How to claim car insurance for damages caused by natural disasters


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Steps to Claim Car Insurance for Damages Caused by Natural Disasters

Natural calamities can happen any time without intimation. These disasters give you the most harrowing experience of your life, sometimes even causing unimaginable loss to the family, property, vehicle, etc. In case of natural disasters, you and your family may also require medication attention and care. Not to forget, natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and storms may cause huge damage to vehicles. To safeguard your motor vehicle against natural disasters, it’s a good idea to opt for car insurance policies. By initiating a car insurance claim process, you will get reimbursement from the insurer against the damage caused.

Does Car Insurance Cover Natural Disasters

If you find yourself asking the question, “Does Car Insurance Cover Natural Disasters”, the answer is certainly! A car insurance policy protects your car from various natural disasters. However, you need to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Third-party car insurance does not offer coverage for vehicle damage due to natural disasters.

Comprehensive Car Insurance for Natural Disasters in India

This type of insurance policy offers coverage against various damages or losses incurred during all natural disasters. However, you don’t need to purchase individual insurance plans for each one of them. In this type of policy, a contract is signed between the vehicle owner and the insurance company. The company promises the owner to offer coverage for all third-party liabilities along with car damages due to natural and man-made disasters both – theft, fire, and accidents.

Let us understand this type of insurance coverage with an example.

A severe flood can damage the engine along with car accessories. If your car has been submerged in water for a prolonged period, it may suffer either partial or complete engine damage. For a lower-end car model, you would need to pay at least Rs. 1-2 lakh for replacement or repair costs.

Besides, if you need to replace major accessories of the car, you may need to spend an exorbitant amount from your pocket. A comprehensive car insurance policy safeguards your finances by offering the costs of both accessories and engine damage.

However, the scenario is different for a third-party insurance plan. Even if you purchase the best third-party cover, you still need to pay the damage charges from your side for natural disasters.

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Car Insurance Claim Process for Natural Disasters

If you’ve been thinking about how to claim car insurance, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1.  To initiate a car insurance claim, take pictures and videos of your damaged car from all angles.
  2.  Collect newspaper articles where the incidence of natural disasters has been mentioned.
  3. Never shift your car from the place of the event before informing the insurer.
  4.  Note down the date, time, and area of disaster correctly.
  5. Contact your insurance provider and inform them about the damages caused due to the natural calamity.
  6. To verify your car insurance claim process, the insurance company will send a surveyor to inspect the damaged car. After assessing all the damages, the surveyor will submit the report after which the company will initiate the claim process.
  7.  The insurer will send your car to a garage for repair.
  8. You need to submit all documents required for car insurance claim to your insurance provider.
  9.  You can collect your car from the garage after the repair.
  10.  For a cashless claim, the bill will be paid by the insurance company directly to the network garage.
  11. For a reimbursement claim, you need to pay the bill from your end first and then submit the receipt to your insurer. The company will verify your documents and claim request before disbursing the amount.

Top 7 Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy in Natural Disasters

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1. Enjoy the benefits of cashless claim

Many comprehensive car insurance plans offer cashless facilities where you can get your damaged car repaired (damages due to earthquakes, floods, or cyclones) at a network garage. Once you inform the company about the cashless claim, the company will send your car to the nearest garage and settle the bill directly with the garage.

2. Easy inspection and claim process

When choosing a comprehensive insurance policy, you don’t need to face any hassle at the time of inspection or during the claim process.

3. Get a No-Claim Bonus (NCB)

While purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy, you may be entitled to receive an NCB if you didn’t raise any claims in the previous year. You may also enjoy discounts during policy renewal.

4. Add-on covers for disaster-prone areas

If you are staying in a disaster-prone area, you can purchase the below-mentioned add-on covers so you wouldn’t need to pay anything from your pocket in case of any damage caused due to a calamity.

5. Engine Protector

This add-on cover reimburses the expenses incurred while fixing any indirect damage caused due to leakage of oil (in case of a severe flood). The cover also offers damage costs to engine parts, differential components, and gearbox parts.

6. Consumables Cover

This add-on cover protects various consumable parts like nuts and bolts, screws, AC gas, grease, clips, washers, lubricants, distilled water, bearings, engine oil, oil filter, and fuel filter.

7. Zero Depreciation Cover

Before settling your claim amount, the insurance company calculates the depreciation on the car. But if you select this cover, you don’t need to suffer any losses due to depreciation on all parts.

To protect your car against natural disasters insurance claim, it’s wise to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Moreover, by purchasing the above-mentioned add-on covers, you can further strengthen the safety and security of your car. Make sure to choose a car insurance plan carefully so that you can be stress-free with regard to your car damage at the time of natural calamities.

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