What to Add-On to Make Most Out of Your Car Insurance Plan?


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Updated on Dec 12, 2022

There are various types of add-on to make most out of your car insurance plan that you should check out carefully in order to secure your driving experience and vehicle alike.

Add-On Covers in Motor Insurance – Things to Know 

It is not just about getting basic car insurance coverage. There are several types of add-On to make most out of your car insurance policy which help you secure various aspects of your vehicle and facets of your driving experience.

What is add on covers in motor insurance? These are various types of extra coverage that you can choose for your vehicle. Some of the popular add on in car insurance options include zero depreciation, roadside assistance, consumables, etc. You should view the available options and then decide accordingly.

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15 Top Options for Add-on Coverage in Car Insurance 

Now that you know what is add on cover in car insurance, here are the options that are worth considering:

  1. Zero Depreciation – Insurance companies subtract the depreciation amount that applies on a vehicle and its components when claims are being settled. Zero depreciation coverage helps in combating this issue if it happens in the future. You will not have to get the depreciation amount subtracted, helping you raise the claim amount considerably. Most insurance companies enable two claims of zero depreciation at the most, while some companies have unlimited zero depreciation coverage claims throughout the tenure of the policy.
  2. Roadside Assistance – This is a specific type of add-on coverage which helps if the vehicle breaks down on the road. The services cover repairs on the site, towing the vehicles away to the garage nearest to the location, assistance in the event of losing the keys, delivery of fuel, and changing the flat tyres among other aspects.
  3. Consumables – This add-on coverage encompasses items like the gas of the air conditioner, grease, bearings, lubricant clip, oil filter, engine oil, nut and bolt, break oil, washers and screws, which are not covered in the policy.
  4. Engine Safety – This is one of the biggest add on covers in motor insurance and enables coverage for costs related to electrical and mechanical breakdowns of car engines owing to the entry of water or oil spills for instance.
  5. Key Loss – This add-on coverage enhances the liability of an insurer to compensate insurance policy holders for losing their car keys.
  6. Passenger Assistance – This add-on coverage covers medical costs, hospital costs and allowances, assistance for medical transportation, etc.
  7. Damage to Tyres– This coverage encompasses punctures, tyre bursts, bulges and cuts owing to mishaps and other accidents.
  8. Return to Invoice – This coverage will help you obtain the complete invoice price of the car in case of any theft, total loss or CTL or constructive total loss, as it is called.
  9. NCB Protection – This add-on helps in the retention of the NCB (no-claim bonus) discount, when you have filed your claims in the last policy duration. This is the discount applicable on the own-damage car insurance premium for every year which is free for a claim.
  10. Loss of Belongings – This add-on cover helps in compensating customers for losing personal items.
  11. Daily Allowance – By choosing this add-on coverage, you will get a daily amount as the allowance from the insurance company when your car gets stolen, lost or has gone for repairs.
  12. Mobile and Personal Laptop Coverage – This add-on coverage enables compensation for losing a mobile or personal laptop which was present in the car at the time.
  13. Gap Value – The add-on coverage relating to gap value enables the full invoice pricing for the car when there is any total loss, theft or CTL (constructive total loss). This also ensures coverage for road tax along with the first-time registration costs against the extra premium.
  14. Personal Accident Coverage – There may be several accidents leading to injuries, disabilities and other problems. This add-on cover insures the policy holder from the same.
  15. Accessories – This add-on offers coverage for accessories although it does not apply when the engine and car have been modified. However, check the customization value limit carefully while choosing this from the insurer.


You should choose your add-on plans carefully in order to extend the coverage amount carefully, while safeguarding yourself and your car in the best possible ways. There are multiple options available that you can explore in this regard. Always ensure that you enquire with insurance companies about the add-ons available, the finer points, terms and conditions, etc.

It will help you get more knowledge about the available add-ons and you can then take an informed purchase decision. Always take your requirements into mind before opting for any add-on coverage plans as a part of your insurance policy. Also compare prices of the same before coming to a final decision.

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