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Updated on Feb 14, 2024

India’s Most Affordable Cheapest Cars in 2024

Having a vehicle for your personal use is an integral part of modern life. While many people prefer to own a bike for practicality and economic value, owning a car is a much better option for most couples and families. One of the biggest benefits of owning a car is the convenience, comfort, and safety that it offers. For those who are looking for a car on a steep budget, there are several affordable options available, that offer great value for money. Here are some of the cheapest car in India available in the Indian automobile market that can be considered by those looking for a car on a tight budget.

Top 10 Cheapest Cars in India with Ex-showroom Price, Fuel Type, Mileage and Seating

There is no shortage of quality options when it comes to the lowest price car in India as you would see from the discussion below.

Car Name Starting Price (Ex-Showroom) Fuel Type Mileage Seating Airbags
Bajaj Qute ₹ 2.64 – 2.84 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 35 – 43 KM/L 4 Seater No
Datsun Redi-GO ₹ 3.8 – 4.96 Lakh Petrol 20.7 – 22 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Renault Kwid ₹ 4.7 – 6.33 Lakh Petrol 22 – 23 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Maruti Alto 800 ₹ 3.54 – 5.13 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 24.7 – 31.4 KM/L 4,5 Seater Yes
Maruti S-Presso ₹ 4.25 – 6.1 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 24.8 – 32.7 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Maruti Eeco ₹ 5.22 – 8.25 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 19.7 – 26.8 KM/L 5,7 Seater No
Maruti Celerio ₹ 5.35 – 7.13 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 25 – 26.7 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Maruti Wagon R ₹ 5.53 – 7.29 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 21.5 – 33.4 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Hyundai Santro ₹ 4.87 – 6.45 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 20.3 – 30.5 KM/L 5 Seater Yes
Tata Tiago ₹ 5.54 – 8.05 Lakh Petrol, Petrol+CNG 23.8 KM/L 5 Seater Yes

Cheapest and Low Price Car List under 5-6 Lakhs

1. Bajaj Qute

cheapest car india #1 - bajaj qute
The first name that needs to be taken in this regard is that of Bajaj Qute.

Following are Bajaj Qute major features at a glance:

Mileage 35 – 43 KM/L (kilometer per liter)
engine displacement 216 cc (cubic capacity)
Price ₹ 2.64 – 2.84 Lakh
Power 10.8bhp
Torque 16.1 Nm
Engine CNG 216cc
Gear 5-Speed manual
Body Type Hatchback

A lot of people consider this to be the affordable car in India. This car is available in both CNG (compressed natural gas) and petrol variants. It also provides you with the best fuel efficiency that you could expect from such a vehicle. So, in case you are looking for an economic vehicle you could always try this.

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2. Datsun Redi-GO

cheapest cars india #2 - Datsun Redi-Go
If you look up a low-price car list in India, this is one name that you are sure to find over there.

Datsun Redi-GO major features may be enumerated thus:

Mileage 20.7 – 22 KM/L
engine displacement 799 cc
Price ₹ 3.8 – 4.96 Lakh
Power 67.05bhp
Torque 91Nm
Engine 999cc
Gear 5-Speed
Body Type Hatchback

Apart from these, the car was also bestowed with the honor of being the NDTV (New Delhi Television) Small Car of the Year in 2017. No wonder people go for it when they are trying to buy a low priced car. The hatchback is said to be one of the finest budget cars in the country.

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3. Renault Kwid

cheapest cars india #3 - Renault Kwid
If you are looking for an affordable car chances are high that you could end up with this vehicle as well.

Come, let us take a look at Renault Kwid salient features:

Mileage 22 – 23 KM/L
engine displacement 799 cc
Price ₹ 4.7 – 6.33 Lakh
Power 53bhp and 67bhp
Torque 72 Nm and 91 Nm
Engine 799cc Petrol and 999cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  20.07 KM/L

In 2016, NDTV awarded it the Car of the Year Award at the NDTV Awards. It has a 28-liter fuel tank, a DOHC (dual overhead camshaft) five-speed engine that can produce a torque of 91 Nm (Newton-meter), and the power of the MPFi (multi point fuel injection) system.

