What is a High Security Number Plate (HSRP)?


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You must have heard of a high security number plate, a term that is doing the rounds in the country these days. What is high security number plate? It is nothing but an innovative initiative taken by the Government and will soon extend to almost all States and regions in the country.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Delhi Transport Department have now made it compulsory for all vehicles to obtain this HSRP or high security registration plates along with colour-coded plates for those vehicles sold prior to April, 2019. Not obtaining such plates will lead to fines between Rs. 5-10,000 as per the regulations notified officially by the Government. This means that those who purchased their vehicles prior to 1st April, 2019, should get their number plates changed at the earliest within the stipulated deadline.

What is a High Security Number Plate (HSRP)?

These number plates are crafted from aluminum and are affixed with at least two non-reusable and special snap-on lock systems to the vehicle in question. The plate comes with a specifically tailored (20 mm x 20 mm) Ashok Chakra hologram in blue which is hot-stamped and chromium based, on the left-side corner (on top). There is also a permanent 10-digit identification number or the PIN which is immaculately laser branded onto the corner in the bottom (left-side). A hot-stamped film is also used for the alphabets and numerals which have INDIA inscribed on them. The angle here is 45 degrees. The plate is also connected digitally to the installation vehicle.

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All owners of vehicles should get their HSRP prior to July, 2022. Those plates sold post 2019 will fall in this category and hence this applies to those who purchased number plates before 2019. You should note this deadline carefully and get your number plate changed well in advance.

Key Components of High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP)

High security number plates (HSRP) are secure as they are electronically linked to the cars. These number plates come with similar dimensions and font sizes despite being issued by different RTOs.

Below are some key components of an HSRP number plate:

  • It uses a hot-stamped blue color Ashoka Chakra hologram with a chromium base to eliminate incidents of forgery. The hologram is 20mm in width and length and is placed on the number plate’s upper left side
  • On the lower left side of the number plate, there is a 10-digit Permanent Identification Number (PIN) carved with the help of laser technology
  • The initial two alphabets of the HSRP number plate describe the State code. The next two digits show the DTO or the district code. The final digits are a unique alpha-numeric ID number with INDIA written on it at a 45-degree angle and coated with a sheet
  • ‘IND’, which is the International Registration ID Code is marked just below the hologram of Ashoka Chakra as a national identity

What do Color-Coded Stickers mean?

Besides the high security registration plate, a color coded sticker is also needed on the vehicle windscreen to determine the vehicle’s fuel type and Bharat stage. This color-coded sticker can be bought along with the HSRP or separately by paying INR 100.

It contains the following details:

  • Registration (RC) number
  • Registering authority
  • Date of registration
  • Laser-branded permanent ID number

The stickers used on vehicles define the following:

Color code Bharat stage vehicle Fuel type
Light blue BS III and IV Petrol and CNG
Grey BS III and IV Others
Orange BS III and IV Diesel
Orange with green strip BS VI Diesel
Light blue with green strip BS VI Petrol and CNG
Grey with green strip BS VI Others

Advantages of High Security Number Plates

Before learning how to apply high security number plate, you should know a little about the benefits of hsrp. They include:

  • These number plates cannot be changed and removed easily or even tampered with due to their unique construction.
  • These number plates have snap-on locks which cannot be replaced or reused. They cannot be removed in normal scenarios.
  • HSRPs are only installed at select and notified automobile vendors and dealers with approval from State Government authorities. They are only given upon information being given by the vehicle owner, such as the chassis and engine number. This adds another layer of security to the whole process.
  • The HSRP also helps in storing vital car details within the central database and this will come in handy in future situations where the authorities have to track any vehicle quickly for some reason. Hence, a transparent and uniform tracking system can also be implemented as a result.
  • HSRPs will have similar styles and fonts, making them easier to understand. Earlier, people were used to number plates with different shades, designs and fonts, leading to confusion overall. Now this will change with simple yet common types introduced into the market.

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How to Apply High Security Number Plate Online

There is a simple high security number plate online applying procedure:

  • Go to bookmyhrsp.com (applicable for owners in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi).
  • Fill up all details including the chassis number, vehicle number, contact details, engine number and fuel type.
  • Private vehicles come under the non-transport category which you have to choose here.
  • You will get the password and username upon the submission of the form. This will come to your registered mobile phone number.
  • Login and make the payment online using the secure options given on the portal. Thereafter, the receipt will be given automatically to you. Save this carefully for future usage.
  • Once the number is ready for use, you will get notifications on your registered mobile phone number. You can thus get the new number plate installed on your vehicle at the authorized vendor/dealer once you show them the receipt.

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How to Check the HSRP Application Status?

Once you have visited the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal and applied for the HSRP number plate, it will take some time for your application to process. You can keep checking the application process during this while to know the status of your HSRP application.

Below are the simple steps that you can follow to check the HSRP status:

  • Go to the official portal of ‘Book My HSRP’
  • Click on ‘Track Your Order’ on the homepage
  • Now, submit details such as your vehicle registration number and your application order number. Submit the captcha and press the ‘Search’ button
  • The screen that appears will show you the status of HSRP

How to Apply Online for Duplicate HSRP Number Plate?

If your HSRP number plate gets stolen or damaged, you can apply for a new one via the online process. You just need to visit the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal to reapply. But remember that only limited states allow the online HSRP facility. For the rest of the states, you have to visit the nearest RTO or authorized centers to apply for a duplicate HSRP.

