Sedan vs Hatchback – Things You should Know

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Sedan vs Hatchback – Difference Between Both and Which one Should You Prefer a Hatchback or a Sedan

Are you confused about whether to buy a hatchback or a sedan? Do you know the benefits of driving a hatchback as compared to a sedan or vice-versa? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Some people buy a car for the simple purpose of transport, while for many it is more than a status symbol. However, it is true that there is much confusion that a person experiences at the time of buying a car. One such confusion that is common among individuals who are planning to buy a for the first time is regarding whether to choose between hatchback and a sedan.

In this blog, we are discussing the difference between a hatchback & sedan and which car would suit your requirements best. So, let’s start with knowing the meaning of Hatchback and Sedan.

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What is a Hatchback Car?

Hatchback cars are compact cars with large boot space for storing luggage. The upward opening rear door of hatchbacks offer good space for cargo storage. Some hatchbacks allow you to fold the rear seats to allow further storage space. Thus, a hatch-back is a car that comes with four doors along with a hatch that flips open upward at the rear-end.

Features of a Hatchback Car

Below are some of the best features or advantages that a hatchback offers:

  • A hatchback car offers spacious storage space (boot space) that allows you to store luggage with ease.
  • A hatchback also offers higher resale value as compared to other cars.
  • Being a compact car with a shorter bonnet, it becomes easy for people to drive hatchbacks, especially for new drivers or learners.
  • Also, hatchback presents better fuel efficiency as compared to sedans.

Along with the above advantages, a hatchback also poses some limitations. One such limitation of a hatchback car is that as compared to sedan a hatchback lacks in its engine power.

Let us now take a look at the meaning and features of a Sedan to understand how it differs from a hatchback.

What is a Sedan car?

A sedan is a three-box configuration passenger car offering three separate partitions for engine space, passenger space and cargo storage space. It is a conventional car where the boot space and passenger cabins are separate. Sedans are long cars with a length that is more than four meters. These cars have seating space for 4-5 passengers.

Below are some of the best features or advantages that a sedan offers:

  • Sedans offer more engine power for smooth drive.
  • Sedans also offer better leg room since they are longer as compared to hatchback cars.
  • Further, in terms of noise, a Sedan is less noisy as compared to a hatchback.

Like in case of hatchback, sedan cars also pose certain limitations, such as:

  • Sedans are more expensive cars than hatchbacks.
  • Sedans use more fuel, so they are less efficient in terms of fuel efficiency.
  • Since Sedans are long cars, they take more places to park. So, they pose parking hurdles.

Why Should You Prefer a Hatchback Over A Sedan?

If you are planning to buy a car and considering which car is best to buy, the below factors will help you in taking the right decision between a hatchback and a sedan.

  • Practical and Comfortable Car – Hatchback cars are compact and easy to handle. So, they are considered more practical and comfortable cars. One can easily handle a Hatchback cars    on busy roads, especially in cities. Further, they are easy to park and thus serve as the best choice for new drivers or learners.
  • It is easy to learn driving in a hatchback – Hatchbacks are short and compact cars with a short bonnet. This feature makes it easy for the driver to see beyond the end of the bonnet easily. Thus, hatchback are good if you want to avoid or limit frontal collision. They can be parked easily too.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency – Hatchback cars provide better efficiency of fuel as compared to sedans which consume more fuel. This is because hatchbacks are light in weight.
  • Larger Boot Space – The rear end door of a hatchback is broad and offers good storage space, which serves well for storing a significant volume of luggage. Further, hatchback allows you to make a larger space to store extra luggage by folding the seats at the rear in many cars like Honda Jazz. However, this is a difference between hatchback and sedan as sedans have limited storage space with difficulty in storing large luggage.
  • Good Resale Value –  In terms of resale value, hatchback are better as compared to sedans as they come with good resale value. As such, buyers do look at the resale value of a car at the time of buying a car and hatchbacks offer the same. Further, hatchbacks are more in demand in India as compared to sedans, SUVs etc.
  • Suits well for city driving – Hatchback cars are well suited for driving under city conditions. They serve as the best commutation mode for a family living in the city. With better efficiency of fuel, low cost of maintenance, and ample boot space hatchbacks are more user-friendly cars for regular use. This is a compact yet spacious car that can be easily driven through the busy streets and allow better storage capacity.
  • Cost-effective or less expensive –  Hatchback cars are less costly as compared to sedans. And so, hatchbacks are more in demand in India.


When it comes to choosing a car, it is the personal choice of the buyer to choose between different cars. However, if you consider between hatchback cars vs sedans, it mostly depends on your comfort and experience of driving a car.

Also, it depends on how much and for what purpose you are going to use your car. Thus, the distance, storage, and functionality of the car etc. are other things that need to be considered while deciding which car to buy. If you are in the learning phase, hatchbacks are better to handle than any other car.

Now that you know the hatchback cars meaning and its benefits, it will be easy for you to choose between a hatchback or a sedan.

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