10 Tips To Maintain Safety While Riding A Bike With A Pillion Rider in India


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Updated on Jan 13, 2023

Do you know what is a pillion rider in a two-wheeler? Are you aware of the safety measures you must take if you ride your bike with a pillion rider? Read on to know more.

Your two-wheeler works perfectly as an economical mode of transport for a limited number of people over short distances. They are not just economical but efficient as well. However, when it comes to riding your two-wheeler with another person sitting in your back seat, there are certain safety tips and rules to maintain. And it is important to be aware of such tips so that you can ride your bike smoothly without violating any traffic rules.

Let us learn about some of the safety tips that you need to maintain while riding your bike with a pillion rider.

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What is a Pillion Rider in a Two-wheeler?

Pillion rider is the person who sits behind the driver while riding a bike. So, this is the person who is not the driver but the one who is sitting behind him/her, while the rider rides the bike.

Now, pillion riding is very common. However, what is important here to know is that to carry pillion riders on a motorcycle, you must follow certain safety rules. So, whether you are dropping a pillion rider somewhere or visiting some place together, you must take note of these safety tips with a pillion rider. Further, it is equally important to cover your two-wheeler with comprehensive bike insurance to avoid any monetary setback in the event of an unforeseen situation.

10 Tips for Two-wheeler Safe Riding with a Pillion Rider

Here are some safety tips to maintain while riding with a pillion:

1. Helmet is compulsory – Helmet is not just obligatory for the one who rides a bike, but it is also compulsory for the pillion to wear a helmet. So, note that both the riders wear a good helmet with an ISI mark on it. Also, you must remember that you might attract pillion riders without a helmet challan if the pillion is without a helmet and it is risky as well .  Further, note that only two people are allowed to ride a two-wheeler and you cannot allow beyond two people to ride your vehicle at a single time.

2. Carry all bike papers – There is a set of papers or documents of your two-wheeler that you must carry mandatorily while riding your bike. In case you get caught by the traffic cops without these papers while riding your bike they might levy heavy challan as well as might put you in jail for six months. Below are the papers that you must have:

    • Driving license (DL)
    • Valid Registration Certificate  (RC)
    • Third-Party insurance policy (it is the minimum that you should have, better is to have a comprehensive plan)
    • PUC or Pollution Under Control certificate of your two-wheeler (not needed for electric bikes)

3. Focus on the road, while riding –  Safety on the road is a big issue in India and every year thousands of people die due to road accidents. Thus, it is very important for the rider as well as the pillion to concentrate on the road while riding your bike so as to ensure the safety of your own self as well as of the pillion and any third-party person on the road.

4. Pillion should be alert while riding – Unlike in four-wheelers, pillions in bikes do not have the luxury of taking a nap while on the road. Because if the pillion fell asleep, he/she might fall and be the reason for an accident. So, it is important for the pillion to stay awake and alert all the time during the ride.

5. Unnecessary movement must be avoided by Pillion – Similar to the above point, unlike in cars pillion riders in bikes do not have the luxury of making unnecessary movements while sitting in the bike as it might cause imbalance and lead to accidents. So, even if the pillion is facing any discomfort and feels like stretching or adjusting, he/she might not have the luxury while the bike is moving as it might impact the driver’s concentration.

6. Pillion should avoid unnecessary talks with the rider – This is another important point that a pillion rider should keep in mind. Since the driver or rider of the two-wheeler has to concentrate while driving, it is better not to distract the person so that he/she can focus on driving.

7. Pillion must not lean on the driver – Also, it is important for the pillion rider not to lean on the person driving the bike as it might cause imbalance and might lead to an accident.

8. They must maintain safe distance between their foot and the exhaust of the bike –  Further, the pillion riders should also make sure not to let their foot touch the exhaust pipe of the bike. This is because the exhaust pipe is very hot and it might burn the skin of the pillion rider.

9. Pillion must ensure that the driver is alert too while traveling long distances – Sometimes, if you are traveling long distances, the person driving the bike might also get exhausted and might feel drowsy. So the pillion rider should ensure that the rider stays alert and drives safely.

10. Pillion must help the driver with whatever help required –  Further, the pillion should help the driver in any other way if he/she requires it.

To conclude

So, as discussed above, a pillion rider should make sure to follow the tips mentioned above so that both the driver and the pillion can stay safe while riding a bike. And to reiterate the most important point, not wearing a helmet by a pillion rider can make you pay a heavy penalty. Also, make sure to avail a Comprehensive bike insurance plan, which will help in case of any damage caused to your bike or to the driver/pillion by compensating for the expenses that you might have to incur in the event of an accident etc.

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