No Objection Certificate for Bike – How to Apply for Bike NOC Online?


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NOC or No Objection Certificate is required by a bike owner for different purposes like selling a bike. NOC is issued by either a RTO or a Bank and it confirms that the bike in question has no legal obligations whatsoever.   

A bike owner can apply for an online NOC or No Objection Certificate for bikes from the RTO via the Parivahan Website. And if you want an bike NOC  from the bank, you can go through the particular bank’s website. So, what are the instances when you need a bike NOC and how to take NOC for bike? Let’s find out!

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What is No Objection Certificate (NOC) for bikes from RTO?

A bike owner may require a No Objection Certificate from the RTO in different situations. For instance, if you are transferred to another city by your company and you want to take your bike with you to the new city for your ease of commute, you might require an bike NOC  from the RTO to ensure that you have no dues or loan amount to be paid on your bike. Hence, you have no obligation towards the RTO.

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Importance of No Objection Certificate (NOC)

NOC or No Objection Certificate is important for a bike under certain situations, such as;

  • At the time of selling a bike, you need a bike NOC to cancel bank hypothecation in registration certificate (hypothecation is the process of agreeing to use an asset as security in exchange for a loan)
  • Hence, to cancel and remove the hypothecation, the bike owner needs bike NOC
  • Moreover, as per Motor Vehicle Act of the country, every individual requires an bike NOC in case they want to shift their bike from one state/city to another state/city

How to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) for bikes Online?

An NOC can be availed from an RTO or from a bank. Let’s check how to get a bike NOC online from the RTO.

NOC for Bike from RTO

Below are the steps to apply for RTO NOC certificate for bike online:

  • First visit the Parivahan portal
  • Select your state and the particular RTO
  • Enter your bike RC number and click on the ‘Proceed’ tab
  • Provide your bike chassis number in the next step
  • You will see the application form in a new page
  • Fill the complete form as per requirement
  • Enter the details of your bike insurance
  • Submit the RTO code of the new state RTO
  • Pay the fee that is applicable and keep a printout of the receipt
  • Now, to proceed further with your request, visit the RTO in person and submit the fee receipt and other details to the concerned authority

NOC for Bike from Bank

Availing Bike NOC online from a bank is a simple procedure.

  • Visit the official website of the bank
  • Go to your account and login
  • Download NOC
  • If you find any issue in downloading NOC from the website, you may have to visit the bank branch personally
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Bike NOC Cost and Validity

Just like other things, a bike NOC also comes with a validity period. The bike NOC issued by RTO stays valid for six months. However, the fee of the NOC would depend on the particular RTO. On the other hand, the NOC validity when issued by a bank remains active for a period of 90 days, whereas the fee and other things would depend on the terms and conditions of the bank.

Documents required to get NOC    

Below are the documents a bike owner needs to present for an NOC from RTO:

  • Form 28 with application
  • Bike RC and Insurance paper
  • Proof of road tax being paid till date
  • PUC certificate
  • Bike owner’s sign
  • Engine and chassis number

Below are the documents a bike owner needs to present for an NOC from Bank:

  • Copy of bike RC
  • Documents as per bank’s requirement

Documents required to get NOC

Like in the initial example, if your job transfer order is put into hold due to any reason, you may be in a situation where you might have to cancel your bike NOC. So, what is the procedure to cancel an NOC? Here are the steps to follow to cancel a NOC from RTO:

  • To cancel the NOC from the RTO, you will have to obtain the NUC or Non-Utilization Certificate from the new RTO.
  • Once you get it, you must submit the same to your previous RTO to get done the procedure

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 To Sum Up

No Objection Certificate or NOC is a legal document required in case of transferring your bike from one city to another. Like a bike RC or two-wheeler insurance, the NOC issued by RTO or a specific Bank is also important in case you want to take your two-wheeler from one state to another. This will save you from any legal hassle in future, which might get you fined. So, issue NOC whenever required.

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FAQs: How to Apply No Objection Certificate for Bike Online in India

Do I have to apply for NOC if I am visiting another state for a brief period?

If you are visiting another state for a period of 3 months or less, you will not need an NOC. However, if the stay is more than 3 months, you will have to apply for NOC.

Do I need to apply for NOC if I move within the same state from one city to another?

Yes, you would have to apply for NOC while moving from one state to another since it will change the jurisdiction of the RTO.  

Do I have to produce different documents to obtain NOC for transport vehicles as compared to other vehicles?

The primary papers needed for obtaining NOC for a transport vehicle are the same as other vehicles. But transport vehicles might require some added documents such as:
Tax clearance certificate
Challan clearance certificate 
Vehicle fitness certificate
Permit surrender issued by another state

What happens if the NOC expires? Is NOC renewal possible in India?

No, NOC renewal for bikes is not available in India. The two-wheelers in India have a validity of six-months. Any task pertaining to transfer of vehicle ownership, re-registration of vehicle, etc. must be completed within this six months’ time. 

For what duration does a bike NOC remain valid?

The bike NOC remains valid for six months.

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