Some Easy Tips To Maintain Your Car In Summers


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As a car owner in a country with a hot and humid climate like India, it is important to know some easy tips to maintain your car in summers so that the vehicle can be in good shape for a long time to come.

So, the first step that you need to take in this regard is to examine the coolant system of your car. Every automobile has a coolant system that is supposed to lower the heat that is generated by the carburetor and the engine. This is especially important during the summers. Apart from the coolant, you should also check the reservoirs and hoses of the car.

Check to make sure that there are no leaks in the car. Also, pay special attention to the areas that connect the joints and the points. In the final stage, start your car to see how tight the hoses are. If they have become soft you may have to repair your car.

9 Tips To Maintain Your Car In Summers

1. Examining the wipers

This is also a crucial part of the summer car maintenance process. It is common to rain during the summers here in India. This is why you need to make sure that the wipers are working properly. If they are broken or worn out they would leave ungainly marks on your windshield. This can obstruct how well you can see while you are driving the car – this could contribute to a loss of control as well. So, you need to make sure that your wipers are in good working condition.

2. Examining the air conditioning system

When it comes to car maintenance tips for summer this one ranks right at the top with the most important of them. The very prospect of traveling in this heat without air conditioning is as challenging as it gets. So, you need to make sure that the air conditioning system in your car is working properly. If the cooling is not sufficient maybe it is time that you either repair it or replace it. The lack of proper cooling from the air conditioning can also lead to other issues with the device’s functioning.

In such cases, you may have to get it checked by a qualified technician.

3. Keeping an eye on the fluid levels  

As far as car maintenance tips for summer go this one is as vital as it gets. The primary source of energy for your car is the fuel that it runs on. However, it also depends on several other fluids for its functioning such as windshield washer fluids and power steering fluids. In the summers you must monitor the levels of these fluids regularly. This will make sure that your car performs smoothly. You also need to have a clear idea of the number of consumables that you need in these cases.

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4. Allowing the engine to cool  

If you want proper summer maintenance for your car this is something that you must not ignore at all. Doing this would make sure that the temperature of your car is at a reasonable range throughout the season. If you want the engine to cool down faster simply turn the heat on. You may think that this is contradictory advice considering the season that we are talking about over here. However, this technique has proven to help cool down the engine compartment by sucking out the hot air from the same.

This would be a wise step to take especially during long drives.

5. Checking the engine belt

This should be pretty high up on your summer car maintenance checklist. If the engine belt becomes loose it would make a sound. You need to make sure that the belt is in the best shape possible. At the same time, it should have the right tension. If it has become worn out you should replace it as soon as you can.

6. Checking the rubber tires

If you want the best summer car maintenance tips here is one for you. Check the rubber tires of your car as frequently as you can. Make sure that all of them are in sync in terms of the pressure that they have. Make sure that there are no harmful foreign objects like nails and stones in the treads of the tire. Most important of all, always have a spare tire with you.

7. Ensuring the cleanliness of your car

If you are serious about car maintenance during the summer this is something that you must not ignore. Summer in India is the season when we take out our cars for family picnics and other such gatherings. There is a good chance that children may make a mess in the car by pouring things all over the same. This is why you have to make sure that you are cleaning inside your car as often as you can. Also, make sure that no dust gathers on your windshield.

8. Protecting the dashboard with a sunshade  

This is a crucial part of car maintenance during the summers. If your car is exposed a lot to sunlight when it is parked you should think about buying a windshield to cover the dashboard. The sunrays can be rather damaging for that part of your car. If you shield the car this way you can make sure that the cabin is a lot cooler. You can also make similar arrangements for the rear windows of your car. Such sunshade would protect the back seats from heating up as well.

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9. Getting the car checked regularly  

You can do some of your car maintenance at your home. However, not all of it can be done that way. In such cases, you need to avail the services of mechanics who have the right skills for such a job. For example, if the check engine light of your car is coming on you have to take it to a professional so that it can be repaired. Technicians who are trained to do such work can diagnose the issue by simply looking at the onboard diagnostics port of the car.

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