in your two wheeler special tools. You can use this set to work upon different mechanical requirements. 3/8 inch is the perfect size for a wrench drive. And for socket, the normal sizes frequently used are 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 and 20 mm for bike repairs. If you need larger ones, you can get a socket between 27mm to 32 mm for axle nuts.
  8. Motorcycle paddock stand – The latest bikes available in the market these days are mostly available with a side stand. The side stand in many ways makes it difficult to carry out different tasks in your bike. For instance, cleaning and lubing the chain becomes difficult with a single stand. Thus, having a paddock stand is essential as it makes the bike rest straight.

All the above mentioned two wheeler tools are the most essential devices that you must have to maintain your bike well.  But despite how well you keep your bike, they are bound to require an extra protection layer in the form of a bike insurance. Insurance allow your bike to have the best protection against damage, loss, theft and so on.

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Moreover, to drive a bike smoothly on the roads you require a basic third-party insurance. But if you want your bike to have an extra layer of safeguarding, you must buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy to cover your bike for the numerous unforeseen situations. These situations can include accidents caused due to your fault or accidents caused due to the fault of a third party. Moreover, unforeseen situations can also include natural disasters like earthquake, flood, theft,  fire, and accidents, which are also included in the bike insurance policies.

Thus, to provide good coverage to your bike, it is better to buy the best insurance policy so that your bike can stays protected and safe from any disaster or mishap.

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Feb 22, 2022
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