Why You Should Avoid Fancy Number Plate on Your Bike?


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Updated on Apr 13, 2023

For a bike enthusiast upgrading the new bike with fancy add-ons gives immense pleasure. But do you know if you are allowed to upgrade your bike with a fancy number plate or not? Read on to know more.

If you are a bike aficionado, you will understand the pleasure of purchasing a new bike of your dream. Moreover, you would like to upgrade the bike as per your style to make it look best in town. Yes, many of us like to adorn our vehicles the way we want. However, do you know what all fancy upgrades you are allowed in your bike as per the Motor Vehicle Rule. And why you should not use a fancy number plate for bike.

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Before getting into upgrading your two-wheeler, you must note certain rules under the Motor Vehicle Act that all vehicle owners need to follow in India. In this blog, we are discussing why you should avoid using fancy number plates on your bike or what happens if you use a bike fancy number plate in India.

Let us first start with the information on the process of acquiring a bike number plate once you purchase a bike by applying for the bike registration certificate or bike RC.

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How to obtain bike registration certificate (RC) number

After purchasing a bike, getting it registered at the RTO or regional transport office is the first thing to do for a bike owner. This is an obligatory task on every vehicle owner as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

It takes about a month or so for a bike owner to receive a permanent RC from the RTO. Thus, you must apply for a temporary RC while purchasing the bike so that you can ride your bike on the roads freely before getting the permanent RC. Since you cannot ride an unregistered bike or you might be levied a without number plate fine, so initiate the process of obtaining temporary RC beforehand to get it soon. And also hasten the process of procuring the permanent RC as soon as you get the temporary one so that you receive the permanent RC before the temporary RC expires.

Along with RC, other essential requirements that you must possess to ride your bike on the roads include a valid DL or driving license and a third-party bike insurance policy.

A bike has two number plates, one at the front and the other at the back. As per the instructions of the central government of India, all vehicles are supposed to have a smart number plate called High Security Registration Plate (HSRP). The government mandated this number plate in 2013 because of the safety measures attached with it. Thus, people driving without it might have to pay a HSRP number plate fine.

Instruction for bike RC number plate

There are some instructions to follow in terms of the bike number plate that the bike owner uses, such as:

  • The number plates (front and back) should be visible clearly.
  • The numbers in the number plate should be written either in English or Hindi.
  • The number plate should have no images on it.
  • The number plate should not have any fancy font size, style or colour.

Overall, there is no scope of using a fancy number plate or you might be charged with a fancy number plate fine by traffic police.

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Why having a fancy number plate should be avoided?

The reason why you should avoid having a stylish number plate for bike is because it is not legally permitted to have a fancy number plate in India. The Motor Vehicle Act of India, 1988 terms it as a punishable offence to have a fancy number plate or for getting any style or pattern in your vehicle number plate.

Thus, even if you want to style up your bike number plate along with other upgrades in your bike, it is advisable not to get into any such thing as you might get into legal hassle and might have to pay number plate fine for doing so. If a traffic police officer spots your bike with a fancy number plate, you might be penalized for the offense.

If you are wondering why law forbids you on using a fancy number plate on your bike is because fancy number plate might make it difficult for the police to track a bike in case of theft. Also, a number plate is like the identity of your vehicle and it is better to keep it simple and easy to read. Using fancy number plate will tarnish the readability of the numbers in your bike number plate.

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In a nutshell

To sum up, using an exclusive and stylish number plate for bike seems to be very tempting. However, it is not permitted by law. Hence, it is better to avoid using fancy number plates as prescribed by India’s Motor law. If you use number plate on your bike as per your likes and dislikes, you will attract unnecessary fines by the RTO. Furthermore, this is enforced by law to use number plates as prescribed by RTO norms.

Also, the above discussion makes it clear that the real challenge in a bike arises only after you purchase the bike. Once you buy your vehicle, the real difficulty arises in terms of procuring RC, Insurance, and other legal obligations. Also, it is equally important to maintain traffic rules and follow them as per law. Not doing so, might attract penalty and hassles.
Thus, it is better to stay away from rule breaking and from getting fancy staff in your bike that is not permitted under law. Ride safe for yourself to ensure your safety and the safety of the people commuting on the roads.

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