Know About Bharat Series Number Plates It’s Benefits, and How to Get BH Number Plate?


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Updated on Oct 17, 2022

The Bharat Series number plate is a new number series for vehicle number plates starting with the letter ‘BH’. This series is created by the Ministry of Transport, Government of India.

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The Bharat Series is a new number plate series for vehicles in India starting with the letter ‘BH’. Created by the Ministry of Transport, this series has many highlights that you might be interested in knowing about. As per the information from the ministry, a vehicle having this Bharat series number plate will have the permission to move their vehicles from one state to another without going through the process of number plate changing.

In this blog, we are discussing the important things that you should know about Bharat series including what is Bharat Series Number Plates.

What Is the Bharat (BH) Number Series Plate?

The Bharat Series numbers are created specially to cater to drivers or vehicle owners who need to cross state boundaries frequently. In this case, the ‘BH’ alphabet (which stands for Bharat) will replace the alphabets that indicate your state on your vehicle number plate to signify the registration of the particular state that you got the vehicle registered from. For private vehicles, these number plates will have the numbers written in black on a white background plate.

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Who can acquire the BH Series number plate?

The BH or Bharat series number plates for vehicles can be acquired by those meeting the following criteria:

  • People from the armed forces background.
  • State and central government employees.
  • States/UTs with five or more offices for both central and state Public Sector Undertakings.
  • And the private sector organizations with five or more offices in different states of the country.

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What is the Format of the Bharat Series Number Plate

YY BH #### XX 

The above is the format of the Bharat series number plates in India.


  • YY represents the original year of registration,
  • BH represents the Bharat Series code,
  • #### is the random number between 0000 to 9999 chosen for the number plate, and
  • XX stand for any alphabet between AA to ZZ.

Benefits of the BH Series Number Plate

Here are the key benefits of the BH Bharat series number plates:

  • In the new series of number plate, vehicles tax would be charged for at least two years or even more.
  • With this arrangement, it will be simple for private vehicles to move freely across the country.
  • But fresh registration of state will be required under this series for sale of cars.
  • Under the Bharat series, transferring ownership of vehicles will be easy.

How to Get BH Number plate? Procedure for Submitting an Application under Bharat Series Number Plate?

Here are the important processes to keep in mind for applying for number plate with BH series:

  • The owner of the vehicle must apply for the new BH Bharat series number at the RTO where the original registration was done by presenting a government ID card to prove his job profile.
  • The car owner will have to pay road tax for 2, 4, or 6 years as per the duration of their stay in the state from where they got the car.
  • The ‘No Objection Certificate’ is not necessary under the new Bharat number plate as there is no state contribution of the state in the new series. So, here the owner of the car can apply for re-registration right away in the state that they have moved to.
  • Here, the car owner can utilize the tax revenue of the state. So, if the car owner want, they can wait till the duration of the old tax revenue expires and then can apply for the new registration.
  • Even with the new Bharat series number plate, a vehicle owner will get fines for not renewing the RC as per the predetermined time frame if they are caught by the Traffic cops.
  • However, in this case you can seek reimbursement if you choose to make the payment of the road tax of the new state. For this, you must process a reimbursement request of the original state’s road tax.

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To Conclude

With the new Bharat series number, one can avoid the re-registration process of his/her car in case he/she moves to a new or different state. This series will be useful for people with jobs that need frequent transfer between states in India. It is likely that the new BH series will present good alteration to the current system and will make it easy for buying and selling of vehicles in the country.

As already discussed in the blog above, this series of number plate is currently available for people with government jobs and armed personnel among others as mentioned above. If you fall under the category who can acquire a Bharat Series number plate, you can do so and make your movement between states easy.

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Mar 18, 2022
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