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How To Apply for Driving License (DL) Online in India?

It is important to know the process of applying for driving license online so that you can get the job done with ease.

It is common knowledge that you need to master the skill of driving if you are to drive your vehicle swiftly on the roads. These days, it is important to own a personal vehicle that can take you from one place to another with convenience. However, before you can do all of this you would need a proper driving license so that you at least have the legal permission to drive your car on the roads of India. If you want to get a permanent driving license you would need to apply for it separately.

In the initial stages, when you apply for driving license online you would be provided with a learner’s license. After one month has passed, you would have to appear for a driving test that would be conducted by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) in your area. The authorities would take a proper examination and then declare the results of the same. Before you apply for a final license you should have a learner’s license that would act as the provisional license even as you are practicing driving.

This would be there till the time you get a proper driving license as such.

The meaning of a driving license (DL) in India 

Before you apply online for a DL this is something that you must know for sure. Well, the driving license can be described as an official document that is issued by various offices of the RTO of a particular state on behalf of the government of India. Thanks to the license you have so many vehicles of all sorts plying the roads of India with no internal supervision as such. According to the Indian Motor Tariff Act 2002 if you do not have a valid driving license you are not allowed to drive on the roads of India.

Is it possible to get car insurance without a driving license (DL)?

Before you fill up the driving license online form this is something that you would want to know for sure. Have you got a new car? Do you want to insure it straightaway even before you get your driving license? Well, the good thing is that you can indeed get it. In India, you do not need a driving license to get your car insured. This is because you can buy a car for your family and hire a driver to drive it around.

You would not need a driver’s license for the same. It is always good to know how to apply for driving license though. In fact, over here you do not even have to obligatorily have a driving license to register your car after you buy it. However, you would indeed need a license when you are raising a claim against your car insurance plan – it would be an important document in that particular context. This is especially true for claims of accidental damage.

Types of driving licenses in India 

In India, all the driving licenses are categorized into three groups and this is something that you must know when you apply online for a driving license. The categorization happens based on the utility and purpose of the vehicle that is being registered. All these types have different processes as well as an application for registration.

Below are the three categories of Driving License in India –

  1. Learner’s license,
  2. Driver’s license (commercial), and
  3. Driver’s license (private).

You can only be considered eligible for a learner’s license after you have received training for at least 30 days in driving. The process of getting a commercial driver’s license is a bit more complicated than getting a personal one.

Eligibility criteria for getting a driver’s license in India 

Before you apply for a driving license online you should know how to be eligible for one. Well, the eligibility criteria depend on factors such as the class of the vehicle and the kind of driving license you have applied for. For starters, you – the applicant – need to have proper documents that substantiate your age and residential status. You must also prove yourself to be conversant with the traffic rules and regulations in India. You must have also cleared your eighth standard.

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Documents needed to get a driving license 

When you apply online for a driving licence following are the documents that you have to offer to make sure that there are no issues with the process as such:

  • learner’s license
  • passport-size photograph
  • age proof such as birth certificate, PAN (permanent account number) card, mark sheets of the tenth standard, passport, and transfer certificate
  • medical certificate
  • proof of residence such as voter ID card, ration card, Aadhaar card, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) bond, and electricity bill
  • certificate of an authorized driving school
  • signature
  • documents connected to the kind of vehicle that you would operate using the license

Process for applying for a driving license online 

Following is the process that you have to follow when you apply for a driving license online:

download the application form for the driving license from the Sarathi website

  • fill the form according to the instructions provided and then submit it
  • if the applicant is a minor the form would have to be printed and the section named part D would have to be filled up as well under the guidance of a guardian or the parents at the closest RTO
  • submit necessary documents along with the application form
  • you would get a web-based application number after completing the formalities – this would act as the reference number to track the status of your application
  • once the steps are completed you would be notified via SMS (short message service)

International driving permit – what is it?

When you apply for a driving license online this is also something that you can go for provided you want to drive your car outside the territorial limits of India. When you have such a driving license you would be allowed to drive outside the country as well. It is pretty similar to a passport.

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