What is the Breakdown Cover Under the Bike Insurance Plan?


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Breakdown Cover in the Two-wheeler Insurance Policy – Know in Detail

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a bike ride. The joy of swaying through wide open roads, feeling the breeze in your face and hair is incomparable. But that joy can be short-lived when your bike suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. Of course, you can’t be stranded on the road for long so you’d need breakdown assistance. This can involve a huge cost depending on the issue in the bike. But if you have a bike insurance plan, you need not worry about the expenditure.

The only thing left to consider then is what exactly is the breakdown cover provided by the said insurance policy. How much and what would be covered by the insurance provider in case you need to avail emergency bike breakdown service. This post can help you understand more about breakdown coverage under your bike insurance plan.

What’s Inside

What is a Bike Breakdown Cover?

Your regular bike insurance plan does not generally include this cover. It is essentially an add-on feature that you’d need to purchase from your insurer if you so wish. You’d need to pay an additional premium amount to include the bike breakdown cover feature in your comprehensive bike insurance policy.

In other words, this cover is a kind of roadside assistance offered by your insurance provider to help you cover breakdown service costs for your bike in case of any road emergency.

What Does Motorcycle Breakdown Insurance Cover?

As mentioned above, bike breakdown insurance is an add-on cover to your bike insurance policy. It is designed to cover the cost incurred in case of sudden breakdown of a motorbike on the road. Since it’s an add-on feature, different insurance providers may offer a different coverage scope. Hence, it’s advisable to check with your insurer before buying the add-on. In general, a bike breakdown cover entails the following:

1. Help with towing the vehicle – Sometimes your motorbike may have certain mechanical or technical problems which may not be possible to be fixed by the mechanic you had called at the place of breakdown. In this case, the vehicle may have to be towed to a garage someplace else. The motorcycle mechanical breakdown insurance can help provide you with this assistance.

2. Providing alternative transport to home – In case you need to leave your vehicle at the breakdown site or the garage for a day or so for repair, the bike breakdown cover offers to help you with an alternative means of transport, such as a cab, to get back home. This also means that the insurance company would pay for the cab fare, subject to certain terms and conditions as detailed in your policy.

3. Cover for tyre problems – A flat tire is one of the most common issues on the road faced by most bikers. A sudden unexpected puncture can disrupt your travel plans anytime. But the good news is that with a bike breakdown cover, you have nothing to worry about in these situations. Your insurance company would help get the tire changed by contacting a mechanic at the earliest.

4. Cost for on-the-spot mechanical repair – If a mechanic’s assistance needs to be sought on the spot where your vehicle has broken down, the insurer would bear all costs relating to the fee of the mechanic as well as their travel expense incurred to arrive at the breakdown site for repair. However, note that in case of any mechanical failure, if you need to purchase any spare parts, that cost may not be covered by the insurer.

5. Battery repair – Battery issues are also common in motorbikes, especially during winter. If your battery seems to run down during long travel, you can get the issue fixed to resume your trip and the bike breakdown add-on feature would cover the cost for it.

6. Refill of fuel in emergencies – Though it’s always a good idea to check your fuel tank before you set out on your journey, chances are that you may just forget sometimes. With the fuel tank running out, you’re bound to get stuck anywhere in the middle of the road.

With the bike breakdown cover, you’d be assisted with a refill of up to 5 liters of fuel provided at the breakdown site. Note that in case you need more fuel than the specified limit, you’d be liable for extra charges.

7. Providing emergency hotel stay – If you choose to stay for the duration that your bike is under repair (more than a day) and then head on with your journey, the bike breakdown cover plan would help financially assist your stay at a nearby hotel.

8. Pick up from the breakdown site and drop at home – In case you wish to take your broken down vehicle as it is back home, the insurer would assist you with towing service as well. Your bike would be picked up from the location where it broke down and dropped at your home.

9. Provision of legal assistance, if required – Sometimes bike breakdowns can also be the result of an accident. In this case, a legal case may be pursued for which you’d be entitled to get all legal support and advice, as may be required, in accordance with the policy’s terms.

Additional benefits under the Two-wheeler or Bike Breakdown Cover Add-on

Some insurance providers may also offer additional benefits under the bike breakdown cover add-on. A few examples include:

  • Replacement of lost/misplaced key – If you happen to lose or misplace your bike key for some reason, fret not because all you need to do is contact your insurance provider and they’d take care of the rest. The insurer would then arrange for picking up the duplicate key from your residence (if it falls within a 100 km radius) and get it delivered to where you are stuck.
  • Medical assistance – In case of a bike accident where you’d need immediate medical help, some insurers also provide assistance to the policyholder to get in touch with the nearest medical facility.

With so many provisions on offer, it only makes sense to buy the bike breakdown cover add-on to your base bike insurance plan.

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FAQs: What is the Breakdown Cover Under the Bike Insurance Plan?

What is breakdown assistance in bike insurance?

An RSA in bike insurance is a type of emergency assistance provided by the insurer to the policyholder/bike owner whose insured two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of their journey.

What is breakdown cover motorbike?

If your motorcycle breaks down, motorcycle breakdown cover can get you back on the road. It includes roadside assistance and recovery in the event that you break down or experience mechanical problems while riding your motorcycle. That means you can have a mechanic come out and fix your bike right away.

What is full cover insurance for bike?

A comprehensive bike insurance coverage plan compensates the insured for damages caused by a road accident, natural disaster, fire, explosion, riots, strikes, or any other mishap in accordance with the bike's Insured Declared Value (IDV).

Do I need breakdown cover on my insurance?

No. Breakdown coverage is not required by law. It's not required, and you can choose whether or not to purchase it, but the peace of mind that breakdown cover provides may be well worth it. Nobody wants to break down on a quiet sideroad at 2 a.m. and not be able to get home.

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