Benefits Of Using Fastag On Four-Wheeler For Your Interstate Travel During Summer Holidays


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Benefits Of Using Fastag On Four-Wheeler

Do you know why the government has made it mandatory to install FASTag on all 4-wheelers plying on the Indian roads? Read on for complete information.

As you already know that car owners are required to make payments at toll plazas while crossing them and this leads to long queues and traffic jams. Further, it also leads to a lot of chaos and confusion at the toll plazas. So, to avoid all this, the government of India has introduced the FASTag system on four-wheelers.

The intention of the government in making the FASTag on four wheelers compulsory is to get rid of the terrible long waits at the toll plazas to make payments smooth and easy. The installation of this tag has helped vehicles to cross toll plazas on the National Highways without wasting much time on making cash payments.

Unlike the old manual way of collecting tax, the new FASTag system works with the help of a RFID or Radio Frequency Technology Device that senses the tag on a four-wheeler and deducts the tax amount from the digital wallet of the car owner.

Let us learn more about the FASTag meaning, its working and other aspects, including benefits of the system in this blog. Since summer break is just round the corner, knowing the nitty-gritty’s of FASTag will help you in smooth travel across states during the summer holidays.

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What is FASTag in a car?

Talking about FASTag in cars, it is a facility of collecting toll tax amount from vehicle owners via cashless mode. In this system, the entire payment of toll tax is collected by using an automated device without stopping the car at the toll plaza for long.  Under this cashless transaction facility, the FASTag is connected to the car owner’s prepaid digital wallet like Paytm, which is attached to the front glass screen of a four wheeler vehicle.  So, when the user of the FASTag crosses the toll plaza, the tax amount is automatically deducted from the user’s digital wallet that is linked to FASTag. The digital app informs the user about the transaction and also allows computerized redressal of grievance (if any) on the digital app.

Here are the Top-10 FASTag Benefits that Can be Availed by Installing the Facility

A FASTag user can avail numerous benefits of installing the FASTag facility, which is mandatory to have in a four wheeler. Here are some of the benefits as mentioned below:

1. FASTag is a Time Saving system

The FASTag for vehicle is a mechanism that allows users to make tax payments at toll plaza automatically without stopping their vehicles or without standing in long queues. This not only saves time, but also saves fuel as you are not required to unnecessarily stop at toll gates that you come across while traveling interstate.

2. FASTag limits traffic jam on the roads

With FASTag you do not require to stop or slow your car down at toll plazas, thereby it limits the traffic congestions on the roads, especially near toll plazas.

3. No worries about the hassle of cash payments

You cross many toll plazas while traveling across cities by road, where you are required to pay tax. Now by using the FASTag method of payment, you can make the payment easily without any hassle of cash payments. Further, it makes your driving experience enjoyable all through your journey.

4. Easy to track toll costs 

Another benefit of FASTag is that it allows the user to keep a track of the toll costs that is paid in the entire journey. If you use your digital wallet to make the payments, you can track it via notifications that you receive after using the tool every time. Moreover, this can also be tracked via the account of the digital wallet passbook.

5. Environment Friendly

The FASTag system is an environment-friendly system as it reduces the use of paper and fuel.

6. Offers monthly travel pass

The system allows users who travel regularly to convert their monthly passes to FASTag passes by means of an online procedure.

7. Easy recharge via online method

With digital wallets, you can recharge FASTag within minutes on your mobile.  For some apps, just having enough balance is all you need to have to get the toll tax amount deducted automatically.

8. Allow you to receive regular notifications

Once you link your FASTag account with the digital payment app, you will receive notifications automatically, which will help in tracking your money that is spent throughout your journey. This way, you can keep track of your FASTag uses.

9. Remains valid for long-term 

Since FASTag allows up to 5 years validity, you can use the facility for a longer duration of time, without the requirement of re-register every now and then.

10. Easy to process registration 

It is very simple and convenient to register for the FASTag system by using the digital wallet. You can also do it by visiting a FASTag toll booth, or any bank as well as some selected shops where this facility is available.


Now you know what is FASTag for vehicles, as well as you have seen the various benefits of the facility that are mentioned above. All these are reasons enough to get FASTag in 4-wheelers and to know that you shouldn’t delay the process of FASTag anymore.

Further, by knowing the meaning of FASTag, you also know that not just the GOI or Government of India, but the regular commuters or car users are also benefitted by this new facility. The FASTag facility is an all-encompassing one that helps in saving money, time and energy altogether.

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May 10, 2022
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