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Unpredictable weather conditions due to natural disasters  cause havoc to almost everything including your vehicles. Let’s discuss how your bike insurance can benefit in case of damage by natural disasters.

Natural disasters are caused by unpredictable conditions of the weather. These disasters bring upon huge loss to mankind in terms of damaging properties and taking lives. Natural calamities also bring upon damages to your vehicles caused by floods, earthquakes and so on. Thus, to protect your vehicle from such damages caused by natural factors, it is essential to purchase the right bike insurance plan.  With a bike insurance policy covering natural disaster, one can get coverage against damages caused to your bike by cyclone, or by water ingression in the engine of the bike etc.  In this post we will discuss how having bike insurance benefits in case your bike is damaged by natural disasters.

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In what ways are you affected by natural calamities?

India is among the top countries that are hit by natural calamities such as flood, earthquake and cyclones etc.  Reports says that millions of people are affected by natural hazards in the country every year. These calamities destroy everything ranging from buildings, properties, vehicles and much more. In fact, the havoc of one such calamity of nature can be of such magnitude that it can devastate the country within hours or even minutes. Such events disrupt the lives of people in cities as well as in villages.

What does your bike insurance policy Cover?

As per Indian Motor Laws, having a third-party insurance for your bike is essential if you want to ride your bike on the Indian roads. However, the third-party policy only covers the damages of third-party persons and property. So, in case you want to insure your bike against natural disasters and other damages you must buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. Unlike the third-party policy, this is not mandatory coverage. However, it protects two-wheelers against any damages caused by nature as well as the ones that are beyond the control of human beings like fire, floods, and so on.

Besides, the comprehensive plan also protects you against unforeseen situations that are caused by mistakes of human like accidents, strikes, terrorism and more.

In what ways does a Comprehensive bike insurance plan support during natural calamities?

If you have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance online, you can raise claims against natural calamities as well as manmade havocs. So, this single plan can save you from varied damages and you may not buy any extra rider or add-on cover. Further, this plan guards your bike against several incidents where it might get injured severely.

Add-on covers that are especially crafted to shield against Natural Disasters

The add-ons of bike insurance plans also play a significant role in adding coverage and strength to your existing policy. Your comprehensive bike insurance plan allows extensive protection against most damages caused to your bike, including third-party and own damages. However, by including a few add-ons you can give extension to your original plan.

Below are certain important bike insurance add-on covers that can further extend your coverage against damages caused by natural calamities. 

1. Add-on to Protect Engine :

This add-on cover protects against the cost of repairing and changing any parts of your bike engine that is caused due to natural calamity. It further protects against oil leakage, loss of parts of the engine, loss of coolant etc.

2. Add-on of Zero Depreciation:

This add-on protects you against the cost of replacement of parts without taking into account the depreciation of your bike.  Also known as bumper to bumper cover, this add-on saves you from paying the depreciation amount of your vehicle from your pocket.

Consumables Add-on –  Items such as engine and gear oil, distill water, lubricants, grease oil etc. are the consumable items. Most of these items are not covered under your regular bike insurance plans and thus you need a consumable add-on to cover it.

Does your Bike Insurance offer total loss in case of natural calamity?

Yes, you can have coverage on the total loss of your insured bike if it is caused by any natural disaster. In this case, if the complete repair cost surpasses 75% of IDV or Insured Declared Value of the bike, the vehicle is regarded as total loss. So, in such a situation the insurance company will offer compensation by paying the insured the IDV of the bike as per policy terms.

Policyholders can use a bike insurance premium calculator to calculate the premium of a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy as well as  IDV of a bike.

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Natural disasters are phenomena of nature which cannot be controlled by human beings. If you are scared that a natural calamity might befall your bike and damage it, you may buy the best two-wheeler insurance comprehensive plan along with a few add-ons to cover both natural and man-made havoc.
Also, you can modify your existing policy to a comprehensive policy during the time of two-wheeler insurance renewal online to get the exact coverage you wish for.
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