Here are the steps to follow to apply for an online duplicate HSRP:

  • Go to the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal
  • Press the ‘Replacement Booking’ button on the homepage
  • Submit details such as the state in which the vehicle was registered, vehicle registration number, and, chassis and engine number
  • Now, submit the captcha and press the ‘click here’ button
  • Select the location of the appointment and schedule a booking
  • Review the payment details and booking summary and proceed to make the payment
  • Once paid, download the receipt and save it for future reference

How to Avail Color Coded Stickers?

For those who have already installed HSRP number plates should apply for the color coded sticker by visiting the ‘Book My HSRP’, the authorised portal.

Follow the steps below to get the process done:

  • Go to ‘Book My HSRP’. On the homepage, click on ‘Only Color Sticker’
  • Submit your state details where you have registered your vehicle such as RC number, engine and chassis number, as well as rear and front laser code
  • Next, authenticate the captcha and press the ‘click here’ button
  • Now, choose the chosen location for installing the color-coded sticker
  • Confirm your booking and make the payment. Download the receipt of payment for future reference.

High Security Number Plate (HSRP) Price

The Central Government is yet to fix any universal HSRP charge as of yet. Hence, it may vary across several Indian States. The average price is approximately Rs. 400 for two-wheelers while this may surpass Rs. 1,100 for four-wheelers, based on their category. The colour-coded sticker, another compulsory feature, will cost approximately Rs. 100 as per reports.

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HSRPs vs. Regular Number Plates – Know the difference

  • HSRPs are made of aluminum, containing security locks which cannot be tampered with or used again. This is not the case with common number plates.
  • You cannot get the number plate reattached upon breaking the locks. Hence, it is next to impossible to tamper with these number plates.
  • Chromium-based Ashok Chakra towards the left. This is a unique identifier for these number plates.
  • Laser-encoded PIN which may be scanned easily by the authorities.
  • Style and font to be the same for these number plates, which is not the case for regular number plates.
  • Colour coded sticker for indicating the type of fuel, something that is absent on regular number plates. It will help the authorities clearly distinguish between vehicles on roads.

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Is it Obligatory to Get an HSRP?

The old number plates were made of number stickers, which were easy to manipulate. This makes it tough for the government to track vehicles in case of theft when the thieves temper the number plates. With the rising number of vehicles being stolen and other vehicle-related crimes being registered, it has become important to avail of an HSRP number plate. That is the reason why the government made HSRP mandatory to track stolen vehicles easily using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and installing CCTV enabled with ANPR.

Further, even the fancy or customized number plates make it hard to track vehicles if they get stolen or for any other mishap. HSRP number plates have helped in digitizing and tracking vehicles easily by RTOs or transport departments, which in turn has also minimized forgery cases.

Several States are yet to come out with official guidelines for the installation of these number plates. With still some time left for the deadline to expire in Delhi and surrounding regions, vehicle owners should get the procedure completed in order to avoid last-minute hassles. The rule will also extend to many other States in the near future so you should keep a lookout for the same.

Who Should Install the High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP)?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has set mandatory regulations for every new and old vehicle to have an HSRP or high security number plate. The HSRP is already installed in cars manufactured and sold after April 2019. For older vehicles, the owners can apply for an HSRP to replace their old number plate with a new HSRP.

States That Allow HSRP Application Online

Every Indian state doesn’t have an online application facility for HSRP or ‘Book My HSRP’ to allow users to obtain the number plate. Below are some states and their portals where applicants can book HSRP online.

State  Portal to Visit to Apply Online 
Delhi https://bookmyhsrp.com/ (book my HSRP)
Maharashtra https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home

(Maharashtra Transport Department)

Karnataka https://transport.karnataka.gov.in/english

(Karnataka Transport Department

Telangana https://hsrpts.com/ (Link AutoTech)
Uttar Pradesh https://bookmyhsrp.com/(Book My HSRP)
Haryana https://hsrphr.com/index.aspx (Link Utsav)

Can the HSRP Booking be Cancelled? How to Apply for a HSRP Refund?

In case of an emergency, you can reschedule your HSRP booking to change the appointed time and date of installing HSRP. You can even cancel your HSRP booking if you do not initiate the process. For both purposes, you can visit the ‘Book My HSRP’ portal.

Navigate through the homepage and click on ‘Cancel HSRP’ along with the required details such as the RC number of the vehicle and HSRP order number.  Submit the captcha and press the ‘Search’ tab. Your online HSRP booking will be canceled and the refund will be initiated.

Why is it Necessary to Install HSRP and Motor Insurance to Secure Your Vehicle?

Both HSRP and Motor Insurance are a must to ensure the security of a vehicle. With HSRP tracking your vehicle becomes easy. It also establishes transparency of vehicles for the transport department. Similarly, valid motor insurance with customized features and coverage protects the insured financially against expenses caused by third-party liability damages as well as damages to your own vehicle. Paybima is the best option to get expert advice and assistance on motor insurance purchases and renewals. Get in touch with a Paybima Right Advisor for the same.

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FAQs: igh Security Number Plate (HSRP)

What is the HSRP full form?

HSRP full form is a High Security Registration Plate

What is the fine of not getting HSRP?

A fine of INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 is imposed for not having an HSRP installed

What are the advantages of an HSRP number plate?

- It helps to track the vehicle effectively
- It prevents vehicle theft
- It standardizes vehicle number plates

Can I apply for an HSRP number plate from another state other than the one where I have registered my car?

If you want to apply for an HSRP from another state, you will have to register your vehicle in that state first before applying for an HSRP.

Does HSRP come with a warranty period?

Yes, the HSRP number plate comes with a warranty period of 5 years for manufacturer dislocation.

Do electric vehicles require an HSRP number plate?

Yes, electric vehicles also need HSRP number plates.

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