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4. Maruti Alto 800

cheapest cars india #4 - Maruti Alto 800
You can be sure that you would not go wrong with this car if you are looking for the lowest price car in India.

So, let us take a look at Maruti Alto 800 features:

Mileage 24.7 – 31.4 KM/L
engine displacement 796 cc
Price ₹ 3.54 – 5.13 Lakh
Power 66 bhp
Torque 89 Nm
Engine 998cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  24.39 KM/L

In the 2013 NDTV Car and Bike Awards, it was named the Entry Hatchback of the Year. In fact, ever since it was launched it has been one of the most popular hatchbacks in India. It comes with a five-speed three-cylinder manual engine. This car is available in both CNG and petroleum models. It provides a maximum power of 40 BHP (brake horsepower) and the highest torque of 60 Nm.

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5. Maruti S-Presso 

cheapest cars india #5 - Maruti S-Presso
Maruti offers some of the most affordable cars in India and as the lowest price car; this ranks right up there with the very best.

Maruti S-Presso salient features may be enumerated below:

Mileage 24.8 – 32.7 KM/L
engine displacement 998 cc
Price ₹ 4.25 – 6.1 Lakh
Power 66bhp
Torque 89 Nm
Engine 998cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  24.12 KM/L

In 2019, at the Tech and Auto Awards, the car won the Hatchback of the Year Award. It has a K10B petroleum engine that contains three cylinders along with the fuel injection system known as MPFi. Apart from that, the car has both automatic and manual transmission systems.

6. Maruti Eeco

cheapest cars india #6 - Maruti Eeco
If you are worried about the price of a car, this is one model that you can always go for.

Without further ado, let us take a look at Maruti Eeco salient features:

Mileage 19.7 – 26.8 KM/L
engine displacement 1196 cc
Price ₹ 5.22 – 8.25 Lakh
Power 80 bhp
Torque 104 Nm
Engine 1197cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual
Body Type 7-seater Van
Mileage  20.02 KM/L

Are you not looking for a hatchback? Do you want something bigger within your budget? If so, then Maruti Eeco is surely one of the most economical options going around. This is a minivan and gets its power from a G12B engine. The base variant is capable of making space for five people at a time.

7. Maruti Celerio

cheapest cars india #7 - Maruti Celerio
When you are looking for a good option as the cheapest car this is one model that you can always consider.

Come, let us take a look at Maruti Celerio main features:

Mileage 25 – 26.7 KM/L
engine displacement 998 cc
Price ₹ 5.35 – 7.13 Lakh
Power 66bhp
Torque 89 Nm
Engine 998cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  25 – 26.7 KM/L

In the World Auto Forum of 2015, it was conferred with the Best Innovation award. Celerio is yet another family hatchback from the stable of Maruti. It comes with a three-cylinder engine to go with a five-speed gearbox. The engine can generate a minimum power of 67 BHP. It has a torque rating of 90 Nm at 3500 rpm (revolutions per minute).

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8. Maruti Wagon R 

cheapest cars india #8 - Maruti Wagonr
This is perhaps one of the best options that you get in the country when you think of the lowest price car in India.

The following are Maruti Wagon R’s salient features:

Mileage 21.5 – 33.4 KM/L
engine displacement 998 cc
Price ₹ 5.53 – 7.29
Power 66bhp and 88bhp
Torque 89 Nm and 118 Nm
Engine 998cc Petrol and 1197cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  21.5 – 33.4 KM/L

The Wagon R is the epitome of economy and quality combined in a single package. It also happens to be one of the most popular vehicles in the country. It has a K12M petrol engine that is capable of generating a peak power of 81 BHP with a maximum torque of 113 Nm.

9. Hyundai Santro

cheapest cars india #9 - Hyundai Santro
This one is also a popular option when you think of a car with a price that is within your limits.

