Ways to Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online


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Updated on Oct 21, 2022

How To Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online

Keeping a tab on your bike insurance expiry date is important because if somehow you miss the expiry date and forget to renew your bike insurance, you might invite trouble on the road in the form of penalties. If you want to know how to check bike insurance expiry date online, read everything about it in this blog.

Having a vehicle of their own is a dream that everyone wants to fulfill. But to ride a bike freely on the roads certain rules need to be followed. One such compulsory rule is to purchase an insurance policy for your bike as it is unlawful to ride your vehicle if you don’t have an insurance policy. Also, once you buy the policy, it is equally important to renew your insurance policy on regular basis to avoid an expiry.

Every insurance plan comes with an expiry date and the vehicle owner is likely to renew the policy on time so that it remains active and doesn’t expire. Thus, having knowledge of the expiry date of your insurance policy is very crucial, which you can easily access online.

Let us guide you through the step-wise procedure to monitor the expiry date of your bike insurance.

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The procedure to check bike insurance expiry date online?

The expiry date of a bike insurance policy is mentioned in the policy papers together with other details of the policy. You can easily check the information of your bike insurance expiry online by following three methods as mentioned below:

1. Use Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) to check expiry details

You can check the expiry date of your bike insurance through Insurance Information Bureau as this website keeps all documentations related to insurance policy.  You can easily access this portal to obtain any policy related information on the website of IIB.

Here’s how to get the insurance validity check done to receive details of policy expiry via the IIB website:

  • The first step is to visit the website of  IIB
  • When you land on the main page, just go through the section of ‘quick links’
  • Now, click on ‘V Seva’ and a form will be displayed
  • Submit the information asked on the form
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Now submit the form
  • You can see the details of insurance validity on the screen that appears

There is another way to know how to check bike insurance validity on IIB website as mentioned below. Here’s the steps to follow:

  • Go the IIB website
  • Search for a query form, fill it and submit the same
  • You will get a call from IIB executive on your registered phone number and they will help you in receiving the details

By following the above step, you can view the expiry date of the insurance policy. However, it is important to remember that the IIB website has insurance policy information details from 1st April, 2020. So, you can’t find information of insurance policies bought before that date on the IIB website. Further, you must note that you can use your email ID and registered phone number as many as three times to check the insurance policy expiry date on the IIB website.

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2. Use VAHAN to check the expiry date

VAHAN website is an initiative of the ministry of Road and Transport, Government of India. This website also keeps records of the insurance policies including expiry date.

Here are the steps to follow to view the expiry date on VAHAN website:

  • Go to VAHAN e-services portal
  • Go to the main menu bar
  • Now, click on the tab ‘Know Your Details’
  • Enter your bike number on the page that appear and add the verification code
  • Tab on the ‘Search Vehicle’ option
  • You will be able to see the policy details on the page that appears
  • Here, you will also get the expiry date of your policy on the ‘Insurance Upto’ column

3. Check with your insurance company website to get your insurance expiry date  

If you want to know how to check insurance validity using your insurance provider’s website, it is simple.  Your insurance provider has details of your policy, and you can visit their official website to check the records.  Though the steps that you must follow to view the details might vary depending on the insurance company that you bought the policy from.

However, most insurance providers allow the policyholders to see details, including expiry date of the insurance by using the registration number of their bike.

Thus, it is not necessary to carry the hard copies of your policy papers with you all the time, as you can get the details checked via online means in just a matter of few minutes.

To Conclude

Renewing the insurance policy of your vehicle regularly is a must. However, if you miss to get your policy renewed on time, it might get terminated.  In this case, you might have to buy a new insurance policy. Here, you must note that most insurance providers allow a grace time period depending on the company during which the insured can get the policy renewed by paying a certain amount of fine. But it is better to renew the policy on time to avoid such penalty.

Now that you know about the various ways to get your insurance validity check and to find out the policy expiry date, you must keep a track on the last date of policy renewal and get it renewed immediately before it expires. By keeping a tab on the date of renewal, you can avoid paying fine as well as avoid any hassles while riding your bike on the roads.

Moreover, this way you can even enjoy many benefits including No Claim Bonus, among others on your policy.

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