Disinfect Your Car : Ways To Kill Germs & Bacteria and Disinfect Your Car


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Killing germs and disinfectants from your car is important. Learn how you can clean your car and destroy germs efficiently. Read on to learn more.

Summers are approaching and to drive your car during summer you require the use of air conditioners. There is no harm in using air conditioning in your car, but when you continuously use AC with closed windows with no sunlight  you are likely to aid in the breeding of bacteria and germs in your car. Moreover, if you do not destroy these germs soon, they might harm your health and cause your great concern. So, to eradicate these bacteria quickly by using germ killing process for car disinfection is necessary to be done in your car. If not cleaned properly, you might have health issues like colds and coughs or fevers etc.

So, to be able to eradicate germs from your car, you first need to learn how to clean your car using vehicle disinfectants. We will discuss the ways to kill germs and disinfect your car in this blog.

4 Most Effective Ways To Kill Germs and Disinfect Your Car

Germs are harmful for your health as well as for the health of your family. Germs in car is something we tend to ignore. However, if you drive your car for long durations for traveling purposes, you must ensure car disinfection to sterilize your car to keep germs at bay. And it can be done in several effective ways to keep your vehicle clean from inside and to remove all microbes.

Below are some germ-killing options that you can adopt:

1. Getting Rid of Dust and Mold 

For car sanitization at home, the foremost thing to do is to remove dust from your car. Dust is the breeding ground of germs and bacteria. They thrive well in dust and dust serve as the most widespread habitat of many kinds of bacteria. Such germs grow fester on dust elements which can be seen with a microscope. Since our car interiors are compact and enclosed surfaces, they offer better chances for germs to flourish inside a car as compared to in open grounds. To remove such dust and mold, first clean the bulk dust with the help of a brush from your car. Try to reach the areas which are difficult to reach so that you can clean them. You can finally use a vacuum cleaner to give it a proper finishing touch of cleaning car. Remove any particles of eatables that might be left behind in the car by mistake as bacteria breed well in molds.

2. Clean Air Filters of the Cabin

The air filter cleans the air inside the car.  So, if the air filter doesn’t work properly and it throws filthy or warm air, then you might consider changing the air filter. If you do not change the air filter you might breathe in bacterial air from the AC of your car by using the same air filter containing dust. As such, it is important to replace your car’s air filter in six months time at least. But if you use your car frequently you might need to change the air filter sooner than six months. This way you can make sure that the process of cleaning car is done well.

3. Safe Disinfectants for Your Car

You can find many car disinfection solutions in the market prepared specifically for cleaning your car’s interiors and exteriors. They are available in the form of gels, liquids, or wipes. You must use a good quality disinfectant to clean surfaces that you touch frequently to reduce the risk of catching an infection. Some such surfaces that need frequent cleaning are:

  • steering wheel
  • gear
  • armrest
  • touch screen buttons
  • door handles and
  • mirrors

4. Use Sanitizer to Spray the Area

This is another good technique to make your car germ-free. You can spray the disinfectant areas with car sanitizers. However, you must note that despite the claims of manufacturers of sanitizers, you must ensure that the sanitizer effectively kills germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. So, after cleaning your car properly, use sanitizer to spray the area. This way, you can avoid any lingering germs in the car that might spread infection. You can use sanitizers available in varied flavors like  lavender, lemongrass, leman etc.

To Conclude

Cleaning your car daily is not required if you are not falling sick regularly and if you don’t think your car germs has something to do with it. However, if you or other passengers in your car are frequently falling ill, you might think of cleaning the car on frequent basis. Further, keeping cleanliness in your car is better for everyone and it also allow you immense peace of mind by keeping you safe from diseases.

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Also, every time you clean your car using car disinfection solutions in the interior or exterior, you must ensure to clean your hands without fail. This way, you can save your hand from infection from any of the surfaces of your car, while keeping the car clean.

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Mar 18, 2022
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