Myths About Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance Policy Online vs. Offline


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Updated on Dec 27, 2022

Do you want to know about the myths of online vs. offline buying of a bike insurance policy? Let’s learn about the most common misconceptions pertaining to getting bike insurance coverage. 

There is a great deal of confusion and anxiety among many people about buying a bike insurance policy online. The general thinking is that there is a great deal of problem that one can face with regards to the validity of insurance. If you can’t get a hardcopy of the policy document by procuring the insurance online, you can have issues. Likewise, there are numerous myths and misconceptions prevailing  in terms of getting insurance online, which discourage people from buying online insurance.

In this article, we are throwing light on some such common misconceptions related to buying a bike insurance online vs. offline. Also, you will come to know about the realities and the benefits of procuring an insurance policy online or getting a two-wheeler insurance renewal online.

So, what are the Online vs. Offline bike Insurance Myths

Many of us are scared of online shopping as there are many misconceptions associated with it. Here are some facts to dismiss some ambiguous notions regarding buying an online bike insurance policy. These facts will clear your concepts about online purchasing of insurance policies.

1. Buying a Two-Wheeler Insurance policy Online is difficult

This is a common notion that buying a two-wheeler policy online is difficult. However, the fact is that getting a bike insurance policy online is much easier than buying it offline. All you need to do is to browse through the internet or get the mobile app downloaded. Once you reach the website of the insurer, you can submit the information of your bike as well as the information of your previous policy. Once you provide the required details, you will get the policy issued easily. This way, you can also get your two-wheeler insurance renewal. It is all that simple.

2. Knowing all about the internet is important 

Another common notion that people have is that online buying of policy require you to have in-depth knowledge of the internet and its usage.  But the fact is even if you have basic understanding of how the internet functions, you can purchase two-wheeler insurance online. All you need is a smartphone with an internet facility to initiate the process through a few clicks to get your policy. Further, as compared to the offline mode online purchase requires fewer steps.

3. Online purchase allow less options

This is another false impression that one has about buying bike insurance online. Buying insurance online allows the insured to compare and choose the best policy with additional coverage and varied services. This way, you get the option to choose the best policy from among the different available options. You just need to provide some details about your two-wheeler and you can get insurance options as per your need.  Thus, it is easy to obtain bike insurance online as you get access to a wide choice of plans and their benefits, which allow you to make a good decision.

4. Comparing Policies is Easy 

With online purchase of insurance two-wheeler, you get to compare numerous two-wheeler policies offered by various insurance companies. You can also check their prices, the availability of cashless garages, etc. with your bike insurance policy online.

5. Can get better deals

by buying 2 wheeler insurance policy online, you don’t have a middleman whom you or the insurance company needs to pay. Thus, the insurer can save enough money in case of online policies. That is the reason insurers can offer discounts to their customers or can offer lower premiums as compared to offline policies.

6. It is Convenient

It is very convenient to buy a bike insurance policy or  bike insurance renewal online as it can be acquired within a few minutes. Moreover, you can buy an online insurance while sitting at home comfortably without the need to step out of your house. Further, you don’t need to meet any agent or carry out any time-consuming approach for procuring online insurance as compared to getting bike insurance offline.

7. 24*7 Support 

As customers of insurance policy for bikes, you get 24*7 support of the insurance companies all through the week. In case of online query or any other support like customer care, you can get your query resolved within minutes.

To Conclude

Thus, whether you buy the insurance online or offline, there are advantages in both ways. Depending on your comfort level, you can purchase the insurance. Those who are aware of the internet facility and are familiar with the various aspects of the internet can proceed through online buying of insurance, while those who are not aware of the internet or not comfortable with online purchasing can go through the offline mode. Further, as you know having a policy of two wheeler insurance third party is very important if you want to roam freely on the roads of India.

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So, in case you think you need some support, you can get in touch with the customer support for resolving your query. With online bike insurance, your life is going to be very simple and convenient. Moreover, it is also less expensive as compared to offline purchasing.

Thus, if you are comfortable, consider buying a bike insurance policy online as compared to offline. It is not only simple but beneficial too. The online facility is going to stay forever and it also permits easy comprehensive coverage to cover your two-wheeler at a less-expensive price. This way you can also get to interact with the insurer directly. So, get your bike insurance third party online and enjoy the benefits of insurance cover.

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