Important Documents and Paperwork Required when you Buy a Used Bike in India


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In India, many people buy 2nd hand bikes. As a matter of fact, second-hand bike prices are less costlier than brand new bikes and work fine on the road. However, you need to know that even if you are buying an old bike, it will involve paperwork.

As you purchase a used bike, you need to transfer the ownership from the previous owner to your name. Therefore, you need to have all the relevant documents which include the two wheeler insurance certificate, the original registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle, the PUC certificate, and many more. You need to get these documents from the previous owner and transfer all of them to your name. For getting the Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate (TVRC), all these documents are mandatory. This certificate will work as proof of your legal possession of the bike you bought. In fact, these documents will be required in future too.

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6 Second Hand Bike Purchase Documents

  1. RC (Registration Certificate) book
  2. Two-wheeler insurance certificate
  3. Sales receipt of two wheeler
  4. Transfer deeds
  5. Road tax certificate
  6. PUC certificate
  7. Address proof and passport size photos

Here are the further details of the documents required for second-hand bike purchase

1. RC (Registration Certificate) Book

Also called the registration certificate, this is one of the most important documents that work as proof of the registration of the motorcycle. If you ever want to transfer ownership of the bike, you would need to submit this book to the RTO. Thus, you need to get the RC book from the previous owner while buying the motorcycle. You can check as well as verify the RC Book to ensure that it includes important details such as the name of the seller, chassis number, engine, and other relevant details. If the previous owner has bought the bike on a loan, the document will have a bank seal on it. In one such case, you need to get Form 35 stamped and a NOC letter from the bank in which it is stated that the loan was cleared and there are no pending dues.

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2. Insurance certificate

This is one of the most important documents which is a must for each and every vehicle that runs on the roads in India, according to the latest motor vehicle rules. If you miss out on having an insurance certificate, the motorbike will not be registered by the RTO. Therefore, you must make it a point to get the motor insurance certificate of the motorbike from the seller before you sign the deal. As you get the certificate, you can contact the insurance company to transfer the ownership to your name.

3. PUC certificate

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate is also one of the legal documents which is as important as the other papers. You must check it before you purchase a second-hand motorcycle. PUC certificate is mandatory for each two-wheeler that operates in India. This document certifies that the pollutants released by the motorbike are compliant with the pollution control standards in India. When a two-wheeler passes an emission test, a PUC is issued for it. The PUC consists of the date of the test, the license plate number of the vehicle tested, the serial number of the certificate, the expiry date of the certificate, and the test readings.

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4. Sales Receipt

Another requisite is to obtain the sales receipt with a proper signature from the previous owner of the bike. You must get the sales receipt from the seller, especially if you are buying the motorbike through a dealer. A sales receipt is proof of the vehicle was purchased from a private sale or at a dealership. To confirm the sale of the motorbike, the signatures of both the buyer and the seller have to be there. It works as proof that the vehicle was sold with the mutual agreement of both parties. The receipt will include sales tax, a list of costs for add-ons, and excise taxes if any.

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5. Road tax certificate

Before you purchase a pre-owned bike, you must get the road tax certificate from the previous owner. Road tax is usually paid as a one-time payment or annually to the RTO. This card includes information on road tax payments and you would be required to submit it to the RTO. This certificate is proof that the seller paid the road tax on time and no dues are remaining. During routine checks, you might be asked by the traffic police to show this document. If you ever want to sell your bike in the future, you would need this document, especially if the bike is going to be sold from one state to the other.

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6. Transfer deed

You need to ensure procuring the transfer deed before you purchase the motorbike. This document is proof of the sale and transfer of ownership of the bike from a seller to a buyer. The transfer deed must mention the registration number of the motorcycle, engine number, and chassis number, along with the name, address, and ID proof of both buyer and seller.

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Documents that a buyer needs to submit

Here are some of the documents that have to be submitted by a buyer while purchasing a second-hand bike.

  • Valid address proof
  • Valid identity proof
  • Two passport size photographs

While you are doing all these, make sure the bike insurance is transferred to your name. The insurance will help you in guarding against future liabilities and using the No Claim Bonus (NCB).

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