What To Do If You Lost Your Bike Insurance Policy Documents?


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Updated on Jul 28, 2023

If you have lost bike insurance papers it is important to know the way to get them back.

Have you lost the papers of your bike insurance policy? In that case, you must not panic. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps to get them back again. Documents of bike insurance policies are among the most important that we have. We normally like to keep them in safe locations. As such, losing these documents is not such a common occurrence. However, such things still happen. So, there could always be a situation where you may end up misplacing these documents.

Normally, when you lose the documents required for a bike insurance policy you make every effort that you possibly can to find them. For example, you look up every corner of your house. The thing is that such a search often proves to be rather futile. You would already know how important these papers are and the kind of danger riding your vehicle without them poses.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for you to have such insurance while you are riding the same on the streets. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016 states that if you are caught driving without these papers by employees of the motor department, apart from the traffic cops, you would have to pay a fine of 2000 rupees.

So, you can see for yourself, how important it is for you to get back the lost bike insurance papers. Apart from that, your bike insurance papers also contain details of the coverage that the policy provides you with. This is the document that you have to present to your insurer when you are filing a claim for any damage or loss that your vehicle may have suffered in calamitous occurrences such as an accident.

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Lost Your Bike Insurance Papers? Don’t Panic, Just Follow the Below Steps

Thus, you need to get back your lost bike insurance policy documents as soon as you can.

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Getting duplicate papers from the insurers

This is the final and the sole solution that you are left with in these cases. You can always ask your insurer to provide you with such papers.

However, getting them may not be as easy. There are certain steps that you have to follow before you can get the duplicate papers of your bike insurance policy.

The important steps in this context

The first step that you need to take in this regard is to file an FIR (first information report) with the local police. It is not as if all insurers out there would ask for such a document. However, you can be sure that it would make the process of getting one a lot easier than would have happened otherwise.

The important steps in this context

In the FIR you would have to provide the following information:

  • policy number
  • type of policy – comprehensive policy or third-party liability policy
  • riders and add-ons with the policy

Once you submit the report get the FIR attested from the police station. Submit this to your insurer as proof of the fact that you have lost the documents.

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Issue an advertisement in a newspaper

After that, you would have to put out an advertisement for those documents in a newspaper. This is applicable even when you have bought your bike insurance policy online. This needs to be done in the area where you have lost the document. In the ad, you would have to state that you have lost your insurance papers and implore anyone who may have found the same to return it to you. You can ask them to hand it to you or deliver it in any other way. You should provide your contact details and address in the advert.

Here too, you would have to provide all the details that you stated in the FIR along with the registration number of your bike. This would be immensely helpful in getting back the documents required for a bike insurance policy. However, please remember that it is you who would be bearing all the costs that are incurred in publishing said advert.

Execute an indemnity bond

It is also important to execute an indemnity bond to get back your lost bike insurance policy documents. This is one of the documents that you would require when you apply for the duplicate papers. You have to execute the said bond in favor of your insurer. You would have to get it notarized as well. You should also execute it on a non-judicial stamp paper.

This can be regarded as a formal and legal request from you to your insurer asking for them to issue duplicate copies of the insurance papers that you have lost.


Once you have the three documents that we have talked about above you should be ready to apply for the duplicate copy of the insurance papers that you have lost. Here you would have to write an application and address it to your insurer.

When you are applying to procure the duplicate documents required for a bike insurance policy you have to make sure that you get the name of the policyholder correct. This is also applicable to other important details such as policy number, date when the policy was issued, and the kind of insurance cover that the policy in question provided along with the name of the insurer. You have to attach the FIR, the indemnity bond, and a copy of the ad that you have issued in the newspaper with the application.

You must keep copies of the documents and applications with you so that you can use them for future reference. This would prove to be helpful in you getting back the bike insurance policy papers that you may have lost. If you have bought the policy with someone else please keep in mind that both of you would need to sign this application. In this application, you also have to detail the situation in which you lost the papers.

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  • FAQs: What To Do If You Lost Your Bike Insurance Policy Documents

    Can we get bike insurance copy online?

    Follow these easy steps to obtain a copy of your bike insurance: Log into your account by visiting the insurer's website or mobile application. Select the bike insurance policy for which you need a copy by going to the policy section and selecting it. Select "Policy Copy" or "Download Policy" from the menu.

    What if I lost my insurance policy?

    Let your insurer know.

    In the event that the policy documents are lost or misplaced, you will notify your insurance provider. The insurer will then start the process of creating a duplicate copy. Connect with them by dialing the toll-free number or going to the closest branch location.

    How to download insurance copy without policy number?

    A customer must fill out an application form in person at the nearest insurance company branch office in order to download an insurance copy by vehicle number. A certificate of purchase with a personal identification number (PIN), which is used as the vehicle number when filing a claim, is then sent to him by the insurance company.

    How do I download a duplicate insurance copy?

    For a quick and simple way to download a copy of your vehicle insurance, go to the insurance company's official website. Enter your policy number, name, contact information (phone, email, etc.), and other information to log into your insurance account. You will have the option to download the duplicate policy document after logging in.

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