How to avoid car theft: 7 ways to prevent a car theft


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Wondering how to avoid car theft? There are some anti car theft strategies that you can utilize in this regard. Here’s taking a close look at how you can prevent car theft in the long run.

In 2017 itself, more than 773,000 vehicles were reported as stolen in the year 2017. Even though auto theft has come down over the last few years, there is still a huge risk for every vehicle owner. New anti-theft devices are evolving however, thieves are also getting more advanced with smarter keys and other techniques for stealing and switching vehicles. How to protect car from theft then?

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Keep Your Car Safe: How to avoid car theft?

  • Locking the doorsThe first and most basic step to prevent theft vehicle is to lock the doors. You should always keep checking your car to ascertain whether the doors are properly locked or not.
  • Remove the keys at all times Another way to combat car theft in India is to stop leaving keys in the vehicle ignition. The key in the ignition means that a thief may break open the window and drive away with the vehicle. Do not leave the vehicle running even when you are hopping over for something quick. Running vehicles which are unlocked, are easy targets for thieves.
  • Do not have spare keys near the vehicle You should not have any spare keys near the vehicle or in the glovebox. Thieves know where they can sometimes find extra car keys.
  • Keep the windows closed– You should always keep the car windows closed fully as per experts. Thieves may easily get into the vehicle via open windows. They can easily take whatever they find at hand or simply reach out and unlock the car door for gaining total access to the vehicle and everything contained in it. Hence, double-check the windows before leaving the car.
  • Always park the car in suitably-lit zones– You should not park in regions or areas with poor lighting or areas which are not immediately seen by people who are passing by. Park near the streetlamps and in busy areas with people passing around at all times. This will play a big role in keeping theft at bay.
  • Anti theft device in car is a must You should install an anti theft alarm for car, not just to get discounts on car insurance but also for keeping thieves at bay. An audible alarm setup helps in emitting sounds or noises when anybody attempts to access the vehicle. This naturally drives away thieves. Devices such as steering wheel lock or the flashing lights of an alarm setup may also be enough to keep thieves away. While insurance companies offer lower premiums for customers with anti-theft devices in their cars, these investments are always worthwhile on several counts.
  • Vehicle immobilizer systems Thieves may sometimes try to tamper with the wiring of the vehicle and the ignition. However, a vehicle immobilizer setup will always help in combating this aspect. As per experts, immobilizers may integrate kill switches, smart keys and wireless ignition-based authentication. They will help in disabling the car in order to prevent thieves from running away with the same. You may require a technician familiar with the vehicle and its wiring and computer patterns for installation of the immobilizer if your vehicle does not have it already. It is always advisable to invest in a good system that keeps your vehicle safe. You will never regret this investment.

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Additional Pointers to Keep you Car Safe 

A tracking system may also be an ideal addition to your vehicle. This will help in tapping GPS and wireless technologies for emitting signals and alerting the police about the location of the vehicle. It helps in swifter recovery of the vehicle. Avoid leaving behind valuables, cell phones and other things in the car. Keep things out of sight if you simply have to leave behind things in your vehicle. The most important thing is to remain aware of the surroundings and the locality where you are parking your vehicle.

You should double-check whether the windows and doors are closed and locked before leaving the vehicle. In case of a car theft, report it instantly to the police. You will have to provide all car information and details including the VIN (vehicle identification number), the make, model, year and colour of the vehicle, and the license plate number as well. You should also make sure that your insurance company is informed within a period of 24 hours without any delays. The insurance company will take the process forward of filing claims once the police issues its official letter on being unable to find the vehicle.

Getting car insurance is a must, particularly for covering the financial costs of car loss/theft. While car theft is not as frequent as earlier, you should still be secure with the right insurance plan. Make sure that the IDV (insured declared value) of the vehicle is on the higher side. This is the amount payable to you in case of the total loss of the vehicle. Do not compromise on the IDV, solely to pay lower premiums. Insurance is always one of the most viable options for covering the financial losses linked to car theft. Simultaneously, following the above-mentioned tips will help you keep such losses/thefts at bay.

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Apr 15, 2022
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