9 Tips To Maintain Your Bikes During Monsoon Season


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How to Maintain Your Two-wheeler During the Monsoon Season

Monsoon brings vigorous energy and enthusiasm to bikers especially when they are driving their vehicles amidst the heavy downpours. But due to poor road conditions and improper sewage planning, roads become slippery and often get clogged with rainwater. You need to adopt the proper riding technique as monsoon could be heavier on your vehicle. To safeguard your vehicle against various monsoon-related damages, you should opt for a comprehensive bike insurance policy along with add-on covers. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan will give protection to the bike owner against liabilities that may happen due to road accidents, irrespective of the season. But, at the same time, you need to follow some bike maintenance tips to enhance the longevity and performance of your bike, particularly in the monsoon season.

Monsoon could be a nightmare for bike owners especially when they can’t start their bikes while going to offices. Due to water retention, this season may take a toll on your favorite bikes/cars. Here are some quick bike maintenance tips to make your bike monsoon-ready. The proper bike maintenance guidelines will only help you to overpower all the issues of monsoon.

Bike Maintenance Checklist: 9 Tips to Make Your Bike Monsoon-Ready

1. Prefer a closed place to keep your bike

Your bike engine may become cool during the monsoon season and as a result, you may face a lot of problems while starting your bike in the morning. So, always keep your bikes in an enclosed area rather than parking them in open areas. This way, your bike engine remains warm and in an ideal condition. Rusting is also another pivotal problem in the monsoon season which motivates you to park your bike in a closed area.

If you are forced to park your bike in an open area/outside, use a rain cover to safeguard your vehicle from monsoon-related damages. Choose areas which have a shed to park your two-wheeler in the monsoon. To get the optimum performance of your bike, it should be covered properly at all times during this rainy season. This is the basic bike maintenance rule that you should follow to enjoy the bike ride in the monsoon.

2. An-anti rust protection layer should be applied to your bike

Rust in the monsoon season is a nightmare for bikes as well as bike owners. During this rainy season, most two-wheelers get rust on their metal body. Use an anti-rust layer on the surface of your bike to avoid rust. Get it done from your nearby garage and make your bike monsoon-ready. These days, new bike models possess a body which is made up of fiber or other anti-rust components. But pay attention to those that have metal bodies as metals are more susceptible to rust. To minimize the damage, apply a coat before the beginning of the monsoon.

3. Go for a Teflon coating

Many people don’t have adequate knowledge regarding what Teflon coating is and how it is beneficial for bikes. This is quintessential for your bikes to reduce monsoon-related damages. A Teflon coating ensures that the rainwater will never reach the engine of the bike. A Teflon coating will deter the rainwater and also, prevent it from entering inside of your bike. A Teflon coating is affordable and you may get it done from a reputed service center/garage.

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4. Check the tyres thoroughly

To improve the performance of your bike, you need to maintain the tyres. Before the start of the rainy season, you need to ensure that your tyres can bear heavy downpours, the murky and slick roads, the sudden brakes, and many more. Since the tyres are related to the speed of the vehicle, hence any issue may impact the performance of the vehicle. Take your bike to the nearby service center and check the condition of the tyres. If they are damaged, replace them as soon as possible to avoid safety issues.

5. Service the brakes of your bike

Both front and back brakes play an imperative role in the functioning of your bike. Depending on the type of your bike, the brakes can be disk, rim, or drum. As a basic bike maintenance guide, you must check the brakes of your bike with an efficient mechanic. Check the brake pads thoroughly to find out an issue. If you press the brakes forcefully, your bike may skid if the roads are water-logged.

6. Go for full bike servicing

To enhance bike safety, keep your bike in a healthy condition. You must choose full-servicing of your bike so that it won’t cause any problem while you are riding. Full service comprises replacing engine oil, headlight and taillight alterations etc.

7. Clean the chains of your bike and lubricated them

If you are thinking about how to maintain a bike, then you must pay attention to the chains of the bike.  Sometimes, during the monsoon season, the chains might get battered. To avoid accidents, you should rectify them timely. One of the contributing factors  for accidents in monsoon is the struck chains.

8. Clean air filters on time

You must clean the bike air filters timely to maintain your bike properly. This is the basic bike maintenance tip that every rider should follow. The moisture might get accumulated in the air passages and may create several problems during air passage in the holes.

9. Check the hinges and levers of the bike

Hinges and levers are prime bike safety accessories that get corroded quickly. So, you should rectify and service them on time to avoid mishaps.These are some bike safety rules that will help you to know more about how to maintain your bike properly in the monsoon season. Following the above steps will make the bike maintenance process simple and effortless.

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