Importance of Cashless Garage Facilities for Cars in India


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Updated on Mar 19, 2023

Cashless garages are gaining enormous popularity in India lately. Do you know the importance of cashless garage in car insurance? Read on to know more.

Over the years, the facility of cashless garages available with auto insurance policies is gaining huge popularity among car insurance policy holders. This is one of the options that most auto insurance holders are willing to avail while buying a policy or while renewing it. But do you know the reason behind the increasing popularity or usage of the cashless garages in the country.

Let’s find out in this blog starting with the meaning of cashless garages.

What’s Inside?

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What does the term Cashless Garage Facilities mean?

Like in health insurance they have partner or network hospitals, similarly in auto insurance the facility of partner or network garages are available. The motor insurance companies have alliance with these garages or partner workshops located all over the country so as to make it convenient for the insured to avail cashless garage facility across the country.

Hence, with cashless garages the car insurance policyholder can make use of these cashless garages to get the repairs done in case of an accident or mishap. However, you have to opt for this facility at the time of buying or renewing your car insurance policy.

The best thing about these cashless garages is that they offer seamless experience of car repair to the insured as they don’t have to make the payment because it is done by the insurer directly after deducting the deductible charges and depreciation costs of your car parts, if any.

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How do Cashless Garages Work?

The functioning of the cashless garages is very simple.  The insurer facilitates the policyholder with the list of cashless garages available with them across the country so that the policy holder can utilize the cashless repair facility for their vehicle easily. Cashless garages allow an easy claim process and the insured doesn’t have to make any payment from his/her pocket.

Here, you have to inform the insurer as soon as possible in the event of a mishap or accident. You must inform them about the required repairs in your car along with submitting the documents of proof of the damages.

You have to send your vehicle to one of the network garages by towing it or driving it (as per the car condition). Once all the necessary repairs are done at the cashless garages, they will send the bill to the insurer who will settle it on their own except for the compulsory charges of deductibles.

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5 Benefits of Cashless Garage Facilities

Cashless garages offer easy and quick claim settlement facility, this is one of the best benefits of cashless garages. Further, the procedure is transparent as compared to the reimbursement process, which is why it is better in terms of customer satisfaction.

Improved services

With cashless garage facility, the insurance holder can expect quick and better services of vehicle repair and claim settlement. This is a hassle-free procedure where the insured doesn’t have to make any payment on their own as it is done directly by the insurer.

Quick Claim Settlement

Claim settlement in cashless garages is done in a fast and efficient way. Unlike in reimbursement claims where you can expect the claim amount to be reimbursed within 10 or more days, here the payment of the bills is done by the insurer directly. Thus the insured doesn’t have to make any bill payments.

Stress-free process

Along with being quick, the process of a cashless garage is also hassle-free and comfortable. This is due to the fact that the insurance provider makes the payment on their own, while the policy owner doesn’t need to pay anything out of your pocket.

Transparent Process

The cashless garage facilities allow the process of claim settlement clear and transparent. Since the bills are directly paid by the insurer, there is complete transparency in the process, while the possibility of fraud is limited too.

Worthy service

Cashless garages also ensure quality service to the insured because throughout the process a surveyor stays involved to manage the claim through the cashless garage facility. Thus, the involvement of the insurer ensures quality service.


Importance of Cashless Garages Facility

  • Cashless garage keeps you stress-free regarding any unplanned monetary  burden in terms of your vehicle repair caused by an accident or any other situation. In case of reimbursement, you had to pay from your pocket before you could get the money reimbursed from your insurance company. But in a cashless garage, the insurer pays directly making it simple for you.
  • Cashless garage makes your driving experience hassle-free as you can drive without the worry of sudden mishaps.
  • With a cashless garage making claims for repairs is easy as you don’t have to go through the stressful reimbursement process.

Are Cashless Garages Worthy?

Of course, it is very much worth it to avail the facility of cashless garages as it offers numerous benefits to the insured. Though it is important to take note of the number of garages available with the insurer so that you know if it serves your purpose. However, if you consider the overall worthiness of cashless garages, this facility is definitely advantageous for the insured. By only paying the deductible amount which is compulsory, the insured can avail cashless repair facility for his/her vehicle.

Here is a list of some good vehicle insurance policies with cashless garage facilities offered by reputed insurers in India.

  • HDFC ERGO Cashless Garages
  • Royal Sundaram Cashless Garages
  • ICICI Lombard Cashless Garages
  • TATA AIG Cashless Garage
  • IFFCO TOKIO Cashless Garages
  • Digit Cashless Garages

Top General Insurance Companies


Cashless auto insurance is definitely a good option for vehicle owners to avail hassle-free claims on the damages caused to their vehicles. But it is important for the insured to check the policy well before purchasing it from the insurer, like checking the cashless garages list among other things. There are many benefits of availing an auto insurance with cashless facility such as comfortable and easy claims, easy payment and much more.

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