Which is Better: Spoke Wheels or Alloy Wheels? Should I Buy a Tyre Protection Add-on Cover?


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The performance of your bike or the way it runs depends on various things, including the quality of your two-wheeler tyres. Alloy wheels and spoke wheels are the two types of tyres used in most bikes in India. However, choosing among the two might be a task for the bike owner.

Are you confused about using Alloy wheels or Spoke wheels for your two-wheeler? In this post, we give a comparison chart highlighting the two kinds of tyres and their differences. Also, we will explain how these tyres impact your two-wheeler online insurance policy.

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What are Spoke Wheels?

They are traditional models of tyres that were used in the early 90s. Spoke and steel rims are used to make these wheels. The material used to make wheels is steel and similar metals, which are then joined to the hub of the bike containing the brake drum.

These flexible multi-spoke wheels were used before the 1970s and are mainly used for dirt/adventure bikes, ATVs, etc.

What are Alloy Wheels?

These are tubeless tyres of contemporary times. These are mainly designed to offer safety and greater performance. The introduction of these wheels has revolutionized the tyre manufacturing industry. Metals like aluminium and magnesium are used to make the alloy wheels lightweight and thus suitable for superior performance.

These wheels are created by pouring melted hot alloy into casts of wheels in a process called casting wheel. The wheel is extracted once the alloy cools off. These wheels are expensive because the alloys are costly and require more maintenance. However, despite the cost, these wheels are highly beneficial and long-lasting.

Difference between Spoke Wheels and Alloy Wheels?


Spoke Wheels

Alloy Wheels 


As compared to Alloy wheels, spoke wheels are strong and sturdy. Their grip is firmer and better, and hence, they are suitable for off-road trips and adventure rides.

Alloy wheels are prone to cracks, dents, etc., as they are not as strong as spoke wheels.


These wheels are more elastic and flexible as compared to alloys. Hence, they are better for long off-road trips.

These are lightweight wheels and, therefore, bent easily. They are also less elastic as compared to spoke wheels on bikes.

Fuel efficient 

They consume fuel in more quantity than alloy wheels and have low fuel efficiency.

These wheels use low pressure on suspension and allow more fuel efficiency.

Tyre quality 

They are of low quality as compared to alloy wheels. This is because they use traditional tubes in their tyres.

They use superior quality tubeless tyres for best performance

Tyre design

These are traditional tyres that are mostly available in one color.

They use many attractive colors and styles.

Making process

The spoke wheels are made from steel and are heavy in weight. A wired spoke connects the outer tyre rim to the inner hub.

The alloy wheels use a process of casting, which is strong as they are made of magnesium and aluminium. Thus, they are light in energy.


These wheels are generally preferred by dirt/adventure bikes.

These wheels need greater acceleration, and so they use alloy wheels, which are lightweight with good speed.


They are less costly as compared to alloy wheels.

These wheels charge 50% more than the spoke wheels. Their contemporary production procedure makes them expensive.


These are low-maintenance wheels used for bad roads and can be repaired by local garages.

They need more money for maintenance and repair and have a complex repair process.

Which Wheel is Better for You – Spoke Wheels or Alloy Wheels?

From the comparison above, you can state that both types of tyres have strengths and flaws, and neither of the two is designed to be perfect. So, you have to use your common sense and rationale while choosing the tyre for your bike/two-wheeler. For professional two-wheelers, alloy wheels serve better, and spoke wheels will go for dirt bikes and ATVs.

You may also note that alloy wheels are easily repairable. In case broken or damaged, these wheels are required to be replaced. This means that you have to buy extra coverage of protection or an add-on coverage to cover the repair and replacement cost of such tyres.

These add-ons are readily available from several vehicle insurance companies with their comprehensive bike policies. You can avail of them by paying an extra premium.

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To Conclude 

As discussed in the post above, you have now gained some information about the types of wheels and their differences. This will help you to choose between the spoke and alloy wheels. Just remember to buy a tyre protection add-on with your two-wheeler insurance for better coverage.

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FAQs: Which is Better: Spoke Wheels or Alloy Wheels?

What is the difference between alloy wheels and normal wheels?

The detailed points of difference between alloy wheels vs. spoke wheels are given in the table in the post. Refer to it for information.

What is the bike spoke wheel price?

Bike spokes wheel price in India ranges from 150 to 550 INR, and the minimum order requirement is from 5 to 500.

Which is better - an alloy wheel or a normal wheel?

Both have their pros and cons. Steel is durable, cheap, and easy to repair, and it absorbs more shocks and is resistant to impact. Alloy wheels are lighter and allow better handling. The post above gives a detailed list of comparisons between the two-wheel tyres.

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