Hyundai Santro main features may be enumerated below:

Mileage 20.3 – 30.5 KM/L
engine displacement 1086 cc
Price ₹ 4.87 – 6.45 Lakh
Power 68bhp
Torque 99.04Nm
Engine 1086cc
Gear 5-Speed
Body Type Hatchback
Mileage  20.03

In 2019, at the World Car of the Year Award, it was chosen to be one of the top three vehicles around the world. It is the first Indian car to have received such an honor. It has a CNG version to go with a petroleum variant and you can choose any one from among them depending on what you prefer.

10. Tata Tiago 

cheapest cars india #10 - Tata Tiago
It may be the last name on the list but by no means is it the least.

Tata Tiago’s salient features may be enumerated below:

Mileage 23.8 KM/L
engine displacement 1199 cc
Price ₹ 5.54 – 8.05 Lakh
Power 85bhp
Torque 113 Nm
Engine 1199cc Petrol
Gear 5-Speed manual and AMT
Body Type 5-seater Hatchback
Mileage  23.8 KM/L

Apart from these, at the CNBC-TV18 Overdrive Awards of 2017, it won the Compact Car of the Year Award. It is a budget hatchback from Tata and its specifications are as impressive as it gets. It derives its power from the Revotron petroleum engine, which has been created by Tata as well. It is also equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

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The above cars make it easy for first-time car buyers to own a car without the need to spend out of their means. By choosing any of these options you can get free from the dependency on public transport or the discomfort of traveling on two-wheelers during adverse weather conditions.

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FAQs: List of 10 Cheapest and Lowest Price Car in India 2024

How much does car insurance cost in India?

The car insurance premium in India depends on various factors, like car model, location, engine type, coverage, and so on. A policy can start from Rs. 2,400 per year and go up to any 10-15 thousand depending on the policy and the different factors.

Which insurance is mandatory for cars in India?

Third-party car liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory for cars in India.

What is 1st Party 2nd Party 3rd party insurance?

First-party refers to the insured individual, second-party is the insurance provider, and third party is the person towards whom damages are owed by the first-party in an accident.

How car insurance is calculated India?

Many factors are taken into consideration to calculate the car insurance premium in India, such as cost of the car, the model of the car, the engine, the location you registered your car, etc.

Is it cheaper to buy car insurance online or offline?

In most cases, buying car insurance online is cheaper as most online life insurance products are at least 50% cheaper than their offline counterparts.

Which is the most affordable car in India?

Bajaj Qute is the cheapest car in India at present. It starts at INR 3.60 lakh. The fuel type is available in petrol and CNG. And the transmission of the car is manual. If you are on a budget, this is the best car you can buy.

Which is the best car under INR 2 lakh?

Under INR 2 lakh, finding a brand new car is not quite possible in India. However, you can look for used or second-hand cars that are in good condition.

Which car is best under INR 5 lakh?

Under INR 5 lakh, you can get many cars such as Renault Kwid, Maruti S-Presso, Hyundai Santro, etc.

Which are the cheapest cars in India 2024?

Some of the 2024 cheapest cars in India are:
1. Renault Kwid
2. Datsun Go
3. Qute
4. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
5. Maruti Suzuki Alto

Which cars are best for families to use in India?

# Maruti Suzuki Baleno
# Tata Tigor
# Maruti Suzuki Swift
# Maruti Vitara Brezza
# Tata Nexon
# Toyota Innova Crysta
# Kia Carens
# Mahindra XUV700

Which is the best car in India for a low budget?

India's cheapest cars in India 2024:

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
2. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10
3. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso
4. Renault Kwid
5. Maruti Suzuki Eeco
6. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
7. Maruti Suzuki Celerio
8. Tata Tiago

Which car is the safest for families in India?

- Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza
- Renault Kiger
- Honda City 4th generation
- Nissan Magnite

Which car is comfortable for 5 members?

# Hyundai Verna
# Tata Nexon
# Maruti Brezza
# Tata Punch
# Mahindra XUV700
# Hyundai Creta
# Maruti Swift

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